Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Sharingan :O   Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:00 pm

Kosuke had just been assigned a mission. This was nothing new to the Uchiha as he had been taking missions for many months. This particular mission was a rare C-ranked kidnapping mission. It made him question the morality of the village on multiple occasions but he had forsaken morality when he had first become a Genin. Shinobi were people, no, sentinels whose only purpose in life is to defend the village and help it to gain power, at least that’s what they wanted you to believe. To Kosuke, being a shinobi was more than just safeguarding the village or kidnapping some kid to be used as breeding stock for the “good of the village,” no, to him it was about gaining power to put an end to the shinobi era and bring in a peaceful era. But, to do this he would need to endure the hardships, yes endure, because that is what a shinobi is, “one who endures.” He wanted to bring forth and era that a ninja no longer had to fear what lied around the corner or if his friend was going to stab him in the back, he wanted a safe, peaceful world for the next generation to live in. He had thought of ways to do this but he would need to gain support, and power. Both political and physical power would be required for changing and reshaping the shinobi world. He glanced over to Fumiko, his longtime friend, rival and comrade. Fumiko was his second cousin, in the branch family of the Uchiha clan. He had been assigned to guard Kosuke since he was young but they became fast friends.  As they made their way out of the village, they exchanged some words with the guards and were on their way to the small village where the festival was being held. It was the Bijuu festival, a huge festival to celebrate the fact that the leader of this town survived the first Bijuu attack. To Kosuke this seemed like a stupid festival but he really didn’t care. As he and Fumiko walked down the street he looked over to his best friend. Fumiko has dark hair that is kept long and slightly messy with a few strands falling over his face. He was tall and lanky and was never seen without a cigarette in his mouth. He always said that he didn’t care if it could kill him because shinobi lead notoriously dangerous lives anyways. Kosuke just left it alone, his oldest friend was too stubborn to budge anyways. The two had a lot in common, they both loved to train and they each shared the same dream, To create a world where there was peace, no wars or any type of fighting aside from spars. They both wanted this goal more than anything else, and they were willing to do anything to accomplish it. But they knew that these plans were far down the road and they needed to focus on the present. They had finally made it into the town and decided since the festival wasn’t going to end until the next day, they would do some snooping around to find out more about this family. As they asked around some of the people had heard about them and as such they gained some useful information. But knowing that these people were citizens, they decided to check in the administration building where all of the records were kept. After a quick Henge and some fake names they got into the building and began to do some snooping. They found out that the boy’s parents are two retired chuunin level shinobi who retired just after the kid was born. After learning all they needed to know they decided to head out to actually find the target. Once they entered the crowd of people they knew they were lost so Fumiko made a couple shadow clones to help them find the boy, and were told to dispel when they found them. After about an hour of fruitless searching Fumiko noticed one of his clones dispersed that was at the southern end of the parade. They immediately began to make their way there using the roofs and the hiding with camouflage technique they watched the family unseen and unheard. They saw them, the father seemed to be very fit and stood at above six foot tall and appeared to be an absolute bear of a man, he had black hair that was short and then came to frame his face in a thick scraggly beard. The mother appeared to have a very petite form yet one could see clearly pronounced muscles in her arms and exposed legs, she had long brown hair and a kind smile with yellow eyes. The boy though was just about three feet tall and appeared to be very scrawny. He had medium length brown hair and big bright yellow eyes. They were merely playing games and riding all of the rides for the time being so the two shinobi just decided to watch. After a while they noticed they were going back towards their house which was right on the outskirts of the small town. They followed and placed on a pair of masks they had bought while at the parade. After landing in front of the family Kosuke didn’t even bother telling them to hand the kid over as he knew that thought was mere folly. He immediately threw a kunai at the surprised father who blocked it with his own. Then they were in action the mother scooping up the kid and bolting out into the forest and the father taking up a defensive position. Kosuke looked over to Fumiko who nodded and Kosuke took off after the target. He had to admit, even as a ninja who had above average speed for his rank, he was having a hard time catching up to this woman. She seemed to be going at an extremely fast pace only slowing down to throw kunai and shuriken at him. This was nothing to him as he batted them away and threw his own in return. When he finally passed her she had to stop in a large clearing that was void of anything but medium height grass. The woman stopped and seemed to concentrate before she created a clone and took the boy off away from the battlefield. Kosuke let them go, he could find them easy enough afterwards he guessed. As he stared the mother down through the eyeholes of his blank porcelain mask. She seemed ready to act at any moment and looked ready to pounce at Kosuke should he make the slightest movement. He looked at the woman and knew he would have to do something to throw her mind off so he formed the hand seals Snake → Rat as fast as he could manage and then threw a smoke bomb in front of both of them and obscured their vision. Then to her it appeared that Kosuke disappeared while really he just circled closer to her. As he approached her he chopped her on the back of the neck and knocked her out he then tied her to a nearby tree with a kunai embedded so it would be just in her reach if she really worked for it. He then rushed into the forest and saw the woman’s clone tending to a few scrapes on the child. It appeared she had fallen in her escape attempt and was recuperating, he threw a kunai getting rid of the clone in a plume of smoke and then knocked the child out to avoid any distractions.  As he made his way back to where he left Fumiko, he heard a whistling sound and had to dodge a few kunai aimed straight for his head. He looked back and found the mother, she was apparently tougher than originally thought. The woman began her onslaught immediately, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks at Kosuke which he didn’t have time to dodge so he had to settle for blocking. She was definitely fast and VERY strong and it was beginning to grate on Kosuke’s nerves. He immediately used the kawarimi to get away from her and then begin his own onslaught. He threw punches and kicks at her at a blinding rate, yet she managed to dodge or block every single one. Eventually she seemed to tire out and she got grazed by a right hook and it threw her back. She then made the hand seals for a jutsu but Kosuke had beaten her to it he threw a kunai with an explosive note attatched at blinding speeds right at her face, the woman’s eyes widened and she was only just able to leap out of the way, but she was unable to dodge the explosion that followed and it shot her a few meters away. Kosuke immediately took advantage of this situation and appeared next to her and lunged down to her with a kunai but she rolled to the left and was immediately up. She performed hand seals and a huge gust of wind knocked Kosuke away into a tree, the hit was hard enough to knock the breath out of him and he was unprepared for the sudden jump kick to the face he received. He tumbled to the ground and began to think of a way to handle fighting this woman. She was definitely faster than him and appeared to be stronger too so the only way to defeat her seemed to be to catch her off guard. She appeared to be slipping here and there due to fatigue, Kosuke could tell she didn’t have very much chakra, so he just had to wait her out. As he was dodging her rather sporadic attacks he noticed that she was a bit slower now and so he decided it might be the time to act. She threw a right straight punch at him, he moved to the left and upper cut her in the gut. This made her cough up blood and her eyes widened as he brought his elbow down hard on the back of her head, ending her life instantly as it caved her skull in. Kosuke immediately crouched and began to catch his breath. That had been a long hard battle, this woman was far above chuunin rank, and she was definitely Jounin material. He thought about how hard the mother fought for her child, she was merely doing what any mother would do to protect her young. But now, due to the flawed shinobi system, she was dead, and her son was going to become breeding stock. This made Kosuke’s blood boil, but he knew his village wasn’t to blame, it was the fools on the council. They are the ones who assign missions like these. Kosuke then realized that he hadn’t seen Fumiko return meaning he must still be fighting. He immediately made his way back to the road where he had left him. Once he got there he saw Fumiko was caught in come earth style Ninjutsu that inhibited his movements. He was littered with cuts and bruises, his clothes torn and shredded. His mask was even cracked. The other man was in no better condition, he was also covered in cuts and gashes and his own blood. He was also panting heavily, but then Kosuke saw him raise a kunai and take off running to plunge it into Fumiko. At this moment, the world slowed down for Kosuke. He noticed everything that was going on, he saw the sweat forming on Fumiko’s brow as he tried to force himself free, he saw the dust being stirred up as the father ran at Fumiko, and he saw the blood dripping out of Fumiko’s mouth. Then he saw red. Without even realizing what was happening he dashed forward and tackled the man out of the path of Fumiko and began to beat mercilessly down on the man’s face, the man kicked him off but he was right back on him trying to kill him with his bare hands. The man finally kicked him off and was able to stand up. This allowed Kosuke to come back to his senses and he looked and his mask had fallen off and the white had been stained red with the man’s blood. Then the man began to form hand seals but Kosuke beat him to it by throwing a kunai and impaling the man’s right hand, this left him unable to perform hand seals. Kosuke then threw a volley of shuriken, most were dodged but a few found their new home in the man’s back. The man then began to try to run away, screaming demon and devil. Kosuke was so furious, for some reason he was unable to keep his emotions in check He grabbed his last three explosive notes and stuck them onto the man in various positions, when the explosion went off, it was large enough to create a crater in the ground. The man’s scream was cut off short as the flames burned him to ashes. Once he knew the man was dead, Kosuke fell to his knees and wept. He had just taken an innocent boys family away from him, he had just fueled the cycle of hatred. He looked over to see Fumiko walking towards him, when they made eye contact he noticed how Fumiko’s eyes widened. “You have the Sharingan!” his voice was full of shock and a bit of awe. Kosuke’s now red eyes widened, he had unlocked his clan’s legendary bloodline?! This was amazing! After the adrenaline calmed down he felt the strain on his reserves and stopped channeling chakra to his eyes, he looked over at Fumiko and said, “Are you going to be alright? These people must have made edits to their profiles in the admin building, they were far stronger than foretold.” Fumiko nodded and replied, “Yeah I’ll be fine, and yes that man was easily high Chuunin level. Did you get the boy?” Kosuke nodded and looked over to see his clone holding the still unconscious boy. “Yeah I got him, his mom gave me a run for my money though.” Kosuke said in a nonchalant manner. Fumiko nodded, “Let’s get back to the village and get this hellish mission over with.” Kosuke nodded and grabbed the boy and the two began to make their way back to the village. Once inside they went before the councilman who ordered they boy’s capture and dropped him off and got their pay. They then each went to their respective houses for a good rest.

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