Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Nākpo Of The Sages Of Sound

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PostSubject: Nākpo Of The Sages Of Sound    Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:07 pm

Name: Nākpo KemPtah
Nickname: "The Black Flash Of God"
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Height: Six Feet ' Two Inches
Weight: One hundred And Sixty-Five Pounds

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Chūnin
Clan: The Sages Of Sound
Element: Sound Release

Personality: Nākpo is semi laid-back and lazy, preferring to lay around in the shade and sometimes do absolutely nothing for long periods of time. Rather the only physical activity he likes to do is make out with his girlfriend Sapphire as they are currently waiting until they get older before they have kids. Nākpo usually acts like the weary voice of reason between Sapphire's random bouts of excitement and Emerald's biting sarcasm and back compliments.

However Nākpo wasn't always like this, initially he was curious boy while growing up and loved to learn how to utilize blades, eventually however his interested died when he mastered the skill of Fuinjutsu. He often jokes that he peaked early hence why he is so not motivated but he actually has a reasoning to his slacker life style. Personally he doesn't want to be strong in the village eyes, never had he just wanted to go through life and live a simple existence but was denied that chance due to being selected for the Prodigy program like the rest of The Clan. 

As a result his only goals for the future is to live happily with Sapphire as she is pretty much his entire world and he is fiercely protective of her. Thankfully it is a mutual thing and it is often in her defense that he shows off the exact reason he was given the life of a Sound Clan member. Though he might not like to exert effort he is a powerful combatant dabbling a little bit in everything while focusing it around his Fuinjutsu.
Character History: Nākpo is the oldest out of the third batch of fetuses who were genetically altered as a result of the Sound Prodigy Project. The Third batch was created more smoothly than the second batch having had a year to learn from the mistakes of the First Batch and develop better than adequate genetic engineering tools. As a result they were able to take more risks with the splicing of DNA. For Nākpo they chose a Fuinjutsu user and a Space Time Ninjutsu user while bonding a virus they had extracted from a sample they had in the lab. The results of course were successful producing a child which had the desired traits, a stronger body along with healthy blood, strategic mind , and Sound Release. 

Similar to the rest of the prodigies he never had a home, never knew his parents and grew up with the rest of his batch. They were pitted against each other developmentally while they went through various courses to build them up physical, mentalty, emotionally and intellectually into the absolute best they could be. Nākpo was one of three of his batch which had managed to pass every single test and since he managed to score the best he was given the name Nākpo.

The Nākpo designation is meant to mean 3rd strongest meaning if Diamond and Onyx ever fell in battle he would assume the lead while working with the others to revive them. As a result Nākpo was given the best offered to the Third Batch and due to the fact that Diamond, Onyx and Quartz had all expressed no interest in picking up any of the Fuinjutsu of the clan he was allowed to learn Space-Time Ninjutsu . He quickly took to it and ended up mastering each of the seals before he reached 13 years old. As a result he was hailed as a Fuinjutsu genius, this is what sparked his rivalry between him and Yaxley.

Yaxley was from the 2nd Batch along with Ming and Adeyemi however due to his sheer power the orcastrators of the Sound Prodigy Project were considering making him the Nākpo. When Nākpo ended up mastering each of the seals they were cowed by his sheer potential and reverted Yaxley back down to the Topaz designation on the basis that he would serve it better. This was mainly because Serana and Murdock were close and long combat specialists respectively and due to Nākpo being a Mid-Range combat specialist he fit them perfectly. This is what caused Yaxley's animosity as his inferiority complex refused to let him believe that a slacker like Nākpo could be stronger than him.

They have fought multiple times as a result usually ending in Ivan breaking them up or Vivian simply walking into the room as neither wanted to attract her ire. While Yaxley hates Nākpo with a burning passion, Nākpo merely views his "rival" as a mere annoyance and would gladly give up his code-name if he thought it would solve anything. But seeing as how Topaz treated anyone weaker than him, horrible by the way, he realized that if he did that he wouldn't get any peace of mind. It didn't help that Serana constantly instigates the fights as unlike Nākpo she doesn't tolerate Yaxley's shit talking.

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PostSubject: Re: Nākpo Of The Sages Of Sound    Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:05 pm


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Nākpo Of The Sages Of Sound
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