Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 To walk the darkness [Spec. Jounin promotion]

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PostSubject: To walk the darkness [Spec. Jounin promotion]   Fri Mar 11, 2016 9:24 am

Kurama sat outside of his home, he lived very far from the rest of his clan however today he was up very early and the air was quite cold. He was already dressed in his old fashioned armour and his red eyes which were partly slitted looked over the dark and gloomy landscape before him. He had left Sora and Shiko in the house and let them rest, he had a long day ahead of him. He stood up and put his forehead protecter on, the happuri made him known among people. He wasn't the nicest of people to say the least yet he was determined and today the Kage had offered a position he would never let up in a million years. He set off into the misty woods, the early morning air made it quite foggy and a shinobi who lacked the right knowledge of the landscape could easily get lost in this wilderness. He eventually found himself looking at the Village Hidden in Darkness from the mist, from here he could see the village in all its glory and there above it was the Kage building. Kurama slipped into the village and moved through the crowds, despite how pale his skin was and his albino appearance he was like a exhibit to stare at for little kids, mainly because he had white hair or red eyes usually the kids were dragged away by their scared parents who would've known exactly who he was. A demon in human skin, he was a white demon. 

He looked once more at his target, the Kage Tower and walked towards it with his high and well structured frame making many move out of his way, even those taller and more bulky guys got out of his way. He was a feared man due to his nature, he naturally gave off a fear inducing picture, his white hair, skin and red eyes gave people reason to want to understand him and that lead to them fearing what they don't understand. He arrived at the Kage's tower, there he ran into a guard. "Hey, you're Kurama right? That Senju that is meant to receive a mission from the Kage?" he asked lazily, "Why, Yes I am. Do you have something for me?" he asked with a tone and the narrowing of his eyes gave off the perfect picture. "Uh, yes here it is. Your mission, just take it." he said alertly and forced a document into his hands. "Why thank you." Kurama said before wandering for a good distance where he opened it after sitting down, the document was quite simple. An assassination. Kurama quickly read through the limitations, his objectives; both primary and secondary as well as targets. Finally feeling satisfied he knew all the details he let his Doton chakra flow into it, much like the element test that some shinobi took, the piece of paper turned to dirt and ceased to be recoverable. 

He moved silently like a wraith through the crowds until he reached the house of his victim, he then decided that he best make it quick. So he knocked on the door and waited, "Who is it!?" came the loud and irritated voice of the inhabitant. When Kurama didn't answer he moved angrily to the door, he was about to speak again as he opened to the door, with one more quick glace most people were either gone or not paying attention, as the door began to move inwards the tall albino forced his way through and brought his target down on his back. "Please no. Take what you want!" he said in a pitiful tone as he begged for mercy, "You stand accused of informing missing-nin of our routines and regime. By order of the Yamikage, I execute you." he said and grabed him by his neck before holding it closed so he couldn't breathe. When the deed was done he opened the door which had became slightly closed after his little struggle, he left and reported the completion before going home. No one would even know he was gone.  

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To walk the darkness [Spec. Jounin promotion]
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