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 Training Time [Makoto]

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PostSubject: Training Time [Makoto]   Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:43 am

Fresh from the Academy, Mak was swiftly coming to the long and somewhat difficult realization that his work was almost entirely ahead of himself. Now, this was not something necessarily groundbreaking; he knew that it was not simply a matter of graduating from the Academy and all would be rainbows and sprinkles from then on. He expected to work. He just didn’t expect to work as much as it would seem he needed to. Having left graduated a fully-fledged ninja of the Village Hidden in the Seishi, albeit a young ninja still in training and nowhere yet near his peak, he figured that he would be more… prepared. Or perhaps he would have learned any technique useful outside of the most basic of the basic abilities. He, at present, knew only a handful of just about useless jutsu of the E rank variety. He was a smart kid though, phenomenally smart to say the least, and he had a scroll with him. He would be able to teach himself. He could fix the problems of the academy.
And so with this in mind the young man set out to educate himself, happy in the knowledge that this sort of self-initiative was just the sort of thing that the village elders seemed to want as per their edict. He began simply and without hesitation, focusing chakra into his body in order to vitalize and supercharge his muscles, the young man would begin to feel notably faster. The body flicker technique, while a staple of the ninja world, seemed a most simple technique all in all. He ran about for a bit before continuing on.
Next on his list was another basic technique, an ability that would release him and any potential allies of his from the evil clutches of an enemy practitioner of the illusionary arts. The kai ability was again a simple one and one that required little more than some good chakra control and a knowledge of Genjutsu in general, a topic that the young man was almost supernaturally good at. And so he began, forming the required seal and concentrating. This proved a bit difficult as he not currently in the grasp of an illusion, though it was not terribly difficult to feel his chakra moving about and reacting to the technique. As such, he simply moved his chakra around and caused it to do a sort of start and stop motion in and around his mind. This should logically allow him to isolate the foreign chakra present in any enemy’s illusion. From this point on he needed little more than a small but powerfully concentrated burst of powerful chakra to shoot through his system, revitalizing him ultimately freeing him from any enemy’s techniques. He tried it again, taking control of his chakra and repeating the movements and reenacting the feelings so as to make sure that he could use the ability at the drop of a hat, the technique becoming second hand the more and more re ran through it.
As he was already on the subject of illusions, it only made sense, to the young man at least, to continue along the same route and keep studying, at least for a brief moment, the arts of illusions. He had a few ideas for unique abilities that only he would be able to use as a result of him having created them and now seemed as good a time as any to get some well needed practice. And so he set out to create and then after having done the creation process to begin the difficult task of perfecting the newly crafted and created technique. The glamour ability was a simple one, an easy task that would allow him to, whenever he felt necessary, create a whole host of illusory objects that would appear visually sound to anyone who laid his or her eyes upon said objects. This would prove invaluable in subterfuge and deception, though had a much lower ability to be used in a combative sense, though of course one could always leverage it to be useful in a wide range of situations. He formed the necessary seal and focused on a simple task, a simple thing, a small thing that would be easy to shape and create. He decided to simply create a pen in front of himself. He did so, allowing his charka to cause a visual illusion before him, though it turned out incorrectly, the pen looking quite strange. But this jutsu was most ingenious and allowed for a constant tweaking of the illusion should such a need ever arise for any reason, and so the young boy simply allowed his chakra to swirl about and begin to slowly reshape the pen, shoring up some of the weaknesses present in the illusion until it looked exactly like a copy of the pen. He then decided to add a shadow in below it for good measure, which would permit an even greater level of deception.
He suddenly recalled a high proficiency for the arts commonly known as the sensory ability and decided to learn the most basic of all abilities for this. He had always known of chakra sources, frequently claiming the ability to seemingly effortlessly tell the difference between different chakra sources by flavor or texture, something that never failed to amaze and perplex his academy instructors as it seemed they had never before heard of such an ability to notice chakra. He formed a simple hand seal and held it, his hand comfortably resting as his mind simply expanded outward and outward, racing away from him over a truly incredible distance. He soared away and out and up and down, coving a sort of almost dome like structure with his own sensory net, his own mind and his own ability to feel those life forces around himself.
Once he had set up his fully formed and expanded sensory net, a feat that took a miniscule amount of time due almost entirely in part to his quite interesting and amazing skills in the field, he began taking a closer notice of all of the chakras present to him. A good amount of individual signals, of individual lives and existences, moved about before him and he could, and any point that he liked, examine any of them that he chose. As an avid multitasker capable, as it would, of truly dividing his attention between tasks rather than simply focusing back and forth, back and forth on a set of tasks, he could also simply opt to take particular and careful note of a large array of chakra signature as once. In fact, he decided that at this very point in time on this day that he ought to do just this and began examining the signatures of many people, recognizing classmates and teachers, local animals and pets, shopkeepers and food vendors and wait staff and a whole myriad of other people and creatures. Yes, this technique, while in no way terribly difficult, would prove truly invaluable both on and off the field of combat.
At this point the young boy chose to take a short rest, relaxing slightly and watching as the day drifted by, feeling and hearing to the village bustle to and fro as he took him moment’s respite to relax. He could feel himself getting stronger, but it was still an almost totally unimaginably long road ahead of him.
The young aspiring ninja had relaxed for what he deemed to be honestly enough time and thus he was ready to resume training. Sure, the relaxing had been nice on such a nice, cool day, but he was a buy young shinobi and had many, many long hours and even longer days ahead of him, so it really became crucial for him to return to his extremely important and entirely crucial efforts of training himself, of educating himself in the ways and arts of the ninja world in which he found himself. Thus, it was back to the hard work of the day. In order to accomplish such a feat, he reopened a simple training scroll that he had and began inspecting it. He looked over his next target, a technique which would allow him the wonderful ability to suppress his chakra whenever he deemed it fit, and thus would aid him in missions of a stealthy nature.
He examined the instructions of the technique, one that miraculously, it would seem, required no hand seals what so ever. Thus he could use this very simply with only the proper exertion of his inner strength and a proper and accurate control over his own chakras. He focused within himself and began to take full control of his own personal chakra signature, reveling in the feel of it. After a time, he prepared to push it outwards from himself, then retracted the extended life force quite quickly. He repeated this small exercise a few times over, repeating it over and over as he gained increased his affinity with his own chakra. Once he had completed this brief but important training exercise he felt prepared to take the final step of actually concealing his own chakra force.
The young boy once again took control of his own presence made of chakra within himself and focused on brining it as close to his body as he possibly could. As the chakra signature of his own person got closer it became more difficult to continue constraining and shrinking it, but he pressed on anyway and kept moving the chakra signature closer to his body. Then, when it was hovering only a hair’s breadth above his skin, he pulled it fully within his body and sealed it there, restraining it entirely and preventing it from radiating outward. All in all it felt a bit like holding his breath though in a different way. Rather than feeling as though he was starved for oxygen, it was more akin to just breathing shallowly and carefully. The young man could feasibly see how he would be able to maintain this for very long periods of time should a need of this sort ever arise.
He decided then to press on and continue his hard work for the day. The young man once more opened the small scroll filled to the brim with instructions on the learning of many new abilities and technqiues that were simply awaiting his knowledge and practice. The young ninja quite simply selected the next ability on the list: the Summoning Technique. While oftentimes this technique proved most effective and quite useful in the summoning of familiars, usually of an animal type, ninja companions and creatures were not the only application of this ability. It really was a fairly simple and standard special ability for most any ninja to have and the young boy had no intention of not knowing such a prolific and useful ability.
He once more examined the words written upon the training stroll he had and observed what was necessary for the enactment and proper execution of the summoning technique. This ability required hand seals, unlike the last one, and so the young shinobi in training went about memorizing the small string of hand seals, a feat made quite easy by the young boy’s powerful memory and ability to rapidly memorize a great amount of information in a surprisingly small amount of time. After having fully memorized and committed the short string of hand seals to memory the young boy went on to actually preforming the technique. Having no actual summoning contract of which to speak, the young man needed instead to practice by simply summoning some basic ninja tools, such as kunai, senbon, shuriken, and other various small throwing instruments commonly found in the ninja world and on the person of a ninja. 
And so the young ninja in training began. He formed the seals and mustered up the chakra in the correct way to summon one of the small fighting utensil he had his mind set on. He then slapped his hand upon the ground but to no avail. It seemed that something had gone wrong. He tried once more and this time noticed a certain hiccup in the technique and in the motions of his own personal chakra field that he decided needed fixing and so went about to fix it, concentrating on how the chakra should correctly go rather than the way that his body and seemed to want to reflexively use the chakra field of his. This time the young ninja found that his endeavors were a total success and so he went about to replicate the results. After a few accurate replications it became clear that the young boy understood the basics of the technique and that he would be able to use it in combat. Just to be sure though he ran through it just a few more times so that he would be able to effectively and quickly use the ability as a product of his reflexes if the need should ever arise for him to have to do something of that nature.
Onward and upward the young genin continued to move, constantly finding new and more impressive and useful techniques for him to train and learn and master. A person could never be certain what kind of danger he or she may find in the cruel and more often than not extremely dangerous world of the ninja and this young and aspiring genin was no different. He knew that he needed to be prepared for any situation that may arise at the drop of a hat and yet being so prepared was quite difficult when a person could not always know what to prepare for. However, the young lad also understood that to capitalize upon a person’s own strengths and to fully understand those strengths would surely lead to good results and so he set about to do just that, selecting next to learn an illusionary technique as he was quite good at those.
Silly him! It seemed that the young aspiring shinobi to be had somehow forgotten how to properly and accurately use the summoning technique not even moments before he had learned the technique in question that he was attempting to learn. How goofy and absurd of him. Mak, the young boy hoping to become a powerful shinobi one day, thought to himself that it could quite possibly have been a dream. Even so, relearning a technique that he learned in a dream should be nothing, even less than nothing. Truly is should take him no time at all to relearn something even if in the first place he had originally memorized and preformed it in a dream.
To begin, to start the relearning of an already learned technique, the boy would open up his scroll once more to review the proper hand seals required in the proper performance of such a simplistic and basic ability staple in the knowledge of any shinobi, aspiring or otherwise. As he had expected he fully recalled the seals in their entirety and so he would be quite easily capable of moving on and forward to the actual performance of the technique that he hoped to master. He ran through the proper hand seals that he had just confirmed his memory of and completed them in a swift and accurate manner and way, this time taking the time to go through the proper efforts and motions to properly mold the chakra needed for the technique and to do so in the perfect and respectable way. After having done so he was prepared for the ability to take full effect.
All that remained now was to slam his hand down and complete the performance of the ability, having already properly preformed the required hand seals and molded the chakra in the right way. And so he did just that, moving his hand down towards the ground and focusing all of the chakra that he had previously channeled into his hand and allowing him to fully focus on the small bladed weapon that he was going to summon in only few moments. His hand then swooped down in a swift and forceful manner, connecting with the ground and summoning up the desired weapon along with a puff of smoke with quite quickly dissipated. Pleased with himself, the young aspiring ninja moved on with his ever continuing and increasing training.
The False Surroundings technique was a simple one that many people had at least a bit of knowledge about and yet it remained quite effective for the subtlety that it afforded. Allowing a person to in small ways affect and freely alter another person or even a group of people’s perceptions of their sense of direction was quite the boon and it became even more impressively and simply useful when layered with other techniques or when cast on a person in a location that gave impaired vision or a location that he or her was not fully familiar or comfortable with. And so the young man set about learning this new technique, starting where he most always did with getting down the hand seals and running through them over and over again to get them under his fingers and commit them to his muscle memory. When he thought of this ability, his hands and body would already be aware of what was required of them and react as such.
After completing this he began to work upon the technique in full, molding his chakra in the required way as dictated by the scroll. He started to move his chakra and to formulate the jutsu in the best way that he was able. As it turned out, the young genin had little difficulty in the way of the actual construction of the illusion; quite the contrary. In fact, the young boy’s prodigious and phenomenal skill, considering his age, in the department of the illusions and genjutsu allowed him to quickly apprehend and fully understand in its entirety the inner working of such a relatively simple technique. He ran into a somewhat unique problem though have having no one on whom to practice. Such a deficiency would certainly need to be remedied and he certainly knew such a place where this deficiency could be remedied.
He moved off to a small portion of the village, a bazaar in fact, and watched as the people there came and went, moving to and fro on their way to get this or sell that. Many were simply shopping for groceries, but a few out and about in search of more exotic and interesting trinkets. He found his mark, a younger man who seemed to know exactly where he was about to go. Weaving the required hand seals from the shadows, the boy would enact this illusionary technique upon his unsuspecting victim. In moments the man was turned around and then shortly after that he turned around once more, he having completely lost all track of where it was that he was going. More accurate, he still knew where it was he desired to end up, in all likelihood, he just no longer could tell the direction needed to arrive there as his sense of direction just kept getting shifted around. The boy smiled lightly to himself as he ended the technique, leaving a bewildered man in his wake. He strolled back to where he was training in the hopes of learning some more information from his scroll when he was suddenly overcome.
The sky darkened, lightened, and then vanished entirely. By the time he had even noticed this the whole earth had dropped away and the boy was alone in the dark before a pair of giant, glowing eyes. His mind filled with an array of visions, of huge scenes of death, blood, and bone reaching up from the earth like a thousand delicate child’s fingers asking supplication from the sky; he saw shaded rooms and closed doors, heard the exchange of secrete and world altering information pass as easily from men and women’s lips as a gush of water; he felt stabs of pain, flashes of heat and cold, felt the rain and the sun and the leaves on his face.
His mind swam with the insanity of it all and then, without warning or preamble, there was him. He stood before him, all previous visions and sensations having vanished with the advent of this other self, a boy standing beneath the glowing pair of eyes with a pair of his own eyes which possessed a faint and familiar light. The boy looked up, smiled, and then vomited a fast array of tentacles. The vision passed, Mak shook himself lightly, and strode off, more confident in his own abilities fight off other illusionists.
The next ability on the list of abilities that needed to be learned and learned quickly for the young and aspiring ninja in training to complete his training was one that had only recently been open and made totally and fully available to him by the virtue of his very recent unlocking of nothing short of his own unique and personal element. His first element to be unlocked was none other than the very special and interesting water element which was his to have unlocked. He and his clan had predicted, quite obviously if you asked the young boy though no one ever really did, that he would unlock either the earth or water element first as he was said to have been born with the amazing and quite unique gift of the Shadow release ability. Thus, it would only make sense for him to learn one of its parent releases or elements as his first one. However, the exact element which he was to learn or unlock first was of course a total mystery to all, even the young ninja, until the ability was actually unlocked properly. Thus the water release manifesting in the young lad did little in the way of surprising any of the clan elders but instead simply solidified their beliefs that he would be one to easily unlock the legendary powers of the illustrious and unusual Shadow release.
And so he began memorizing, as he always seemed to do first as he found this to be something that was most totally logically as an ability could not be properly preformed without having full mastery of the hand seals first, the hand seals of the jutsu. He went through them once, twice, and a third time as he usually did, ensuring they be fully dedicated to his muscle memory before he went on to learn more of the technique, looking at the way that the chakra was to be moved about in and through his very own personal body and how that was to affect the creation of the technique in question. And so, having now memorized not only the hand seals required for the performance of such a wondrous technique but also the proper chakra motions for the very same technique, the young boy by the name of Mak could go on with learning the jutsu in full that he was currently in the process of learning.
He ran though the appropriate hand seals which he hand only just learned and then at the exact same moment as a result of weaving the correct seals allowed his body to properly mold the chakra in an accurate and appropriate way so as to form the technique, his body almost acting as on instinct and then going through the motions simultaneously and effortlessly as he went through what was needed for the ability to come to total and utter fruition. And then, as though by a sudden sweep of magic, a clone of himself began to materialize. It came from the air, from the ambiance of moisture that coalesced slowly and surely into a mist like apparition as it began to form from the very air in front of the young form of the boy who most commonly went by the name of Mak of the Nara clan. As he watched the water dripped about and then was quickly and efficiently regathered up into a full form once more of the clone. After a remarkably and incredibly short and very short amount of time the clone was complete and took a step forward, having fully formed and looking just like the boy who had created it. Mak smiled briefly before dismissing the clone, allowing it to collapse back to the ground in a simple but large crash of water which splattered a bit of the scenery around the young boy who went most often by the nickname of Mak.
The boy was quite pleased with the advent of learning such a useful and new technique, though the clones for some reason seemed that they moved at speed that was a bit slower than the speed the genin was capable of moving at, which was certainly odd to say the very least. However such an oddity didn’t bother him in the slightest as the new ability would surely be able to lend him some more versatility in whatever it was that he chose to do and as such he was pleased to have so quickly learned a new technique that would allow him this increase in combat powers. He suddenly had a vision of the clone, materializing swiftly and staring at him, a perfect replica of his own face, of his own features, of his own body and clothes and his own damn smirk.
And then he remembered the other clone. The one from before. The one that stood in front of a giant set of glowing eyes, the one whose eyes also glowed. The one who was both him and yet somehow more, who was ladened with terrible and glorious purpose. And then everything was gone. The earth shifted and the sky dropped and all what gone. All, except for those giant, glowing eyes. The eyes that saw all, were all, and were nothing. They terrifying and beautiful and glorious and horrifying eyes that felt so little and yet conveyed so much. He was gone.
And then there was pain. Unimaginable, ineffable pain. Pain that coursed through him like rods tearing through his body, that rippled like a wildly oscillating electrical input, pain that was grand and sweeping and yet specific; a deep tooth ache, his nails being pulled out, his appendix bursting. And then there was nothing. No pain, no doubt, no fear, no ache, no anger, and no peace. Only bliss and those marvelous eyes. Another day. Another day it was today on this most fine of days in the life of the young genin gunning for jonin who commonly went by the title and nickname of simply Mak, but whose real name was a bit longer and held a bit more weight to it. Still, he preferred his nickname. Just recently he had learned a new clone technique, the water clone technique to be totally and utterly specific in what exactly it what that he had learned today. He had learned that recently and now he was on to a better, more interesting clone variant, one that did not have the same limitations as the previous one he had learned but one that, of course, came with its own unique brand of drawbacks and downsides as well as advantages and upsides as well of course. However, first he needed to get ready.
He went through his usual morning routine, showering and getting clean, toweling off and the like, brushing his teach and procuring some food that he could eat and some beverages to drink so as not to be hungry or dehydrated during that day that was today and the day that he was going to continue his training. Onward and upward he was going, going, and going on his way to become a powerful shinobi of the village. And so he went to his scroll, this one a bit more of a secretive one that many people were not privy to. His clan, of course, was allowed privileged access to most anything in the library and Mak, the young ninja on his way to something more, something better, something ordained and destine and magical, was not in any way, shape, or form above using and perhaps abusing that a bit to get to the good technique scrolls so he could learn more effectively.
This one was odd. This one was a complex technique, a harder and more advanced one than those he had been working on, and yet it required only one seal. A single hand seal, who could ever have guessed? That seemed so strange to the young boy of Mak but in the world of shinobi, ever changing and ever interesting, one could never be sure of anything and it was best not to let oneself become too absurdly surprised or taken too much off one’s guard as such could and most certainly would always be folly. Best to keep an open mind and always make sure that one could properly react.
And so he did the sign. He did it once, twice, and a third time as he most always did and as he did it he studies his own chakra, feeling as it move about and shifted and made a new pattern and then another. This one was odd and he could feel it taking a good deal of his chakra in its subtle yet fairly simple motions. He studied this in depth and began to fully understand not only the particular and unique ways in which his chakra needed to move but also why such a motion was necessary. And then, after diligence – constant valiance no less – the young and aspiring shinobi was prepared to perform the technique in question.

The seal, the single seal, the chakra, the motion, the puff of smoke. And there it was. There he was. A shadow clone, exactly like the original boy.
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Training Time [Makoto]
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