Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Put the work in [Private/Makoto]

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PostSubject: Put the work in [Private/Makoto]   Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:23 am

It was a pretty day in Seishigakure, the sun was shining off the ocean water. There was a nice little breezing going outside, but Makoto wouldn’t know seeing that he was still sleep. But they way that Makoto’s room was set up was as soon as the sun rose there was immediate light straight on his face due to the window. Today he wasn’t feeling like waking up so he just roll over and threw his pillow on his face with an addition to his covers. He didn’t have any missions to do today so he didn’t see the point of waking up just yet. Although it was time to learn some new jutsu. It took Makoto some time to get up. He roses, and just sat there. He called that the thinking time where you just stare off into spare thinking about whatever. He got up and walked over to his bathroom as he brushed his teeth and things of that sort. Taking a quick shower not doing much but washing the genitals and rinsing. He threw on some shorts and a white t shirt with his black socks and some regular old tennis shoes. He walked over and sat in this kitchen as he awaited for his mom to finish lunch, he had slept way past breakfast. He put his hands over his mouth as he did like the most the time he was thinking. What could he learn today, he knew that there were plenty of water ninjutsu for him to learn but he didn’t particularly care to learn them. Water ninjutsu was cool but he specifically wanted to see how strong ninjutsu was. As his mom put the waffles in front of him he ran through the list of jutsu he knew. There was a lot, the academy jutsu, Body flicker, Kai. He knew the hidden mist jutsu. Hidden in the water technique, one of his favorites. With a surplus of clan jutsu. But those weren’t really offensive or defensive. Those were more of support, or spying techniques. Makoto needed something that was going to bail him out if he was low on defense of something. Maybe a summon? Makoto would stick his fork into his waffles and began to eat slowly.’ Yeah, a summon’ he thought to himself as he began to figure out how he was going to get one of those. It was going to be hard. Nobody really like to volunteer their summons in Seishigakure. Not like Makoto wanted one of those weak things anyway. But Makoto knew it could be dangerous if he just formed the seals and tried to summon something. Whatever he summoned could just not like him, or try to kill him or something. Makoto thought about it, he was strong but he wasn’t strong enough to beat a rank S summon if he just so happened to summon one. Makoto finished it waffles as he kissed his mom goodbye and walked out of the house. He hoped in his boat and decided to make his way to the mainland to grab some scrolls from the library, excited for his first time training he would paddle at extreme speeds trying to get there as fast as he could. He hoped out the boat, upon arriving as he linked the boat up with one of the dock poles he would run past the Seishikage’s hut to the library. He walked in as he walked past all the books and straight to the scrolls, unfortunately the scrolls you had to pay for but Makoto had done so many missions he wasn’t even sweating the price. He was just hoping he would find something interesting more than anything. He walked to the back of the library as he read over the scrolls. He saw a couple of Katon jutsu, he didn’t even know if he had the Katon affinity so he passed on those, he saw 2 or 3 Doton. He picked up . He would walk in a little further as he saw a summoning technique, he grabbed it quickly not looking in it at all but he just kept it moving as he moved on to another section of scrolls. Makoto reached way in the back of the shelf as he pulled out a dusty scroll labeled shadow clone. Makoto would look at it a smile. He didn’t know what it was or how it worked but he was determined to learn it, it sounded cool to him. Plus the clones they taught in the academy were pitiful. They weren’t even able to do taijutsu. Plus Makoto always needed a training partner so maybe he could use his clones with this ninjutsu technique. Makoto knew these were pretty high ranked jutsu so he stopped their worried about his pockets. He would hand them to the lady as she would ring them up and take the ryo from Makoto’s hand. Makoto left out there as happy as he could be. He would have the scrolls in his under arm as his hands came over his mouth and his glands began to tingle. He had created a little pouch for the scrolls to go into as he slung it over his back. He ran over to the ramen shop to grab some to go ramen. He was sure after all the training he was about to do he would get hungry. The ramen didn’t cost much as he expected but it was worth the wait. Makoto ran further past the village of Seishigakure and into a little training area he used to go to with his dad. It was around 80 meters wide and 100 meters long so there was plenty of space to train, with a little river that went straight through the middle. It was perfect for Makoto to get training to. Makoto would sit on the grass and rest for a bit before getting to work. He looked at the scrolls back and forth to see which one he would choose first. Both of them were intriguing to him but he decided to check out the summoning scroll first. He opened it up as he looked at it. It had one seal. Makoto’s mouth opened up wide. He had seen the summon seals before and it wasn’t just one seal. It was way more than one. Makoto didn’t want to give up though. He formed the seal, snake. As he took a deep breath and focused his chakra. Nothing happened. He soon realized it was a summon. Meaning it required blood. Makoto nicked the tip of his thumb as the blood rushed down. He focused his chakra as he closed his eyes. He formed the snake seal with great ease and slammed his hands on the ground. Sealing marks appeared all around his hands, as he felt a strong rumble from the ground. His eyes open quickly as he saw a wall right in front of him. It wasn’t just any wall though. It had a faces and bells hanging off the ends on chains. Makoto would run around to the front of it and admire it in all of its glory. Makoto knew off the first look it was pure defense. The scroll wasn’t trash after all. Makoto smiled as it disappeared right before his eyes. It was the ultimate defense, amazing. Makoto would think to himself. With that defense nothing could hurt him, or so he thought. Makoto would open up the next scroll; Shadow Clone. Man, was this exciting. It only had one seal too. Makoto knew the basics of clones. Their chakra would be transferred into yours, there wasn’t anything to difficult except for balancing out the chakra for no one to notice but Makoto was rather good with his chakra so he wasn’t sweating that part. He would walk over to the middle of the field near the river as he focused his chakra. His hands came up to form the clone seal as he looked over to his left. There it was a perfect version of himself. It looked just like him, the 2 even had a conversation. It sounds just like Makoto as well. Finally Makoto had someone to spare with that wasn’t going to bore him like all the other people he faced in the academy. The clone even had his own glands to perform Kumohasha jutsus with. Makoto was in awe , and as soon as he wished for the Shadow Clone to disappear it did. Makoto smiled. His ninjutsu was finally strong enough to perform jutsu’s of this strength. Imagine if he could make a thousand of these. He would be unbeatable. He roll up the Shadow Clone scroll as he walked and pulled out the last scroll. It was the earth scroll. Makoto reviewed it as he threw it back in his bag. That one wasn’t even that hard to master, Makoto didn’t need to perform it. Makoto walked over to his area and rolled up all his scrolls for him to put in his closet in his room as he grabbed the ramen still warm and he began to eat. His hard work paid off.

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Put the work in [Private/Makoto]
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