Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Hunt the Rouge Student.

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PostSubject: Hunt the Rouge Student.    Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:59 am

Izuna was training at the Squad Zero Training grounds, Kosuke wasn't with her and she had decided not to waste her time doing nothing, as far as anyone would be aware it was a normal day; she got up, had a shower and got dressed all the usual stuff however the day was about to get interesting, she had been practicing with throwing Kunai at the target when a chuunin ran towards the training ground, seeing her he ran up to her quite puffed and red in the face from running all the way to the training area but she wondered where he came from originally. "Excuse me, is the Jounin Kosuke Uchiha here at the moment?" he said with an urgent tone. She looked at him for a moment before shaking her head. "He is not here at the moment, he is my teacher and I can either handle the task you have for him or pass it on." she said and he thought about it for a moment, "Fine. You are just hunting down a rouge academy student so it shouldn't be too hard. His name is Tetsaimon Suchiru." Are you okay with this mission?" he asked and she nodded secretly excited, "oh and the Kage wants him alive."

She quickly made her way to get her things and left the training grounds, she quickly left to try to learn where he went. Apparently some people had seen him try to slip out the village gates before the guards told him Academy Students weren't allowed outside unattended and sent him back in. She decided to check out the outskirts of the village and make sure he wasn't trying to escape from another point in the village. She activated her Sharingan and began trying to make out his form somewhere. She couldn't find him after her long search around the outskirts. She decided he must have found a way to bypass the village walls and when she got near the wall she noticed a small shard of metal around it and then noticed something ridiculously simple yet so effective, the small portion of the wall was covered by a cloth and the student had used the cloak of invisibility technique to hide their escape route. 

Quickly she scrambled through the hole and ran outside before searching for the young man, she saw where he had been and hurried the trail into the woods making sure she didn't lose the tracks she eventually found the fleeing shape and she pounced on him taking them both to the ground. She quickly pulled out a Kunai and stabbed it into his arm, it was a flesh wound and she forced him down before grabbing him roughly and pulling him to his feet he tried to fight however the Chuunin held him easily. She dragged him back and presented him to the Chuunin, he thanked Izuna before disappearing with the student. She looked at the kunai with the blood still staining it, "I wonder if he possessed any Kekkei Genkai. Apparentlythe Medical Unit had been known to be able to do DNA infusions. 

Word Count: 520
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Hunt the Rouge Student.
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