Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Rei Balor[Fn]

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PostSubject: Rei Balor[Fn]   Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:21 am

Name: Rei Balor
Age: 115
Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Appearance: Rei is a girl of exceptional beauty, or rather, she would be if she didn't appear as a walking corpse. She possesses soft blue skin, flawless and devoid of scarring or any kind of birthmarks. Her womanly figure is slightly curvy, more on the lithe side but still with a sexy posture. She sports a bust of 32DD and yet has a fragile appearance. She has long white hair, silk and shimmery in nature that lengthens to just passed her shoulder-blades. Despite her appearance, she goes at great lengths to keep up her appearance, wearing pink lipstick on her  blue lips. Her eyes' sclera s pure black and she has golden yellow pupils that seem to stare into one's very soul.

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Academy Student
Clan: Dullahan
Element: Meiton

Personality: Rei is a fickle girl, hard to understand and even more difficult to understand herself. She is usually quiet and serious, obsessively fixated on the aspect of death and how it affects those around her. Much like the rest of her clan, she loves the dying moments of those in the shinobi world but yet doesn't understand the importance of dying. Out of boredom, she tends to kill things, usually animals or old people on the verge of death. Rei is very curious, constantly observing everything and everyone around her. Unusually honest, she tends to tell people what is on her mind, even if they do not ask or care. She is brutally honest and lacks a lot of tact in her words and actions due to her insensitivity to the living, but that does not mean she is carefree or unintelligent.
Character History: Rei like the rest of her clan, were among the zealots of her people who worshiped the Sage in the most fanatical ways. Only a young girl at the time, she didn't fully understand the implications of her actions. She was so immersed in her family's ideals that she blindly followed along as they executed and sacrificed people. At first she felt regret and sickened at the prospect, but as the excitement and her family's insistence increased, she found herself desiring such horrible actions. Unable to be the young innocent girl she once was, now a zealous murderer, eager to please her family and their "god" She had passed the point of return and was given judgement just like the rest of her clan- damned by the Sage until they could understand the significance of life.

Having been damned, like the rest, she was locked away. Imprisoned with her clansmen and forgotten over the course of time, Rei and her people were all bound in a prison together as they followed and believed the twisted religion of Balor. Over the years of their imprisonment, the darkness and solitude twisted their minds and caused them to whole-fully believe in the teachings of Balor. Accepting his twisted religion before his rotting corpse finally breathed ts last breathe: a fate each and every one of them was denied for over one hundred years. 
During the time of imprisonment, some of the Dullahan went mad with the twisted religion, but more common was the darkness and silence between their speeches. Time had lost ts place among them, no one knew how much time passed between their words. Despite the terrible long wait, Rei was not one to go insane. There were many things she reminded herself about in the upper world and one day desired to return. Thoughts of freedom kept her sane, her curiosity never sated even after their bonds loosened and their prison emerged from beneath ground to release them from their darkened hell. Now with freedom at hand, Rei had hesitated- afraid to know what the world was like after so long imprisoned. For a whole year, she remained in the prison's underground structure working up the willpower to see the world. Finally when she did join the surface, she had found that her people had been somewhat accepted by the nearby village Yamigakure. She joined them there and adopted their practices of shinobi.

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PostSubject: Re: Rei Balor[Fn]   Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:17 am


Enjoy the Revolution~

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Rei Balor[Fn]
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