Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Dullahan clan

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PostSubject: Dullahan clan   Dullahan clan Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2016 6:27 am

Clan Name: Dullahan

Clan Symbol: Double overlapped diamond
Clan History: (The history of the clan is construed and full of both logical holes and time inconsistencies. Due to such along with their small size, the majority of the shinobi world assume they are nothing more than myths. Fables, scary stories made to scare children and even some villages.
Over one hundred years ago, when the Sage of the Six Paths was still alive and at his prime, he held a small sect of followers who worshiped him as a god despite his disinterest as being worshiped in such ways. Despite his disinterest, these followers marveled at their "lord" and were zealous in their opinions and beliefs. Even though the Sage tries to reconcile with them and change their ways, these followers remained devout in their worship of him: going so far as being fanatical. In secret, they made sacrifices to him- executing anyone who they saw as opposition to him, or anyone who disrespected him even in the slightest. While many loved and adored the Sage, many became fearful of the sect and were reserved about accepting the Sage's teachings, for fear the followers presented n danger to them.
It was not long after the followers became bold enough and crazy enough to openly execute and sacrifice people, that the Sage had become aware of their misdeeds and decided to punish them appropriately. Death was too great a relief for these zealous followers who would have gladly died in their belief for him. Instead, the Sage "blessed" them, that they might one day understand the important and weight of the lives they had taken. To this end, he granted them immortal bodies: ageless beings who weathered throughout the age.
Wish their blessing given, he then imprisoned them for a determined amount of time. the followers were imprisoned deep below the place that would later become known as "Kurai Mor" There the followers remained imprisoned, powerless to escape their confinements: cut off from the communications of the shinobi world and the changes. Their imprisonment continued for 100 years after the Sage's death: their prison suddenly opened and they knew that their time to imprisonment was at an end, but their "blessing" had yet to end. Having out-lived their god, the Sage, the followers grieved whole-fully and were at a loss of understanding or words. Destitute with nowhere to go or a place to call their home, they began to wander. Long since had their children grown, had children and passed away. With nowhere else to turn, the Dullahan turned their affiliation to Yamigakure, the village shrouded in darkness and hostility. Unlike the other villages, this one seemed to appeal to the Dullahan.
That is only part of their story, bits and pieces passed down through the ages from fables and old people's stories of stories. What happened while within the imprisonment, no one really knows: the clan does not speak of their time of imprisonment, but it is known that the Dullahan have not all accepted their fate yet. Some still cling to the old prison and come out when they are ready to join their clan. While locked away, the clan survived mentally by focusing their thoughts into a religion. A religion separate from the Sage, but Sagefully-"given" Balor, their creator: the original religious leader who twisted their minds into total worship of the Sage, had become their second god. Unlike them, Balor had not been granted immortal bodies. Instead he was left normal and imprisoned with them to grow old and decay. While there, before his death, he twisted his fanatical followers further by inventing the legend of himself so he would not be forgotten. He took credit for the Sage's works on their bodies and set them on the "Righteous" path, the path of seeking death in any form. Be it for themselves or others. Of course, not desiring to lose their gift of Balor, they chose that others should die and open the way of death's secrets for them.
Clan Size: 4(Ask Rei to join)
Clan Appearance: The Dullahan are an unusual people, unlike the ones they live near. By appearance, their most unusual aspects are their skin color and eyes. While they possess the physique of the norm: the hues are largely in contrast. Their skin is blue, slight deviations can occur, such as the different shades of blue- but always blue. Their eyes are the other most unusual appearance factor: while most have white sclera and multi-colored pupils, the Dullahan all have black sclera and yellow-ish gold pupils. The eye is the birthmark of the clan, but their skin is also considered a birthmark. The reasons for their appearance are purely speculation, but it is said that their skin is blue due to the lack of oxygen in their entire body. Their eyes are always black and gold, the symbolic part of the clan's long history.
Clan Location: Yamigakure
Clan's Reputation: The clan is famous for being known as an elite small band of assassins who are fixated on the aspects of death/
Clan Ability/KKg Description

  • Meiton(Dark Release): The Dark Release (冥遁, Meiton, Viz: Shade Style) is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. The users implement the clan's ability through a double-overlapped diamond mark on their bodies. The mark can appear anywhere on the user's body at birth, but is most commonly known to be on the hand, chest or forehead.  Chakra is absorbed through the upper square, while it is released and manipulated through the lower.

Clan bonuses: 

  • Immortality: The Sage blessed the clan's bodies with that of immortality. Their bodies are immortal, but that does not mean they are invincible. Their bodies are no longer living, but they are not decayed either. Instead, their bodes are in a state of suspended animation. Their bodies lack all oxygen, which has caused their skin to become blue. Injuries to their body are non-fatal, with the exception of their brain. Injuries to their body heal rapidly, a shadow seeps out of their wounds and quickly heals injuries to prevent them from being completely annihilated. Minor wounds such as shallow lacerates and piercings heal near instantly(1 post), medium damage, such as 2nd degree burns & of that nature, heal over a longer time(2 posts) & heavy damage such as 3rd degree burns, etc heal over an even longer time(3 posts). The Dullahan can willfully separate their body parts only by force and keep them separated until reattached.
    The downside to their immortal bodies is that they can no longer perform Ninjutsu or its relative skills, this includes everything involving practical use of chakra. The only skills they are capable of using are their physical skills, Taijutsu & Bukijutsu. They are capable of using chakra, just not in the same manner that every other shinobi is capable of.
  • Balor's Eyes: The eyes of Balor are part of the Sage's "blessing" In his attempt to correct the twisted path they walk, he granted them with immortal bodies and eyes capable of seeing the life force within everything. Life force naturally is the chakra nature of everything, the eyes of Balor allow the Dullahan to see the chakra, relative years someone will live, and how closely they live in danger and the chances of dying early. The time remaining in one's live is relative and can change depending on actions by the person and those around them: the Dullahan are aware of these changes and fits into their fixation with death. The life force they see, is seen through colors and pulsing speeds. All things between shinobi to plants have a different color and pulse: naturally those things in nature such as trees remain one color and extremely slow pulse. While shinobi in combat vary in color and pulse. White chakra being normal healthy and calm, a slow pulse signifying no intentions or thoughts of endangering themselves or others. Red chakra signifies someone at risk of danger or violence, while a moderate pulse means they are considering or attempting to shorten the life of themselves or something around them. Black chakra signifies immediate possibility of death, while an extremely fast pulse means they are dying or have decided to end the life of someone or something.

Clan jutsus

Name: Inhaling Maw
Rank: D-S
Type: KKG
Element: Meiton
Range: Short-Long range(0-100M)
Description: This technique is used by those of the Dullahan clan. When Ninjutsu of varying kinds is used against them, their mark absorbs the chakra nature of the technique through the top diamond. Absorbing an opponent's chakra nature this way, makes the Meiton user aware of the opponent's chakra affinities and enables them to temporarily control and deconstruct the abilities used against them. The use of this technique is limited to their own natural skill: if a technique is greater than their ability to inhale, their ability to absorb it is negated.
Requirements: Dullahan Clan

Name: Judgement
Rank: D-S
Type: KKG
Element: Meiton
Range: Varies on parent jutsu
Description: After having used Inhaling Maw, the user is capable of learning and using the affinities and abilities of those they have absorbed. This is a temporary benefit and is lost after a duration depending on the Meiton user's skill. The skill of their KKG is directly relevant to their shinobi rank: which means their ability to absorb and use chakra affinity, as well as the duration of Judgement is limited to their rank as well. D's duration is 1 post, while every rank afterwards increases by 1 post. The Judgement used after Inhaling Maw releases a technique similar in nature to the one absorbed, though more powerful and limited through the expelling of their lower diamond mark.
Requirements: Dullahan Clan, previously used Inhaling Maw

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Missing-Nin (A)
Missing-Nin (A)

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Size of clan reduce to 4(Currently 2/4 Taken) One must be a main character to be a Dullahan and must be active.
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Dullahan clan
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