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Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Jutsu Training

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PostSubject: Jutsu Training   Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:04 pm

Jutsu Being Learned:

To say Makoto had woken early would be a lie. In fact, it was some time around midday that he finally clawed his way out from between his covers. Yawning, and stretching out his still sleeping muscles, he sat staring at the wall for a while. He knew if he got up, he'd be expected to do things, perhaps not any serious... But he was his father's son, and that meant work was far from his list of favorite things.
Eventually he found himself out in the open air, wandering the streets of the Still Village. Stopping abreast of a shop that seemed to be selling ornamental decorations, he let out a sigh. "What am I going to do today?" He was a Genin now, having finally broken free from the Academy's monotonous proceedings. He hadn't even come around to taking on any missions. "Well," he said to himself, "If I'm going to start taking missions, I suppose I better brush up on my techniques. Uuugh, this sucks"
He found his way out to the woods that he so often loved to frequent. "This seems like the best place I guess..." he thought aloud, looking around. Here he could practice working his shadow, see how far he could stretch it... So, with only another sigh, he clasped his hands together
and began his practice.
He started by stretching his shadow, puMakg his chakra down into his shadow, directing it puMakg it as far as he could. His favorite technique this one was, he felt it suited his particular style. Makoto was never one to get excited over things, but he always got a strange rush when he felt his chakra going, seeing his shadow working like an extension of himself. He was nowhere near as good as his father, but his father was a Jōnin. Of course he wouldn't be as good. For hours, he worked his shadow as far as he could manage, until finally he sat back heavily against a tree. "Why... is everything... so much... work..." he panted. It was good to sit down, even for his aptitude for the technique, repeated use sucked Chakra like crazy.
Mak returned to the same place again, for what felt like the hundredth time. He needed a new tactic, this was getting him nowhere.
He watched the leaves fall through the trees, before setting about his training. He stretched his shadow forward, into a nearby bush. He had heard movement in it as he arrived, and it seemed the best course of action. He felt his shadow snag on something, and he held it tight with his chakra. Walking forward, he forced the 'thing' to step out of bush. It was a rabbit. It was trying to stand a bit awkwardly, due to their differences in posture. An idea struck him.
Getting down onto all fours like the rabbit, keeping his shadow wrapped to its feet, he started to move around the clearing, watching the rabbit closely. He watched it follow his actions, its face a confused and terrified mess. It seemed he could latch on to the movement easily enough, but he didn't know to what extent this was. He then tried something else. He pushed himself off the ground, giving his body a slight flick to leave the ground. His goal, to see if it would cause the rabbit to also jump. Even if it didn't, this would give him some decent insight into just what the technique could do. And its limits.
The rabbit gave a weird spasm, and lifted itself slightly off the ground. 'Hmm...' Mak muttered to himself. 'Seems the anatomy is getting in the way here...'
He stood, allowing his shadow to retract from the terrified fluffy thing at his feet.
'Go on now, run on home' he said, as it turned tail and disappeared into the forest again.
He shoved his hands into his pockets, staring up at the clouds passing overhead between the trees. 'Maybe I should try this on another person, after all, I doubt I'll be fighting many rabbits out there...'
Mak picked himself up off the ground. Enough of a break, time to get back to it!
He took a moment to shake out his limbs, before snapping his hands together, palm against palm. He felt his chakra building, using his hands to focus the flow into the points where his hands touched. He fancied he could feel his hands tingling as the chakra flooded from all over his body to the few points in his palms, gathering it and holding it all in one place.
Then, in another moment, he sent his gathered chakra done to his feet, tracking it as it passed through him. The moment it entered his legs, he separated his hands, bringing them back together into the handseal to form his jutsu. He'd seen about distance, and he'd seen about how it worked on a living thing that wasn't letting it happen, as his teachers had.
Now it was time to see something new. He forced his chakra down into his shadow as he'd been taught, as he'd done so many times already. Sending the shadow out from his body was simple, but he'd never tried turning it. He channeled his chakra, building it up to one side more than the other. Sure enough, it curved toward the chakra flow, giving his shadow a weird, elongated 'C' appearance. He shifted the chakra, flipping it to the otherside, sending it back the other way. Now it looked like a big 'S'. Again and again, until he reached the limit he could stretch to. It was only then he let his shadow return to him. So, it seemed this worked out well... But he needed a proper test. Approaching a tree, he repeated the process, sending his shadow out after building up his chakra again. This time, he tried to curve it around behind the tree, out of his sight. He'd always been able to see his shadow during this jutsu, but what if he couldn't? He wanted to test his control when he couldn't see how his shadow was faring.
After numerous attempts, he found that he could actually feel where his shadow was, by simply concentrating on his chakra. He could look ahead and see it like a strip of light in his mind. So he could 'see' it turn as he altered the flow, bringing it around the tree in a semblance of a circle.
He was on his knees now, panting from the exertion. He'd never used his chakra like that before, and certainly not to this degree. Even so, there was one more thing he wanted to try...
Mak was exhausted. He'd slightly overdone it with his attempts to turn his shadow, yet he still had one more thing he wanted to try. PuMakg himself to his feet, he tried to dredge up what chakra he had left. It wasn't much. Even so, he had plenty of time to do so, and so the chakra came. Over the course of several minutes, he drew it from his fingers, his shoulders, even from his head, letting it bubble to the surface. He found it better to coax out his reserves, rather than to try and force them out. Let it come natural, as his dad used to tell him.
He clasped his hands together again, as he had done before, feeling his chakra slowly build. This time however, he didn't waste time gathering it to his hands. He sent it straight down to his feet. He gathered more and more, as much as he could without risking disaster. Then, without another moments hesitation, he formed the handsigns and sent his shadow stretching out in front of him. He had to do this quick, before his chakra was spent. He sent it down in lines along his shadow, before splitting the flow. Whereas before he'd been shoving all the chakra in one direction to turn it, now he was forcing it in both directions. Slowly, and only oh so slightly, he noticed his shadow widening.
He let his shadow return, sitting down heavily as he did. "So... if I use the same principle behind the Shadow Possession, I can stretch it widthways... Interesting..."
If he needed to make his shadow wider for whatever reason, that would be easy enough... But... This time he didn't bother to stand. He again made the handseal, and using the last dredges of his 'saved' chakra, he repeated the process again, this time trying to squeeze the shadow as it slowly stretched away. Could it be that it became thinner? He channeled a little more, just a little more chakra. Make it thinner. Come on Mak, make it thinner!
Finally, before his weary eyes, he saw his shadow becomer thinner, more needle-like. He could push on his shadow and mould it into a thinner, less obvious strip. "Helpful..." he said to himself, before letting the jutsu release. He was at his limit, and he knew it. It'd be all he could do to get home. Yet thoughts crossed his mind about how he could improve on his training further. But that would be for another time.
Mak had taken a few days to recover from his last session. He'd dragged himself in late, and all but collapsed in the front door. Even so, he was out bright and early (for a Nara) in a few days.
It wasn't long until he reached his spot from the last few sessions, but this time was different. He had company. "Alright Kiddo, show me what you got" declared Mak's father, Shikashun. Mak nodded, before clasping his hands and channeling his chakra. He didn't have to work hard at all to draw up enough, as the few days rest had done him good. He quickly felt his chakra rise and flow to his feet. He wasted no time, channeling it to his feet, and sending his shadow ruMakg at his father. His father watched it approach, before nimbly stepping aside. Mak tried not to grin. He shifted the weight of his chakra, slamming it all to one side in a quick-fire motion. His shadow turned... and caught his father's shadow by a hair. His father's showed surprise, as he glanced down at his shadow, now connected to Mak's own. Then, he laughed. It was a hearty laugh, of a proud father. "Well well, you learned how to curve your shadow... I was going to teach you that today, but it seems I'll have to spice it up a bit" he added, as Mak let his shadow return.
Shikashun snapped his hands together, his hands moving, forming seals. It was so quick, Mak could hardly follow them. "Ninja Art! Clone Technique!" he declared, as with a sudden poof, another Shikashun appeared right next to the first. They spoke in perfect unison. "Now then, let's see if you can catch both of us..." they said, before each leaping in separate directions. He stretched his shadow toward the first, as far as he could. With some winding and twisting, he managed to snag one, but now the other was some hundred metres away. He tried to channel his chakra in, force it around to chase down that last, but it was already at the limit he could reach. The furthest away disappeared, and Shun was left. "Come on Mak, use that mind of yours. You figured out how to curve your shadow, you can certainly figure this out..." he said, as Mak stood confused. "Now, again!"
It'd been hours. Mak was exhausted all over again, and all his elegant plans involving his shadow curving and coiling, he hadn't managed to capture both his father, and his clone.
He sat in the grass, forlorn. His father dropped down beside him, watching the sun sink lower behind the hills. It would be night soon. "You're so close Mak, I can feel it. With every time you use this jutsu, you're becoming more and more clever in just HOW you use it"
He looked down at his son. "You just need to think a little more like you do. Don't think about me, or the clone. Don't even think about the jutsu. Just think like you do..." he said, before standing. "Come on Mak, on your feet. One more time."
Mak stood. 'How *I* think? What did he mean by that?'
Minutes dragged out as Mak wracked his brains. Finally, an idea came to his mind. It was... unusual, but certainly possible. He gave his father a nod, and gathered his chakra. Shun smiled, before repeating his Clone jutsu. Mak sent his chakra to his feet, down into his shadow...

The clones split in opposite directions. So Mak set about his plan. He made an obstruction of chakra in the center of his shadow, just in front of where it was about to reach. Sure enough, he noted the shadow separated slightly. Channeling more chakra into each separated section, he pushed forward with each. Soon, his shadow had split to two distinct pathways, and he sent each racing off after his father. And all the time, he could hear his father's joyous laughter.

WC: 2206
-400 to learn the jutsu
leaving 1806 to spare.
-240 to extend range
1806/240 = 7
7X25 =175
175+10 from original. 185 is the range of my Shadow Technique
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Training   Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:27 pm

Jutsu Learned:

Makoto's training had gone well so far. He had gotten His shadow to travel at least 50 meters which is all He could ask for after all. He had grown to enjoy His training, even though He would never let anyone know it. He was about to leave for His lessons when His father Shikashun stopped His. "not today, your training with me today." he said sternly. Makoto hated training with His father anymore. His cold scowls were always such a pain to deal with. He and Shikashun walked outside. "so today, I'm going to show you a much more advanced technique." Shikashun said nonchalantly. He preformed the familiar hand seals for the shadow imitation, but he didn't hold the rat hand seal as he normally did. Makoto watched with aww as 9 tendrils sprouted from His father's shadow. They looked like little black needles that sprouted from the ground. "woah..." Makoto said as He analyzed what was going on. "this is known as the shadow sewing technique, do you think your ready for it?" he asked looking at his Son. "yeah I guess" He said preparing himself.
Shikashun showed Makoto all of the hand seals. There were a lot more than He was accustom to. He preformed all of them in a slow sequence, trying to will His shadow to emerge from it's stationary position on the ground. His shadow struggled to produce a singular tendril. It slowly rose from the ground like a little bitty snake. It's pure existence was a shock to Makoto. It was only a few centimeters from the ground however, and would not be anything serious to deal with. He focused chakra into His shadow tendril so that it would take on a needle like for that His father's had made. The shadow fought it's way up slowly. Just as quick as it had come, the tendril failed falling back to the ground. Makoto groaned at His failure. This technique was not as easy as the shadow imitation. He again preformed the 16 hand seals required to preform shadow sewing. This time however He preformed them a bit quicker. The tendril slowly rose up much higher than it had last time, He felt His energy draining as He pulled His tendril up to stand up at its full size. It weaved about as Makoto willed it to. He then attempted to strike on of the wooden targets along the outside wall only to find that His shadowy tendril would fall back into His own shadow and deal no damage to the wooden palate.
"Are you serious!?" He asked himself as the shadow faded back to its original form. He tried to force it to come out again, but He had used up a good amount of energy trying to create just one tendril. This was going to be a lot of work Makoto thought to himself as He preformed the hand seals again. He focused on His tendril again, this time just planning to hold it in place so that it would become sustainable. He focused intensely on the one tendril. His energy was becoming less and less the longer He held that tendril. 5 minutes went by, and the sweat was dripping down Makoto's face. Shikashun had just arrived at their house when he saw what Makoto was attempting. "wow, that's a neat trick kiddo" he said watching Makoto attempt to sustain His tendril. "yeah..." Makoto panted trying to stay focused on the technique. He again attempted to strike the target and hit it will a little bit of force. The real accomplishment was that the tendril stayed in one piece. The board however remained un marked. Makoto released the technique and sat on the ground, tired as hell. Shikashun sat next to His as He began to doze off. "hey, we will work on this in our practice sessions okay?" Shikashun said in a very jovial tone that let Makoto know that he was truthful about being proud of His. "you will make a great shinobi on day" he said laying down on the ground and taking a nap with his pupil.
Makoto woke up in the soft sand of his front yard, Shikashun was looking up at the clouded blue sky next to his. "so sleepy head ready go get back at it?" he asked with enthusiasm. Makoto rubbed his eyes and responded "yeah I guess, how long was I out?" He asked as He and his teacher got off of the ground. "a good 5 hours or so" Shikashun said stretching. "anyway lets be off shall we?" he said walking through the front gate. Makoto and Shikashun arrived at their courtyard a 15 minutes later or so. Makoto looked at his teacher as he stood right in front of his. "so lets try this shadow sewing thing again" he said getting out of his way so that He could focus.
Makoto Preformed the 18 hand seals, focused his chakra into his shadow willing it to become the pointed tendril needle He desired. He fell the strain instantly. He pushed himself so that the single tendril could sustain itself, and actually do some damage. "you need to stay focused" Shikashun said as Makoto's tendril rose up to its average size. It waved around inside of Makoto's shadow. He tried to get it to move, which it did with more ease than last time. He focused on striking a box that was a few feet in front of his. He attacked the box with his shadow which stuck itself into the wooden thresh hold of the box. He had pierced it, but not done any serious damage. He wondered how his father could control so many tendril and still be able to damage objects when he struck them. He released his technique and though about how He would accomplish this task.
He stood there as Shikashun watched Makoto think. He thought about how He used his chakra to move his shadow imitation. He then thought about how this might be a similar concept except it is existing on an XYZ plane, instead of the two dimensions that the shadow imitation existed on. with that Makoto decided to preform the 18 hand seals and go again. He again felt the strain of manipulating his shadow. He moved it up vertically as if it were on a grid. Then He struck while focusing his chakra in a similar fashion to the shadow imitation. The strike broke through the box and created a hole in the crate. He felts relieved that He was figuring out how to operate this technique. He didn't think He could produce more than one strand at the moment, but He was very hopeful. With Shikashun's help He would be able to preform the technique in not time.
He sat on the box that He had just broken an rested there for a bit. Shikashun looked at his with a side grin. He pulled out a pair of egg sandwiches that his father had made for them for lunch. He loved his father's egg sandwiches after a pushing himself in training. He could still feel the wet sweat on his forehead from holding the technique. He would need to work on producing more than one tendril at a time now. That was going to become his next goal. He quietly at his sandwich with his sensei in the hot afternoon sun of Seishigakure.

WC: 1242
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Training   Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:54 pm

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Jutsu Training
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