Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Genin Rank Up [Makoto]

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PostSubject: Genin Rank Up [Makoto]   Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:52 am

Makoto rubbed his eyes from the deep sleep he had. It had been a rough night, it was raining the whole night as usual in Seishi but Makoto was used to it. He also had a small crook in his neck but it was whatever to him. He got up from his bed and walked over to the sink as if filled up with water. He looked at it as his hair swayed down into his face. He got a rubber band and tied it back up into the pony tail he wore everyday as he walked over to the kitchen, his parents were out on some top secret mission for the time being he was home alone. He didn’t mind although he didn’t think it was okay to leave a 12 year old by himself, he could tear the house down single handedly if he chose, but then again he was too lazy to do that just to get punish. He open the fridge as he saw some rice his mother made maybe two days ago. He put it on the fire and began to warm it up as he also put some water on for tea. He walked outside to his little play area but really it was a 3d map of the world with his little shinobi set up. Seishigakure was winning of course, but Makoto had put a lot of work into his fake plan of war between the villages although he constantly head rumors of tension increasing between the villages. Makoto knew what it was because. Yami wanted to control the world and Chowa won’t let them while Seishigakure is in the middle but more of leaning towards Chowa, who wants to see Yami take over the world anyway? All they want to do is hunt the Bijuu down and Makoto could care less about that. Makoto would go in grab his tea leaving his rice for later as he ran to the beach about 10 minutes from his house, as he drank his tea on the way. He had to get in his daily Ninjutsu exercise. He would stretch before performing the jutsu back to back. He performed all of them, from substitutions to walking on water, they were all pretty easy for him. After finishing his training he walked to the end of the beach bare foot and stood there soaking in the beauty. What a gorgeous day in Seishigakure? Alright he was ready for his test, the test to rank up and become an official ninja of Seishigakure. Makoto knew this was the first step to being Seishikage. He walked to the academy after testing himself, his heart began to race as he walked down the hallway to his classroom. He peeped in, it was empty , at least he thought so. Makoto would eventually walk all the way in, after 3 steps he saw the door shut with his teacher right there. Makoto looked at him smiling as he performed all the Academy jutsu back to back, receiving his headband which he placed on his waist.
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Genin Rank Up [Makoto]
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