Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Eyes of Perdition

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PostSubject: Eyes of Perdition    Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:19 am

Yoshimitsu and his brother Raiza from back in the academy days had just finished an important mission and as he got home he got the urge to train today and what better way to do it than with his long lost brother so he called him over to join him. He would walk over to the area where he normally kept his training scrolls at, today he would tap into the Ninjutsu and Clan section with the young gator when he got there. He would read the the proper functions of the techniques they would be dealing with it all seems quite simple to him, he wondered if he would master it. "Seems simple enough" he would hand the scroll over back to the desk. He would then stretch getting ready for the training at hand, it was going to be a fun training session. Yoshimitsu finally noticed the boy had entered the training grounds and saw Raiza head for the scrolls and sighed. From the look he gave Yoshimitsu it didn't look like he was in the best of moods, so he really hoped he was up for training. The boy came and stood behind him watching him search through the scrolls and impatiently waited for him to pick something. When he finished reading the scroll he'd pass it to To Raiza and he began reading it. "Uchiha Style Techniques? Sounds fun", The gator was a great tracker so he began sniffing the air to see if Yoshimitsu's stalker was around but hadn't picked up her scent, where was she? She always had a tendency to go off on her own and this worried him. "Hey, when was the last time you saw your stalker?" They had walked to other side of the training grounds still talking about Minnie. "I haven't seen my stalker since when we took down a small village together, then she drifted off some place which was weeks ago. I sent a team to track her presence but she soon was out of even their range for them to keep following, I was wondering where she was. Lets discuss this after training though I want stay focused." He was worried but had to suppress the thought of his little stalker being hurt, he would focus chakra throughout his body rapidly, his blood battle hot he was ready for to get started pulling his blade out. Then through the use of his focused chakra flow, Yoshimitsu would channel his wind chakra through his hand into a ball, extending both the reach and him throwing it in the air. "Lets get this started already." "Hmm...." Raiza looked outside and was beginning to worry, it wasn't like Minnie to miss a training session with him since she was the one who usually forced it on him. Yoshimitsu would notice that a sigh had escape his lips as he thought about the possibility of losing two friends in the space of three months, and mentally he couldn't cope with that. He'd grab a training sword and swung it around for a bit then began channeling his chakra through the sword, extending the reach of the blade. The different light from both blades would illuminate the entire room a natural blue color. With the bright natural blue light filling the whole room Yoshimitsu would feel his body rush as his chakra was filled to the brim thanks to his passive, he would test what the sword could do by swinging it in Raiza's direction he would focus transforming the attack heading Raiza's way. Instead of a crescent it would shape into an halberd looking to knock Raiza's head off if he didn't move in time but that was something Yoshimitsu didn't worry about knowing his friend was not dumb enough to let that hit him dead on in the face. Raiza would yawn loudly as he messed around with the practice katana, he turned it into all sorts of weapons using shape manipulation, this could be fairly useful in battle he thought as he stared on the sword. Raiza would notice the weird bladed staff heading for him and blocked it with sword his by spinning it as fast as he could. "Hm. If its a good fight you want ill gladly kick your ass, little brother." He'd say in a mocking tune, he always wanted to test his battle abilities on a worthy opponent, namely against another beast ninja. "I gladly accept your challenge." Yoshimitsu would brace himself in a formless style holding the sword nonchalantly egging his old brother to come and attack. He saw Raiza as a student but also his equal not that they were of the same class, nonetheless he would not take this training lightly he had to work on formations bettering him and his team. "Any day now I don't want to die of boredom or old age here Raiza." He would send a mocking smirk back at the boy in hopes to set him on fire with rage. Raiza would laugh. "Lets see you talk with my foot up your ass, you punk!!" Raiza would form the appropriate seals and create two plates of earth around Yoshimitsu, both utilizing the fact that they were moving fast and coming to crush Yoshimitsu, they would run towards him at 15 speeds, one aiming for the upper body while one was aiming for the lower. Raiza would appear behind him to try and prevent him from escaping. "Lets see you dodge this smart guy!" Yoshimitsu smirked as he was forced on the defense by Raiza having to use his Sharingan which mysteriously unlock all the way to stage 1 & 2 it was okay he had to expand its range anyway "Hmm I like the threat Keep em coming Raiza" It was a smart trick but he was dealing with a trickster himself as the plates of earth would come rush in he knew he wouldn't be able to dodge it so he had a little help in countering as for a post he would flicker out of sight while screaming made of chakra would burst out from different parts of the sky to burst through the earth with 20 strength as soon as they would come in for the kill . He could sense Raiza appearing behind using his chakra sensory passive and that's when the the Fifth post Yoshimitsu would burst through his back trying to hit Raiza straight in the face, the punch was strong enough to knock him it the wall of the training grounds. Luckily Yoshimitsu and a clone would dodge the attack but they would be forced to distance themselves from the man. Raiza would also dodge the move and turned the practice staff into a spear sweeping his legs. A clone would be in the air with an axe waiting to for him to make a move, while the other slipped away unseen, it seemed Raiza was getting serious. As the clones would dodge the attack another extremely bright blue light would start to emanate from Yoshimitsu's body blinding all of those who was looking at him , he would then use his sword chaining it into a axe at will to parry the boys move while sweep kicking at him in a defensive manner he would then split up causing a mass confusion as to which one was the real one. Raiza would fall on his knees holding his eyes as the bright blue light blinded him. The irony. He'd rise to his feet and attempted to open his eyes he saw three Yoshimitsu's surrounding him, he'd give a smirk and began fighting them all at once. "Your tricks wont work on me!". He'd begin to get tired as the clones wont seem to disappear, but still he'd press on. The clone would experiencing the same thing but the one that was hiding got away from it all and began communicating with them with loudly. "Knock it off you two your under genjutsu!". Raiza would stop and stabbed himself with a kunai and the genjutsu would disappear, the wound caused by the kunai would begin to heal and the clone would do the same. Raiza would start tasting the air and would locate where Yoshimitsu last was. "Your gonna get it, I hope you know that Yoshimitsu!" Yoshimitsu would brag on to tempt Raiza, "seem to be fond of your sensing abilities Raiza." He would grin at the boy from above before he would control how light is reflected around his body with chakra inflections, erasing Yoshimitsu's scent and shadow turning him completely Invisible. He would run further away from Raiza while send 500 kunai with blue light aimed at the boy and his two clones. It was wasn't fair to use this tech but he felt the boy would face this problem sooner or later why not in training? The only way Raiza would find Ace now is if he was able to to observe minute variations within his surrounding environment which was a rare thing to know how to do especially with that much kunai flying around. Raiza's clone would run off at speeds of 20 and saved him from the attack that was aimed at him, the other clone would get hit hit by the attack but only to be reformed by the chakra tech he had. Raiza couldn't smell or hear him so he was at a huge disadvantage. "Hmm, serves me right for neglecting my training of sensor techs, now what am i going to do to find Yoshimitsu?" Raiza began replenishing his chakra with medical pills as the clone created a water river headed towards him, the clone attempted to heal his eyes with a technique and he just had to hold out a bit longer from Yoshimitsu. It seemed like the boy was helpless like Yoshimitsu thought he would be, he would walk down off of the ceiling recharging his chakra thanks to the passives and chakra seal of this tech they could go on forever. Here come the part where I torture you with anger. He would move fast from where he had made the sound and pick up a pebble on the floor, he would then through it with 10 strength at the boy's shield that the clone created to try protecting him surely the rock would be enough to knock down the fortress but Raiza used his ace in the hold and reversed back onto Yoshimitsu using his newly learned water ninjutsu , Raiza's eyes would be fully healed as opened his eyes after the bright blue light blinded hum momentarily. He began thinking of a way to catch him. He created three more clones to help with his little idea he had in mind. They all would form the seals and used the water shredder technique knowing his weakness was fire, covering the entire area of the room from body to top in water. Lets see you dodge this Yoshimitsu! Yoshimitsu would smile at the boy's great attempt to make him come out of hiding with water but it would take a lot more power in them than that, he would condense the wind and release chakra in his body into his hands and then he would clap them together releasing another shiled of wind surrounded by chakra of which simulates the wind around him block all the fire that would come his way. He would move from his location sending 4 more light shuriken aimed at Raiza and his clones. 
The water would get blown to his direction but he was anticipating something like that, he'd begin to condense his wind release chakra in his body and then would clap pushing it the technique back towards the direction it came, one clone would counter the blue light kunai with 4 of its own but they were made of earth, causing a miniature explosion with all the attacks colliding. It seemed like they were evenly match countering everything the other one does, blow for blow it was kind of amazing how far his brother had came, and here they both would be learning their first water jutsu together. Yoshimitsu would dodge the technique that was pushed back on him causing him to stumble, the stumble would cause him to break concentration for a split second ending the hiding in wind camouflage he had up. Looking down at himself he knew he wasn't invisible anymore, recharging his chakra with a passive he would jump back swinging 6 times at  sending another 500 kunai barrage, he was trying to test his true capability of using this genjutsu. Smiling he would congratulate the boy as he dodged by kaiing out of the genjutsu. You've grown into a strong shinobi, I am very proud of you Raiza, our training is finally done here you can crash out at my place or go home its up to you.

Word Count: 2133

Claiming Sharingan Stage 1&2
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes of Perdition    Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:09 am

it would be 2,500 to unlock both stages of the sharingan, 1,000 for first, 1,500 for second

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PostSubject: Re: Eyes of Perdition    Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:25 pm

Okay I'll just get one and instead of stage two I'll grab these academy jutsu for a total of 1400 exp and these are the Jutsu:

 Body Replacement Technique
Cloak of Invisibility Technique

Clone Technique

 Rope Escape Technique

Transformation Technique

Water Surface Walking Practice

 Basic Healing Technique
Shadow Shuriken Technique
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes of Perdition    

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Eyes of Perdition
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