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Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Missions to do, missions done.

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PostSubject: Missions to do, missions done.   Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:40 pm

Name: Groceries
b: In the village
Rank: D
Team: Not Required
Client: Mrs. Ohayashi
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: You have been tasked with carrying Mrs. Ohayashi’s groceries as she does her shopping for the week. As she drags you through countless stores and market stalls your arms are piling up with bags. You are on your way back to drop the groceries off at her house when a teenaged civilian boy grabs her purse and runs off. Your new task is to catch the thief and return her purse so you can complete your original mission. The thief moves at a speed of 12.

Kosuke made his way towards Mrs. Ohayashi’s house. He was to guard her,again, and help her retrieve some more groceries. No matter how lame the mission was, Kosuke was going to use it as practice for his future. The client was to be protected at all cost, and the cargo was to be picked up and delivered with no issue. Kosuke decided that once they made it back he would try to pick up another mission before the day was out. Kosuke met her at her house and the two were on their way to the market. It was too easy.
Thinking of his life to this point, Kosuke tried to ignore the groceries piling up in his arms. He had created clones to help hold some of them but he himself had the most. Imagining that he was on an S-ranked delivery mission made this so much more bearable. He is more of a combat person than a delivery guy. Kosuke tried to ignore his thoughts and pay attention as the old woman attempted to entertain him with stories of her time being a botanist. Kosuke hated to be mean, but he was NOT interested in tulips or daisies. He wanted nothing more than to be punching something at this moment.
His senses were suddenly put on high alert as a teen civilian rushed in and snatched the woman’s purse out of her hand! He had to get rid of these groceries and catch the punk before he got too far away! Why was this same thing happening again! This lady was a thief magnet! Handing the bags to two of his clones, he rushed after the child. He could tell the boy was civilian because of the awkward and slow way that he ran, very unpracticed and inefficient. Finally catching the boy, he took the purse back, froze him in crystals that would disperse in a couple hours, and returned to Ohayashi. Finally dropping off his groceries, he returned to the tower.

Name: Clean Up
Location: Chōwagakure
Rank: D-rank
Team: Solo
Client: The Chōwakage
Rewards: 200 Ryo & 100 EXP
Description: The Kage has hired a young shinobi to clean up the academy training area, it isn't too hard and is simply in need of a good touch up.

Kosuke read the board until a mission caught his eye. It seemed as though the academy training ground has fallen into a state of ruin. He was glad to head over and clean it up, and maybe even get some training in himself! Casually strolling towards the academy, Kosuke was reminded of his time there himself. He was young, foolish and full of idealism. Exactly how he was now, only he was more mature and stronger, but he knew he needed to continue this path if he was to grow more than he had already. He opened the gate and walked inside. The mess he found was no worse than it usually was when he left a training ground.
Starting by creating two clones, he gave them each a job and then set out for one himself. The first was to swap out the old and new training dummies. He wanted to make sure the students had something for target and Taijutsu practice. Swapping out the heavy straw dummies, he glanced towards his clones. The first was fixing up the weapons shed, it was full of dulled Kunai, Shuriken, Bokken and other such weapons. It seemed that one of the walls had rotted out and needed to be fixed, no problem. His clone seemed to be doing well, the other clone was picking up stones and other debris.
It was doing its job as well, leaving only a couple more things needed before he was finished. He walked over and moved a large boulder and threw it into a small pond nearby, then he dismissed his clones and made his way back to the tower to collect his pay. He had done well for just a day’s work. Once he got home, he laid down and went straight to sleep, proud of himself for his hard work.


Name: Picking weeds
Location: In the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Mrs. Yamada
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: You have been hired to pick the weeds around Mrs. Yamada’s garden. You will pick these all day while making sure not to harm her award winning persimmons. To make things harder on yourself, you must do this while doing the leaf exercise, sticking a leaf to your head using chakra.

His next task seemed rather easy, if a bit time consuming. A man needed weeds picked from his gardens that he has in three different fields that are next to each other. He felt that he could use this to help hone his speed and reflexes. He performed the familiar cross seal and two plumes of smoke appeared at his side. “Okay, we are gonna race to see who can pick all the weeds in your field the fastest. Upon announcing ‘go’ we will rush forward using only speed, and clear the garden of weeds.” Kosuke said to the clones. “GO!” He yelled and three blurs began to speed around the gardens, each picking different weeds from their positions. They had to be sure to uproot the whole weed or it could grow back. So Kosuke noticed he had a couple more than each of his other clones, wanting to make sure this went at a faster rate, he dashed forward, grabbing as many weeds as he could, hoping that he got them all the way out of the ground. He decided that he would take a break. He sat down and ate some dumplings and coffee. Once he finished his lunch, he decided to get back to work, he had a lot of garden left to cover. He had given up on the speed training, and decided to work on acrobatics, as his clones could help him develop muscle memory. As he and his clones jumped and flipped around the gardens, he could feel his agility sharpening. He would become an agile force. One that would make a difference in the world. He plucked the last weed from the ground and wiped the sweat from his brow. Making his way back to the Tower to turn in his missions, he smiled. He had made good progress today after all.

-- 310

Name: Paperwork
Location: Kage Tower
Rank: D
Team: None
Client: Kage
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: The responsibilities of a Kage are many, this leads to piles upon piles of paperwork. You are tasked with completing some of this for your Kage in order to lighten their load. After completion, you are to bring the paperwork down to the receptionist’s desk to turn it in. You are not allowed to look at anything above your current rank. If you do, you will be severely punished by an intense Genjutsu!

Waking, stretching, exorcizing, missions, sleep repeat. This was the life of Kosuke Uchiha, on this particular morning we find the young ninja enjoying a breakfast of ramen and shrimp. As he scarfs down he reads over the mission parameters of the mission he picked up last night that he would be tackling today. He was to assist the kage of Harmony with his paperwork, filing all things to their assigned places, filing missions, complaints, taxes, and even handing some missions out. His only regulation for this job was an absolute forbiddance from opening filed marked red as these were of the highest rank and classification. If he were to open the wrong one, he could find himself at the end of an ANBU blade. He proceeded to walk leisurely to the tower pondering what things he would learn from working in such close proximity to the leader today. He made his way up the many stairs and finally into the office door. He knew where to go, he sat down and noticed there was already a pile of paperwork neatly stacked to his left and a stamp pad to his right. He picked up the first paper, apparently someone wanted an official free rule day, Denied. Next, complaining that taxes are, “TOO DAMN HIGH” Denied. Mission request to help with groceries. Approved. As the day went on he was getting slightly irritated at how some of these things made it to the Kage’s desk, I mean really, “Forced bikini day”, “No laws day”?! Really? These people were so stupid! He had seen a couple of those red marked folders, but he set those aside without a second glance, he had a mission to complete and he was nearing the bottom of his pile. He could see his Kage also doing paperwork, albeit a lot more. He could hardly see anything over the literal mountains of paper on the man’s desk. After signing off on his last page of the day he placed his few piles next to the Kage desk and made his way down to the mission area to get paid. Taking his Ryo and placing it into his pocket and making his way back to the mission’s board, he chose the paperwork mission again, this would give him plenty of training time afterwards and then some Ryo to spend! It was the perfect mission! After a few minutes of thinking of training he made his way home to rest before training some more.


Name: Catch the lost pet
Location: in the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Civilian man
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: A large pet is on the loose! You have to use your skill to catch it and then bring it back to it’s owner. Once you manage to catch it, the beast turns on you and attacks! You have to defeat it without harming it and then return it to the owners. Pet’s stats: Strength- 10 Speed- 10 Durability- 15

Kosuke had awoken with the goal off completing a few simple missions today. So, after showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast, he headed off to pick up some mission contacts. As he made it out the door of his apartment he was greeted by warm sunshine, contrasted by brisk morning air. The sun had just began to peek over the hill sides. It was a truly glorious vision to behold, the real reason they called this the “Village hidden in Harmony”. After taking another moment to admire the scenery, Kosuke made his way to the Kage tower. Once he arrived, he began to look through the missions, he decided he would take a few random missions in order to give himself some funds and to help him gain more experience as a ninja. The first mission he looked at was to find someone’s lost pet, “Kevin.” He dashed off to look around the various eateries in town to see if any of the animals matched the description given on the pet. Glancing around himself, he saw numerous dogs and even a few scrawny cats, but no cats with white fur and a red collar with ‘the Kevinator’ written on it. So he continued his search, not finding anything close to what he was looking for, when suddenly he saw a white blur shoot past him. His enhanced senses from being a ninja allowed him to make out a white tail, with a red collar. He immediately gave chase. The beast running fast, but not fast enough as he caught it at the end of a dead end alley way. He immediately went to pick it up, it hissed and jumped at him, but he encased it in crystal for long enough to knock it out and get it back to its owner. He then glanced down. What was his next mission?

Name: Catch the vandal
Location: in the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Kage
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: Your kage has some terrible news! Someone has been vandalizing the Kage Tower! It’s your job to track the vandal down, catch them and then bring them to justice! You can’t find the vandal in the first three places you search. Once you find them, they either attack or run. Their stats are: Strength- 10 Speed- 15 Durability- 10

Kosuke glanced down at the mission he was holding in his bandaged hand. There was apparently a vandal on the loose. It seemed people couldn’t just show some respect for their Kage, he is a very nice man. Kosuke had met the Kage on numerous occasions, as he often came by to discuss clan and village matters with Kosuke’s father and Grandfather. As he made his way to the scene of the crime he saw that someone had drawn the Kage ogling some half naked girls. This blatant disrespect must be punished Kosuke knew just how to find this miscreant. He ran to the hot springs, thinking that must be where the vandal got his idea. No luck there, so he headed over to the red light district, home of the less than savory members of the village to see if he could find the culprit there. He suddenly had an idea, he could use one of the new jutsu he had been working on! He clapped his hands and focused hard on the natural energy around himself. At that moment Kosuke could feel the exact location of everyone who was near him. He could envision what they were doing as long as they were within a certain distance from himself. Suddenly he felt someone was at the vandalized spot. He rushed over and found some kid painting the tower. “Hey, get away from there!” He shouted. When the kid turned around and saw Kosuke, he ran. He was almost genin level at speed, but Kosuke easily caught up to him and delivered a solid blow to the back of his neck. Easily knocking the kid out and dragging him back to the Kage’s office, Kosuke knew he still had a couple missions left to work on. So he quickly made his way back outside.


Name: Guard the merchant
Location: in the village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Kai Kazama
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 150 Exp
Description: You are to guard the merchant Kai Kazama as he travels from your village to an outlying trading town in your Land. On the way to the town you will encounter a group of three bandits. Two of which have a Strength, Durability and Speed of 5 and One who has a Strength, Durability and Speed of 10. You must protect Kai at all costs and make sure he gets to the town and then back to the village without harm.

Kosuke woke up to the sound of tapping on his door. His eyes shutting tight before an annoyed sigh escaped his lips. It seemed as though it was a mission messenger, he seemed rather impatient though. “I’m coming, just hold on a minute!” Kosuke shouts at the man. Opening the door he hands him a mission order and then walks away without a word. Reading the request, it would say; “You are to guard the merchant Kai Kazama as he travels from Chōwagakure to an outlying trading town in your Land. You are to protect him at all costs as you travel from Chowa to Tamaki and then back to Chowa. He may be under assault by bandits, so remain vigilant.” So it seemed he would have to take on this mission today. He slowly got dressed and then made his way towards the Kage tower.

Once he made it there, he was ushered inside and led into a room to pick up his client. He was a plump man with a big, thick white beard. He wore a top hat and had a monocle, over a casual business suit. Kosuke casually noted that the man seemed cheery and very happy with himself, and then he saw he carried a large sack with him, most likely his goods. Kosuke led the man towards the west gate and the two of them began their trek towards Tamaki Town. It was definitely slow going, Kosuke was far from used to traveling at civilian speed, it seemed like they would never reach their destination and he was afraid the boredom would kill him. Slowly though he began to tune out the plump man’s mutterings and grow fixated on the roadway, only scanning the surrounding area every little while. It was so very dull.

After they had been casually walking for a few hours, something happened. Whether it was a jutsu or explosive, Kosuke would never know. But the ground in front of them suddenly exploded. Acting quickly, Kosuke created two clones to guard the man, covering him from both sides. Looking ahead, Kosuke saw three bandits. Two of them charged him, sort of. They were moving PAINFULLY slow, Kosuke easily sidestepped their untrained punch and then shattered the bones in their arms and legs, leaving only the ‘leader’ remaining. He seemed much more eager to attack though as he ran and sent a punch straight for Kosuke’s face. While he was moving faster than the others, it was still painfully slow to Kosuke, he jumped, landing on the man’s outstretched arm. Flipping backwards, he snapped the man’s head backwards with a spinning kick, ending the threat.

After that, the two travelers made it to the town with no trouble. Kosuke had helped the man sell his goods and then, in order to avoid trouble one the way back, Kosuke made a flying crystal dragon to help them get back faster than a civilian can run. Once they made it back to the village, the two parted ways, Kao making his way to his next operation and Kosuke pondering his way back to the tower. He hoped he would never have to fight such weak opponents again but who knew, maybe they helped him somehow and he didn’t know it. Either way, he had been paid and was on his way back home for some rest and more missions tomorrow.


Name: Hunt down the beast
Location: Outside your village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Council
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 150 Exp
Description: You have been ordered to hunt down and kill a dangerous beast that has been terrorizing the civilians outside your village. You must go and interview witnesses before hunting the beast down and killing it. After it is dealt with return to the council to report. The beast’s stats are 5 in Strength, 20 in Speed and 10 in Durability.

It seemed like such a chore to wake up in the mornings sometimes. With the sun shining in your eyes, no matter where you faced or slept. With the alarm going off, even though you’ve smashed it to bits at least three hundred times. With the knowledge that once you left the bed, you wouldn’t be getting back into it until that night, or later. Kosuke often pondered, what would happen if he never left the bed? But, the answer always came quickly, and he hopped out of bed right after. NOTHING. He knew that he would get nowhere if he never woke up, so he always got up and went about his business. Getting a shower, eating a hearty breakfast, sharpening all his weapons, doing warmup katas and stretches and finally getting dressed for the day. Today, he had decided to make his way towards the tower to find another mission. It seemed as though they didn’t have many missions to do, and as such, he was missing out terribly.

Making it over to the tower while a simple task, always took him a while. He would always see someone in the village who wanted to talk, or was handing free food out. It just seemed all of the civilians wanted to keep him from taking missions, or wanted the money from his missions, he could never tell. But, anyways, he made it to the tower and meandered up the stairs and looked at the mission board. Nothing was really catching his eye, the only thing there slightly interesting was something about putting down a dangerous animal. Kosuke didn’t like to harm animals, but if need be, he would put them down and out of their own or everyone else’s misery. He grabbed the mission and headed out the door.

“The village council has requested a ninja to go and hunt down a dangerous beast that has been terrorizing the farms just outside the village. To locate the beast’s lair, it is advised that you go into the small farms outside the village and ask around. Once the beast is dead, return to the council and report.”
Kosuke memorized the mission and then stuffed it in his pocket for later, he had to ask around about this ‘beast’. It seemed as though it favored large cows and other fatty farm animals. It supposedly only came at night and was faster than the farmer could keep up with. It was also tough, as one farmer had thrown a sharp rock at it, but it didn’t even acknowledge it. Knowing these things, Kosuke began to put the puzzle together until he heard from an old man, that the beast always headed towards the mountains after it had been spotted.

Going on this, Kosuke made his way to locate and kill this beast. Finding a large cave, he made his way inside. His eyes widened slightly, in front of him, growling menacingly was a very large gorilla, a VERY large one. It immediately tried to swing its massive fist down and smash him, but he was able to dodge it easily. This beast was very large and extremely menacing, he could understand why the council wanted to kill it. It was abducting important resources to the village and must be stopped. But, he recognized that it was only doing what it needed to do to survive. While he would still kill it, he wanted to do it in the most painless way he could, so jumping onto its neck, he extended his blade. Stabbing it through the tendons and nerves of the brain killed it instantly and it felt no pain.

Finally back in the council chambers he described the beast, “It was very large and some form of giant gorilla in nature. It had two large incisor teeth sticking out and extremely large, muscled arms. It seemed to favor smashing things over other methods of attack, but it was very slow due to its size.” After describing it he accepted his payment. It had been a long, rough day and he wanted to go to sleep. Once he got home, he made himself dinner and then fell straight asleep, resting on the thoughts of the day.

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Missions to do, missions done.
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