Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Yoshimitsu Uchiha

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PostSubject: Yoshimitsu Uchiha    Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:33 pm

Name: Yoshimitsu Uchiha 
Nickname: KemPtah 
Age: 9yrs old. 
Gender: Male

Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 lbs. 
Appearance: To start it off Yoshimitsu has pitch black hair that looks like space the sky up above in the night. Yes he is quite mature for his age being five feet, five inches tall at age nine but Yoshimitsu is no regular specimen. His face is quite defined, his mother always said good looks runs in the family all the way down to his ancestors. His eyes are very peculiar as when not in sharing mode his eyes are pure snow white with a tint to them. His skin is a testimony to his perfect body as he has no blemishes or dryness to it, when he gets older the girls will just be falling at his feet but that's besides the point. His clothes is made of the finest material the village has to offer as he wouldn't accept anything else, crafted by his mother who was an experience craftsman and owed him a gift for graduation. The whole outfit is cosmic black even down to the ninja boots which was extremely long reaching to his calf's but they were of flexible material able to handle his roughness and training regimen. His jacket was original to him, it had many compartments to carry various things and it's arm sleeves went down past his hands; it was mainly because he wanted to disguise his punches. His pants length stopped almost above his boots so his stride was more efficient when he would run and such of that nature, he also sported wrist bands that he would soon have use for making his outfit complete in his eyes.

Village: Chōwagakure
Character Rank: Genin 
Clan: Uchiha Clan 
Element: Wind Release 

Personality: The first thing you might notice about Yoshimitsu, is that he is very serious most of the time. He seems to take everything literally in life. Everything that has ever happened to Yoshimitsu has formed him into the person that he is today, and he's not satisfied with that. He almost never has a genuine smile on his face, only on the rare occasion that he's around his brother, Raiza. He has an incredible lack of any sense of humor. He treats life as if he is meant to rise to greatness as soon as possible, and the only way to do that is to maintain his composure completely until then. 

Yoshimitsu's approach to life is strictly business. He treats every person he meets, bar one person; that being his brother, as one of the many other people that he's going to surpass on his path towards greatness. This however, does not mean that he disrespects people, or treats them poorly. In fact, he treats every person with a set amount of respect. His peers and fellow members of Chōwagakure have earned his respect and admiration, as people that have dedicated their lives to the home that he is so fond of. Members of other Shinobi villages usually will not have his respect unless they earn it. He won't treat them poorly though, no matter what. 

His brother is the one exception to this rule though. Because of the special relationship that he has with Raiza, he treats him as a special asset. While Yoshimitsu is completely serious, and closed; Raiza is very open and fun. Not only does Raiza act as a balance for Yoshimitsu's unhumorous nature, but he also supports Yoshimitsu completely. As long as Yoshimitsu can remember, Raiza has done everything he could to make Yoshimitsu life easier. 

Yoshimitsu is a very bizarre individual, who can be very intimidating at times. He has a very strong winner's-mentality, thinking that winners get everything in life, and losers are denied everything. In contrast to this though, he doesn't care about winning at all. He thinks that winning is a given, and has so lost the feeling of victory. He also thinks that his power and skill are absolute, and that anybody that defies him will regret it. He generally does not directly punish those that offend him, but he will make them regret it later. 

Yoshimitsu does not share the traditional view of fighting that most Shinobi have. He believes that a fight is predetermined, and that there is no way to change that. He generally fights as if it were something like a game of chess, not involving himself unless he absolutely has to. He does enjoy the thrill of a challenge though, and anybody that can bring him to his limits will earn his respect.

Character History: Yoshimitsu was born in the village of Chōwagakure in the Land of Sunlight. He wasn't a particularly special child, and neither were his parents. His parents were especially fond of him though. They cared for him as if he was the only person in the world aside from themselves. Yoshimitsu's first memories of his childhood were of his parents showering him with affection. He was about the happiest child that he could be. It was just him and his parents. Even the people that he met when his parents brought him with them on their errands around the village were so nice to him. 

When Yoshimitsu turned four, his parents enrolled him with a group of tutors. These tutors were some of the best in the world. He was granted an incredible education. However, this was not as great as it seems. His tutors were strict, and constantly force-fed an education that most adults don't even want for themselves. He learned things that corrupted his view of man, and of the world in general. He'd wake up in the morning, go to his classes, and come back home just in time for him to go to bed. It was a whole year akin to torture for Yoshimitsu. 

After the year was over, his tutors decided that he had learned everything that they wanted to teach him. He couldn't believe his ears. the only real excuse they ever gave him for forcing him into this education was that it was his destiny. He never quite understood what they meant, but what four year old ever cares about destiny in the first place? Granted, he's much more intelligent than the average four year old, that doesn't mean that he'll understand notions that need the wisdom and experience of an adult to truly grasp.

Yoshimitsu was sent home, and his parents sat him down to have an important discussion. It was at this point, that his parents had a lengthy discussion with him about his lineage. His parents had never told him because they assumed that he was too young to understand, but now he definitely knew what they were talking about. They told him that he was actually from a bloodline that produces incredible Uchiha shinobi.

Yoshimitsu definitely knew what a Shinobi was, but he didn't have any interest in being one at that point in his life. He honestly could care less about all that nonsense. Yoshimitsu had no reason to risk his life to save others. Why would he do that, when he could continue his cushy life with his parents. But then something happened, that probably was the catalyst for the new direction that his life took.

His father ushered a child into the room. At first Yoshimitsu wasn't sure what he was looking at. It was a boy with red hair, and a big smile on his face. Yoshimitsu didn't share a smile, or welcome the boy at all. His father introduced the kid as Raiza, his new brother. Yoshi was astounded. He couldn't accept this, no way. He was just expected to share his parents, and his childhood with some boy that he'd never met before? 

To say the least, Yoshimitsu and his new brother Raiza didn't get along at all. While Raiza was grateful to have a home, Yoshimitsu didn't want anything to do with him. He went about his days, trying to attract the attention of his parents, but failing miserably. For some reason his parents seemed to care a lot less about him. He was depressed, and couldn't stand his childhood anymore. His parents were ignoring him, and a boy that he hated more than anything was trying to spend time with him.

Not only was the boy completely dense, but he was also stupid. Keep in mind though, that he was no where near being stupid, but Yoshimitsu was just so smart at this point for a five year old, that he couldn't stand being around normal children. To top that off, Yoshimitsu didn't understand this boy in the slightest. No matter how much of a verbal lashing he got, he'd just continue to follow Yoshimitsu around, like he was happy about it. 

Yoshimitsu decided at this point that he'd pretend that Raiza wasn't in his life. Maybe he could go back to the way it was with his parents. But his parents wouldn't accept him. They just continued to treat him as if he was second best to Raiza, while Raiza just cherished him as if he was the greatest thing to ever happen to him. It disgusted Yoshimitsu, and he just wanted to leave. 

Yoshimitsu didn't tolerate this for long. In fact, he only waited about a month before he took action. One evening after a very unpleasant dinner with his family, he waited until his brother was in the bath, and ditched his home. He decided that he wanted nothing to do with them. He ran down the road and to the park. He decided he'd live where he has the most positive memories of his mother and father. The weather was terrible though. The wind was strong, the ground was slippery, and the rain felt like he was being pelted by pebbles. 

He hid under a slide temporarily, sheltering himself from the rain and wind. However, soon the lightning started. It was particularly frequent though, and it seemed like the lightning was especially close. Then something drew him out of his shelter to look up in the sky. Just then, he thought he saw what looked like a dragon made of lightning. It was the most incredible thing he'd ever seen. He was mesmerized by the dragon, and it seemed to be looking at him through the clouds. 

Just then he heard his brother yelling at him. He looked towards where his brother was, and he was running towards him, with an expression of fear on his face. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!", his brother yelled. Yoshimitsu wasn't sure what was happening, but his brother shoved him out of the way, and Raiza suddenly got struck by lightning. 

He carried his brother home, and laid him in his bed before going to his own bed. But he couldn't sleep. He went to the Shinobi academy the next morning to enroll himself and his brother as academy students. He quickly advanced to the top student in his class. He passed every written exam with astonishing accuracy. He won every sparring match that he was placed into. He was even able to learn every jutsu that the academy taught him on the first try. Everything seemed so natural. 

But before they could graduate, he noticed that his brother got into trouble a lot. Not with the academy teachers, but with the other students in his class. One day he was about to help his brother, but then he heard his brother say something that he didn't expect. "Don't speak that way about my brother, ever!" 

It was a little sad, because his brother said that while his face was covered in bruises, and he was coughing up blood. But he wouldn't allow this to continue. From then on, every time his brother got into a fight, he intervened. Just a glare from Yoshimitsu was usually enough to scare them away. 

They passed the final exams with flying colors too. Yoshimitsu and his brother were genin. It was time to begin their life as shinobi. Time seemed to fly by, and before they knew it, Yoshimitsu was Nine, and his brother was sixteen. His parents weren't as distant as they were before, but now that he was a mature young man, he wasn't as dependent on his parents as he once was. He was living happily with his brother, training on a daily basis. Soon they'd be doing something great. Yoshimitsu would be the greatest Shinobi his village had ever seen.

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PostSubject: Re: Yoshimitsu Uchiha    Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:42 pm

Approved, i like it Smile
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Yoshimitsu Uchiha
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