Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Chuunin exam preparedness! (Missions)

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PostSubject: Chuunin exam preparedness! (Missions)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:08 pm

Name: Catch the lost pet
Location: in the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Civilian man
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: A large pet is on the loose! You have to use your skill to catch it and then bring it back to it’s owner. Once you manage to catch it, the beast turns on you and attacks! You have to defeat it without harming it and then return it to the owners. Pet’s stats: Strength- 10 Speed- 10 Durability- 15

Kosuke had awoken with the goal off completing a few D-ranked missions today. So, after showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast, he headed off to pick up some mission contacts. As he made it out the door of his apartment he was greeted by warm sunshine, contrasted by brisk morning air. The sun had just began to peek over the hill sides. It was a truly glorious vision to behold, the real reason they called this the “Village hidden in Harmony”. After taking another moment to admire the scenery, Kosuke made his way to the Kage tower. Once he arrived, he began to look through the missions, he decided he would take a few random D-ranks in order to give himself some funds to help prepare for the chuunin exams coming up in Chōwagakure. The first mission he looked at was to find someone’s lost pet, “Mr. Fluffy buns.” He dashed off to look around the various eateries in town to see if any of the animals matched the description given on the pet. Glancing around himself, he saw numerous dogs and even a few scrawny cats, but no cats with white fur and large buns. So he continued his search, not finding anything close to what he was looking for, when suddenly he saw a white blur shoot past him. His enhanced senses from being a ninja allowed him to make out a white tail, with large buns. He immediately gave chase. The beast running fast, but not fast enough as he caught it at the end of a dead end alley way. He immediately went to pick it up, it hissed and jumped at him, but he encased it in crystal for long enough to knock it out and get it back to its owner. He then glanced down. What was his next mission?
WC- 306
Name: Catch the vandal
Location: in the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Kage
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: Your kage has some terrible news! Someone has been vandalizing the Kage Tower! It’s your job to track the vandal down, catch them and then bring them to justice! You can’t find the vandal in the first three places you search. Once you find them, they either attack or run. Their stats are: Strength- 10 Speed- 15 Durability- 10

Kosuke glanced down at the mission he was holding in his bandaged hand. There was apparently a vandal on the loose. It seemed people couldn’t just show some respect for their Kage, he is a very nice man. Kosuke had met the Kage on numerous occasions, as he often came by to discuss clan and village matters with Kosuke’s father and Grandfather. As he made his way to the scene of the crime he saw that someone had drawn the Kage ogling some half naked girls. This blatant disrespect must be punished Kosuke knew just how to find this miscreant. He ran to the hot springs, thinking that must be where the vandal got his idea. No luck there, so he headed over to the red light district, home of the less than savory members of the village to see if he could find the culprit there. He suddenly had an idea, he could use one of the new jutsu he had been working on! He performed some Handseals and suddenly it began to rain. At that moment Kosuke could feel the exact location of everyone who was near him. He could envision what they were doing as long as they were outside getting rained on. Suddenly he felt someone was at the vandalized spot. He rushed over and found some kid painting the tower. “Hey, get away from there!” He shouted. When the kid turned around and saw Kosuke, he ran. He was almost genin level at speed, but Kosuke easily caught up to him and delivered a solid blow to the back of his neck. Easily knocking the kid out and dragging him back to the Kage’s office, Kosuke knew he still had a couple missions left to work on. So he quickly made his way back outside.
Name: Picking weeds
Location: In the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Mrs. Yamada
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: You have been hired to pick the weeds around Mrs. Yamada’s garden. You will pick these all day while making sure not to harm her award winning persimmons. To make things harder on yourself, you must do this while doing the leaf exercise, sticking a leaf to your head using chakra.

His next task seemed rather easy, if a bit time consuming. A man needed weeds picked from his gardens that he has in three different fields that are next to each other. He felt that he could use this to help hone his speed and reflexes. He performed the familiar cross seal and two plumes of smoke appeared at his side. “Okay, we are gonna race to see who can pick all the weeds in your field the fastest. Upon announcing ‘go’ we will rush forward using only speed, and clear the garden of weeds.” Kosuke said to the clones. “GO!” He yelled and three blurs began to speed around the gardens, each picking different weeds from their positions. They had to be sure to uproot the whole weed or it could grow back. So Kosuke noticed he had a couple more than each of his other clones, wanting to make sure this went at a faster rate, he dashed forward, grabbing as many weeds as he could, hoping that he got them all the way out of the ground. He decided that he would take a break. He sat down and ate some dumplings and coffee. Once he finished his lunch, he decided to get back to work, he had a lot of garden left to cover. He had given up on the speed training, and decided to work on acrobatics, as his clones could help him develop muscle memory. As he and his clones jumped and flipped around the gardens, he could feel his agility sharpening. He would become an agile force. One that would make a difference in the world. He plucked the last weed from the ground and wiped the sweat from his brow. Making his way back to the Tower to turn in his missions, he smiled. He had made good progress today after all.
WC- 310

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Chuunin exam preparedness! (Missions)
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