Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Nameless Kekkei Genkai

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PostSubject: Nameless Kekkei Genkai   Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:50 am

Name: N/A
Clan: Unknown
Appearance: Those who are capable of sensing chakra will be aware that the user is enveloped by a mysterious aura of chakra; though the purpose behind the aura cannot be uncovered from merely sensing it. Shinobi, such as the Hyuuga, will be capable of clearly see the user's chakra network spread out past their body; akin to that of a tree in full foliage, forming a dome around the main body. Techniques which seal the user's tenketsu points will have an effect of reducing the size of the aura by the same percentage; closing all points will disable the aura altogether until they are re-opened.


Long ago, all those whom had once wielded the nameless power; considered such an ability to be nothing but a curse, and thus actively tried to mitigate its propagation. It mattered not how potent it was, the accursed mutation of theirs was actively sought out and eliminated; despite the fact that those whom were allowed to harness their ability would become peerless close-quarter fighters. The kekkei genkai, whilst nameless, allows for its wielder to, essentially, summon chakra-based equipment (whether weaponry or not) at will; often utilizing them to bolster their offensive prowess during combat. However, as the clan itself killed off any whom demonstrated the ability to wield the kekkei genkai; the clan had ultimately become extinct. Those whom escaped such fates, died relatively young (before the age of twenty) due to the ill effects of possessing such a, as the clan would call it, flawed kekkei genkai.

It is considered flawed as a result of the terrible burden placed upon its user. As to be allowed to quickly conjure any piece of equipment, the mutation had expanded the chakra network throughout the user's brain (increasing the number of tenketsu points), and thus increases the kekkei genkai wielder process and development of bio-electrical data; significantly more than any other person. This effectively increases the response time (subsequently allowing them to solve logic-based puzzles, and granting them exceptionally strong deductive reasoning), as well as promoting their aptitude of forming potentially complex constructs exceptionally quickly; to near instantaneous levels. Whilst these are all positive byproducts of the kekkei genkai itself, the human brain itself is not designed to manage heightened electrical activity (no matter how short), which causes epileptic fits to occur should they not tread carefully. There are no actual physical consequences as a result, though these fits have a profound effect on the user's psyche; altering their perception akin to that of a schizophrenic. 

The victim is often bombarded by violent and terrible hallucinations; ordinarily auditory, though may affect their other four senses. As a result of their potency and realism, this may lead to apparent bouts of insanity; which inevitably will lead the kekkei genkai wielder to lash out as to defend themselves of the horrors. Such episodes may last but a few seconds, and later develop to become chronic; thus eliciting the user to unintended wanton slaughter and destruction. Wielders of a terrible power, and losing their touch of reality... prompted the clan to kill their own clan members; as to prevent senseless chaos. Which made any encounter with someone possessing this ability particularly rare; and even more rare, a proficient user. 

Two mutations occur to those all afflicted with the cursed blood; the primary mutation is known as the 'Aura'. The notable different between that of a user and the conventional shinobi, is that an aura radiates around their body; serving as an intangible extension of their chakra network. It is limited in function when compared to their actual chakra network, though possesses notable and unique aspects which serve as a basis for their ability. These are:



The kekkei genkai user possesses a second mutation, granting its host Chakra Enhanced Cognitive Abilities. In order to store all the bio-electrical data generated by the Aura, the chakra network around the brain is greatly enlarged. This enables the user to use a far larger part of their brain than normally to store information stored by the kekkei genkai. It even goes as far as subdividing substantial proportions of the brain's memory centers to allow it to retain the knowledge garnered by the Aura, as well as deduce their basic makeup allowing them to alter templates. With experience, their understanding improves which promptly allows them to create items with wide-ranging alterations. This mutation has the following effects:

  • As a result of the mutations which collectively form the kekkei genkai, the user's mental faculties function at a faster rate than most other people; allowing them to act upon sensory data as fast as their body physically allows them to. Due to their increased mental faculties, they are capable of solving puzzles remarkably quicker than their peers, and often possess strong deduction reasoning. However, this trait is only applied when the Aura is set to 'passive' mode. When active, their reactions are no quicker than their fellow shinobi as a result of the fact that a large portion of brain activity switches to manage constant information generated by the Aura. This refers to their ability to react and process data, and not their physical speed. The user does not possess especially attuned senses, and thus may not necessarily actually notice something until it is far too late to make use of their ability to react.

  • Those whom possess the kekkei genkai have an ongoing risk of suffering from epileptic seizures as a consequence. There are no actual physical consequences, but they do have varying effects on their mental health; often causing vivid hallucinations. This is not a specific weakness and cannot be specifically triggered or taken advantage of by a thrid-party. It is primarily used as a self-inflicted weakness to be brought up as the user deems appropriate (The RPer). 

Kekkei Genkai Passives:

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:

- requires permission from Kiryuu (The OP)
- must start as an Academy Student
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PostSubject: Re: Nameless Kekkei Genkai   Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:44 pm

This will be heavily monitored.
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Nameless Kekkei Genkai
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