Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 [FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga

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PostSubject: [FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga   Sun Mar 20, 2016 7:09 am

Name: Seigetsu Shōin Hyuga no Jirō
Seigetsu Hyuga
Black Mamba
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 78 kg
Appearance: Seigetsu is quite attractive, he has very dark hair. It is jet black unlike the usual members of the Hyuga clan. This gives him the appearance of an Uchiha instead of the appearance of a Hyuga. His hair is short cut, with its longest length being at his shoulders and the majority being at about mid-neck level. Despite his lack of care as the heir to the main family he is expected to at least be decent, this makes his hair silky and smooth although the grooming stops there since he can't be bothered doing much else to it.

He has very unusual eyes even by the Hyuga Clan standards, while normally the clan have pure white or occasionally have a lavender tint to them Seigetsu has a light blue tint to his eyes. His eyes are usually quite blank, the lack of detail to his eyes tend to make it hard to read him or even look him in the eye sometimes. however it isn't unknown for people to not get this effect from his eyes.

The general body of the young man is quite attractive, he has a defined six-pack with an athletic frame. He is reasonably tall and can stand at an equal height with most people. His body is remarkably flexible and malleable from training, to him his body is a tool and a weapon. He is capable of dislocating his joints and relocating them, he has an excellent pain threshold and an overall excellent physique. He has a very pale white skin tone, often compared to that of the Otsutsuki Clan from which his clan originates from. 

Clothing wise the heir of the Hyuga Clan prefers black trousers with low-heeled boots, the boots have a soft sole so they make very little sound as well as a composite toe as to add more power to his strikes. He often wears a coat over the top of a plain white shirt, his coat is pitch black with a hood and white lining, inside he often stashes his scrolls, weapons or anything he requires to be on his person. Occasionally he will wear gloves although this is much rarer, his forehead protector is a steel plate which is hidden in the sleeve of his cloak and attached to the white shirt. His attire however is subject to change a lot.

Seigetsu is quite skilled in the use of the transformation technique and as such he is capable of using his skills in the art to make himself appear older. He ends up around thirty years old when he uses this transformation and he is a man of considerable height being about 6'7"-ish and he has become much more muscular and built. His hair grows longer and his jaw is more pronounced. While less common than his actual age his transformation is used less although still capable of being used. 

Village: Seishigakure
Character Rank: A-rank Jounin
Clan: Hyuga Clan
Element: Katon
Personality: Quite a nice lad, he can be easy to get along with although cares to much about his studies. He desires to one day be the best Taijutsu master of his age and hopes to become the most skilled in this field of skills. He is a ruthless person and will stop at nothing to protect his friends and family, even his village he will not allow to be destroyed if it is in his power to stop it. He enjoys time alone and reading, training is also a big part of who he is as he will often train for hours doing kata and going through multiple styles of fighting.

He is a leader at heart and likes to have control over a situation, this makes him tend to like to control the battlefield and the opponents on it, and he is not a stranger to using manipulation and cunning to get there, however despite his like of leadership he believes punishment is an important thing in the world. however he doesn't like pointless harming of others like when his father uses the Main Family Juinjutsu on a Branch Family member for no purpose whatsoever. 

He is quite loved among his clan, he is held in high-regard for his nature as a prodigy, he lacks the love for fighting and likes to end it as soon as possible and by whatever means necessary as too him conflict is pointless and hinders the advancement that shinobi are doing. He also is quite respectful, having admiration for his fellow great clans such as the Uchiha and Senju, while also including the Uzumaki Clan. He is quite obsessed with the ancient times of the shinobi world such as when the Sage of thr Six Paths was still alive and so was his ancestor; Hamura Otsutsuki. 

Character History: Seigetsu was born about nineteen years ago to the Head of the Hyuga Clan, Jushiro Hyuga and his wife Retsu Hyuga. He was the first born of two children, and as such is named the heir of the main family. He was raised since birth to be quite skilled in the art of Juken and use of the Byakugan and many of his teachings were directly from the clans' predecessor Hamura Otsutsuki, the brother of the Sage of the Six Paths. Seigetsu, despite not knowing at the time was a direct descendant of Hamura. 

His early childhood was one of discipline, he was raised by his strict father and trained from a young age to use the fighting style that the clan was known for. However Seigetsu was incredibly different from others. He was so quick to learn about Taijutsu, it was his main art and he succeeded at it with incredible proficiency, under order of his father Seigetsu was given a tutor who would begin training him in other forms of Taijutsu, mainly his body and hand-to-hand combat and as such he learned much about Gentle Fist, Strong Fist and other fighting styles.

As a prodigy in  this field his father began teaching him Kendo, the Way of the Sword came quickly to him. By the age of six he was a genin, at pulling a few strings the heir had skipped the academy all together and only had to do a single exam to see if he was capable. At this time he received a little sister named Sayuri, the moment she was born Seigetsu got considerably less attention yet he could understand. He never stopped his training and grew stronger, with a will like steel at such a young age. He became close to his sister and always protected her when possible. He took care of her yet he didn't baby her to make her grow up weak,  

At the age of nine the young Hyuga was promoted to Chuunin by the Kage after the defeat of a rouge ninja who threatened to reveal sensitive information to Yamigakure about village weaknesses and other information which would be crippling to Seishigakure as  a whole. From this he gained the promotion from the Kage and was made a Chuunin however he was later promoted to Special Jounin a year later at the age of ten, making him one of the youngest jounin in the village. After taking the jounin exams six years later at the age of sixteen he was promoted to jounin.
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PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga   Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:36 am

Complete and awaiting approval.

Seigetsu Hyuga "The Black Mamba"
Rank: A-rank Jounin
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PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga   Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:22 pm

Okay. Depsite it being my character I have carefully looked over details and made sure everything checks out. I am approving him to RP, however another Staff Member can give the second thumbs up and I will get to it. 

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PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga   Sun Mar 20, 2016 7:24 pm

Okay, Approved

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PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga   

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[FINISHED] Seigetsu Hyuga
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