Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Senju, Ichiro

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PostSubject: Senju, Ichiro   Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:44 pm

Name: Senju, Ichiro
Alias: "Golden Boy"
Gender: Male
Age: 16 years old
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Appearance: Equipped with a pleasing face and somewhat effeminate, youthful overall appearance, Ichiro is known to get his way around with his looks more often than not. In contrast to his father's long and dark hair, his son inherited most of his features from his mother, one such being his short, wavy hair, that is honey-blond in colorization. Initially, his fierce reddish eyes can come off as somewhat terrifying, but they have a gentle, laid-back expression to them - for some reason, neither of his parents possess this particular color in their eyes. He's also not especially tall when compared to his peers, standing at only 5'5", but he's not growing anymore either - he compensates his shortness with swiftness, that comes with it. By all means, he's not particularly muscular nor broad-shouldered, but still athletic, with a visible six-pack and well-sculptured lower body - his powerful and perfectly shaped legs, are certainly the highlight of his physique. He often wears a mischievous, cheerful smile on his lips, and has expressive eyes, as well as a rich body language.

He prefers dark clothing most of all, and can often seen wearing a black, medium-sleeved, collarless shirt, that is breathable, but seems skin-tight on it's sleeves, accompanied with slightly looser black pants. He wears his forehead protectors as a belt, wrapped around his hips to tie together the upper and the bottom part of his clothing - it's dark green in color, and has the village symbol engraved into it to the metallic plate. He also wears a dark green flak jacket, with three scroll pouches on each side of their chest, a neck guard, extra padding over the shoulders, and a zipper down the middle; on the back of his jacket, he proudly carries the symbol of his clan. His dark boots hold places to hide weaponry, if not carried on his belt.

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Academy Student
Clan: Senju clan
Element: Suiton [Water Release]
Personality: On the surface, Ichiro is an annoying little brat. He's noisy and loud character in every sense, overly talkative and straight-forward in his words, finding it difficult to stay quiet for a long period of time. Intrusive, hyperactive and incapable of minding his own business, the boy is easily tempted by his whims and curiosity - in addition, he seems to be completely tactless and lack in good manners, displaying his childish, uncaring attitude towards life at the expense of other people's feelings. This makes him come off as rude and inconsiderate in words. However, his general demeanor appears to be overly cheerful and optimistic, often making up to his lack of skills with picking the polite words to say.

Ichiro is what one could consider as an eternal child, or a trickster. He's playful, mischievous and loves to play pranks on other people - his childish nature is featured in his liking to games and puzzles. He's quite impulsive, stubborn and reckless, rarely thinking before acting, as one would expect of a child; he is a picky-eater, extremely unorganized, somewhat forgetful and absolutely loves told stories of any kind. At the same time, however, the boy is independent, strong-willed and outspoken individual, with a boldly-colored personality, suggesting of a certain mental maturity. He's spontaneous, creative and intuitive, always acting on how he feels right, rather than using logic and reason to make decisions. Ichiro can also be empathetic and display compassion towards others, and despite the first impression he often leaves on others, he is not stupid.

There is one characterizing quirk to his personality as well. Showing off just how big of a child he is, he is extremely quick to respond to new things and potential interests with excitement and enthusiasm. Ichiro has a tendency to start something and never complete it, because of his lack of ability to stay interested in a topic for too long. When he becomes interested in something, he displays inhumane hyperactivity and inability to focus or remember things not related to his current interest - for this short period of time, ranging from days to a few weeks, he can often be considered passionate and obsessive about his object of interest. This quirk is a testament of a larger portion of his personality - his hedonistic nature and desire to seek pleasure and fun in life, giving him a rather care-free attitude towards his future as the head of the Senju clan's main branch.

Despite being called the "Golden Boy" and being considered as a spoiled individual, he's quite the rebel. Ichiro has a free, wild spirit, which is capable of everything and anything, when it comes to preserving it's freedom - if his opinions, actions or words are being endangered or restricted, he will quickly find a way to break free from whatever is holding him down. Despite being a deceptive and, for the most part, untrustworthy kid, he speaks his mind, because of his values of freedom. Similarly, he will not hesitate to go against the rules, when it suits him, and will shamelessly commit actions, that others could consider inappropriate, in order to feel more 'free' of limitations - in a way, he deliberately goes against the mass.

He is self-centered to a degree, as you would expect of a child, and he see others as objects of his interest, tools and toys of his whims, rather than as actual living people. This makes him as self-serving as a fox, but in the end, truly loyal to his clan and village. Having been raised in the dark shadows of Yamigakure, he's also manipulative, ruthless, and resourceful enough to always get what he wants, no matter how unorthodox and crafty he has to get. He's not someone to deeply enjoy excessive violence, torture or death, and doesn't actively seek to cause any of the above to another person - however, Ichiro is more than capable of utilizing them to meet his own ends, if it comes down to it. He's remorseless and ignores any consequences his vilest actions might have, as a product of living in the village ran, that was established by violent, morally twisted bandits.

History: A heir to the legendary Senju clan, Ichiro was said to be born with a golden spoon between his teeth. His father, the head of the main family, was a distant figure in his early life, due to being weighed by his duties to his clan, so Ichiro was raised by a mother, whom he was clearly alike with, having inherited her hair and eyes, rather than those of his father. Despite the disapproval of the clan's elders, the loving mother allowed her son to grow into a rebellious fox, who wouldn't listen to what others told him - from a young age, he displayed a spoiled, uncaring attitude to his future as the head of the clan, much to the displeasure of his father. Like his mother, he'd display affinity towards water, rather than adopting his father's nature transformation from the start - however, his heritage had it ensured, that he would, one day, adopt the famed wood release.

It was only after the death of his mother, when Ichiro's father stepped in to be a parent to his son. Whereas his protective mother had been unwilling to show her son the brutal and cruel world they lived in, his father would do no such thing. He did not punish his son for acting out and grieving his mother, despite the encouragement of the clan's elders, but instead, did his best to make him see what his mother had blinded him from. They lived in a world of darkness, where only the strong survived and the weak were weeded out, his father had a habit of saying. He would take the little boy with him, when he went out to fulfill his duties as the clan head - and he'd show, how the family had gained it's wealth by crushing the weak branches of the tree, that was their family, and by cherishing the strong, promising seeds. The Senju clan was a force of nature, that was feared in the lands they lived in, for a good reason.

His father was devout follower of Waishi Kento, the Yamikage of the Land of Moonlight, and a heavy benefactor of his reign. The Senju was one of the most powerful families in the land, and with it's leader similar to the clan head in spirit, their clan had bred a large number of shinobi to his army and rebuilt the village with him, after it's destruction at the hands of tailed beasts. Ichiro became to admire the Yamikage, and quickly subdued into the mindset, that his father was feeding him - survival of the fittest. His education, which he had been somewhat lazy to attend to, was faced with new-found enthusiasm, for despite what the bandit families of the village thought, intelligence often overcame brute strength. A sly fox outsmarted the dumb bear.

When his shinobi training began, Ichiro did his best to impress his father - and at that, he was successful. A fast learner, he was not only crafty in his fighting style, but had excellent balance between physical strength and swiftness. He seemed to excel in any manner of combat he picked up, though not so well he would be considered a prodigy in any at them - with sheer persistence in his training, he aimed at balancing his weaknesses, as his father had suggested he would. He would be home-schooled and taught by the best of his own clan, until his father deemed him ready to go into the Academy. Impressing his teachers, simply because he had already been taught most things he needed to know to pass the final exam, before he entered the institution, Ichiro would only spend a year in the Academy, before his graduation. Now, he's impatiently waiting to start his journey as a shinobi, and become the best of his peers.

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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Ichiro   Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:01 pm

Nicely done!


Enjoy the Revolution~

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Senju, Ichiro
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