Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Terraform. Rise of the Mokuton. [JUTSU TRAINING]

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PostSubject: Terraform. Rise of the Mokuton. [JUTSU TRAINING]   Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:29 am

This thread is the training thread in which Kurama learns the S-rank technique Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees. It requies 1500 words in total and the reward is listed below. 


In the early morning weather the morning was still dark and cold, Kurama left the warm embrace of his wife Shiko, who despite being asleep tried quite hard to make sure her source of warmth didn't leave her although eventually he was able to worm his way out of her tight embrace and moved to get dressed. He slid his under-shirt and basic tracksuit pants on, he then got his armour on, the dull blue steel fell into place like it usually does, he finished his attire with his white fur mantle and his happuri. With himself fully dressed he walked outside of the house being sure to avoid his son's room as well. After escaping from his house he knew he had quite a large walk to get to where he wanted to go, the place he needed for training this jutsu should be preferably barren like a desert. However being surrounded by forest and dense woodland would make it even harder, however it would have to do after all. He wasn't going all the way to Seishigakure or Chowagakure simply to grow some trees. He decided he best get somewhere however, he thought of and visualised the landscape of his immediate area. 

"Where about in this area is there a nice barren place, I think I might need to try and create one if I don't find one." he said aloud to himself, before he noticed a small grove, the grove was quite small about 10x10 metres and if he used his intended technique here he would probably be rapidly changing the landscape around him, and that would prove very annoying for those poor map drawers and military tacticians of Yamigakure. "There are bare mountains to the east, I should make it there before nightfall. That will prove a perfect place for the training I wish to do." he said and started walking to the east it was going to be a long day and he would probably have to stay there through the night and train through the day. He set his mind towards his goal, he walked in a beeline towards the mountains, he didn't mind the long walk. In fact he enjoyed it, he didn't meet many missing-nin which was always a bonus. After what seemed like a good deal of him he noticed the fading light, "It seems I have been quite busy." he said and looked up at the mountain, "I might settle for the base of the mountain, then I can grow them across the mountain." he said trying to figure out the best way of dealing with said problem. "Yes. I will simply do my training from the base of the mountain, so I best get there before this light fades." he said before taking off, bursting into a sprint as he decided he would run the next few kilometres to his chosen location.

Arriving at the giant behemoth, Kurama looked up. It was his goal to get this jutsu, then he could truly be feared. He decided it best to rest first, he would work on that in the morning. He had come ill-prepared but not problem, he had endured far worse and so he laid down on the hard earth of the cold dirt and willed himself into a deep sleep, dreams didn't come to him however, nor did nightmares. His mind was a blank void as he slept, preparing himself for what he would so tomorrow, he was going to break the limits and learn one of the strongest jutsu available for Mokuton. He woke up, it had only been an hour he assumed by the distance the moon had travelled. "It seems my mind doesn't wish me to wait any longer, I guess this is where my resolve is tested and my strength." he said to himself before he kneaded his Doton and Suiton together to create the Wood Release chakra, "I am simply pouring more chakra into my Nativity of a Sea of Trees" he said although he knew it would be much harder than that. He wasn't simply making a bigger version of an A-rank jutsu, he was going to terraform this entire mountain. He knew it was ridiculous to even tell himself that. He began by sitting down on the ground, he knew he would only have to do this once and the very technique would be usable, he felt that by doing this in a meditated state he would better understand it and as such find it easier to use in battle. 

He started by putting his hands on the ground, his palms feeling the soft grass below with the dew from the cold night air, he focused his Mokuton chakra into the ground through his hands like conduits. he could feel his influence spreading through the earth itself beneath him, he began by starting small. He sent it through the earth visualising and feeling where it was as he moved it through the earth to the mountain he finally felt his chakra hit the stone. "Now to make trees grow on any surface," he said to himself as he exerted his chakra to begin the growth procedure the stone resisted at first however nothing was going to stop him as he thought about the tree growing until it broke through the stone. He was satisfied with the sound of crumbling, he lost his concentration as he opened his eyes and looked towards where a thick tree had grown out of the mountain, "Not the entire mountain, but hopefully this has made it easier to force them to grow from the stone, this time I should not get distracted from my task." he said and decided he must do it again. He once more put his hands on the same places, hopefully he still had some residual chakra in the earth and was quite pleased he wasn't going to have to replace it with fresh chakra from his reserves. "Right. Let's do this." he said to himself and his face changed into an image of determination and effort as he began to keep this going. 

 He poured chakra into the ground and he could feel the trees begin to form, he could feel the resistance the rock gave before finally it broke away and he heard the sound. He let his chakra slowly be formed into trees all over the mountain, however he eventually opened his eyes, with sweat all over his body and he felt exerted. He directed his eyes and realised he had not only covered a small portion of the mountain however the very environment around him had changed, trees had been formed and he felt he had moved to a different location. He looked up but saw that he had yet to reach the top of the mountain, he was determined to use it to a level never seen before, he let his mind go blank. Resuming his use of it and let his mind go blank, he let the trees grow across the mountainside and finally he stopped when he realised just how low his chakra reserves were, he then also noticed the hour. It was almost daybreak, he had been out here just doing this for ages however he knew next time he would be faster, practice makes perfect and those that train hard are rewarded. He saw the entire mountain was covered in trees, the citizens of Yami would wake up to see that mountain they look at in the east is now completely covered with trees. He looked at it and couldn't help himself, despite his exhaustion and depleted chakra pool he used Mayfly to reach the peak through the mountains new root system, from there he could see Yamigakure from a far and look over his work. "I better rest" he said to himself and slept in the tree that he made. 

He woke up to a very cold morning, his body was covered in dew from the cold night and the high elevation. He looked over at Yamigakure and decided he best get back there, he decided he best keep this little technique of his to himself. After all he wanted a trump card to use against his opponents and he knew that this was it. He arrived at the village, nobody really cared that he had arrived. He enjoyed it that way, he made his way back to his home, Sora would probably be training and Shiko would be worried that he had just disappeared. He arrived and saw Shiko writing scrolls, something she did as she liked to help the village so she often did some fuuinjutsu seals for them at their request. He came up to here and sat down with her, she looked up at him before crying with relief, "where have you been?" she said with tears streaming down her face, although he simply hugged her to say it would be alright and that he was fine. "You'd never believe me even if I told you." he said with a grin, something Shiko could only really bring out of him.
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Terraform. Rise of the Mokuton. [JUTSU TRAINING]
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