Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Mission List [Izuna]

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PostSubject: Mission List [Izuna]   Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:25 pm

Name: Guard the merchant
Location: in the village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Kai Kazama
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 150 Exp
Description: You are to guard the merchant Kai Kazama as he travels from your village to an outlying trading town in your Land. On the way to the town you will encounter a group of three bandits. Two of which have a Strength, Durability and Speed of 5 and One who has a Strength, Durability and Speed of 10. You must protect Kai at all costs and make sure he gets to the town and then back to the village without harm.

Izuna woke from her slumber, after her recent promotion to the rank of Chuunin she had worked extra hard at everything including her training. She cared much about her skills as a kunoichi and hoped that they would pay off someday, she however was happy to be a Chuunin. She got out of the warm bed and got dressed, she exited and entered the main area of the house. She wasn't surprised that Kosuke wasn't there, following his promotion to Jounin and then Izuna's sensei he had been quite busy. There was also the strange nature of his parents which Izuna had been careful not to talk about or ask him questions on it. After having some breakfast she left the small house and disappeared to the mission board, she wanted to get some missions done in the time that Kosuke said she could have to herself. 

She arrived and began looking at her list of missions that she could take, she finally decided to take on the mission to guard the merchant she had actually helped before named Kai Kazuma, it appeared he had business in a minor town once more and he needed an escort, Izuna was confident she could do it. It wasn't that hard last time although the memory of the third bandit almost killing her made her remember that Kosuke wouldn't be able to help her if she screwed up. "I think I can do this." she said and then proceeded to take the mission and the woman at the desk registered her for the mission. "Good Luck." she said and went back to work, Izuna nodded and then turned to leave. She made her way to the West Gate where he was waiting patiently for his escort, he noticed Izuna as she made her way to him. 

"Mr. Kazuma, I am the Kunoichi that will be escorting you to do your business. Are you ready to leave?" she said to him and he nodded, "Yes. I am ready to go. You don't have that man with you?" he asked where he was and Izuna replied. "I am a Chuunin now, your mission isn't that hard and therefore it is unnecessary for Kosuke-sensei to be here. Now then lets be off." she said closing the conversation and they then began making their way to the town. Strangely the way there was clear and on their return trip Izuna noticed something out of place and reacted quickly, she aimed her finger and shot blindly behind her and fell forward as the man behind her collapsed with a bullet of pressurized water in his skull, the second bandit ran up to her and held her down although she had no interest of being beaten by these men. She used her water clone technique and the bandit was pounced on before being enveloped in a prison of water. She held her hand in the water and looked for the leader, she then saw him leap for her client, she shot another bullet of water and him and he fell sideways while Izuna let the last bandit drown in his prison. "I believe we are done here. The gates are just ahead, I hope you enjoyed the trip." she said and then disappeared with the body flicker technique leaving the man to go on with his business.

Word Count: 558

Name: Hunt down the beast
Location: Outside your village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Council
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 150 Exp
Description: You have been ordered to hunt down and kill a dangerous beast that has been terrorizing the civilians outside your village. You must go and interview witnesses before hunting the beast down and killing it. After it is dealt with return to the council to report. The beasts stats are 5 in Strength, 20 in Speed and 10 in Durability.

Izuna had been once more assigned by the Chowakage to help the village deal with a wild animal 

Name: Scouting
Location: Outside the village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Kage
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 150 Exp
Description: You are to go out of the village and spy on a Bandit camp. Your Kage wants to know exactly how many bandits there are in the camp, any weapon stores they have, their apparent strength level and a description of their leader. (These will all be left up to the mission taker, but will be monitored)

Name: Touring the Daimyo 
Location: in the village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Kage
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 200 Exp
Description: You are to give the Daimyo a tour of your beautiful village. Make sure to keep him entertained and happy, otherwise you might be sentenced to death. The man is very picky about everything, so make it all go his way and your mission will be a success.

Name: Catch the Runaway
Location: in the village
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Kage
Rewards: 300 Ryo and 150 Exp
Description: One of the academy students has ran away from the classroom again. You are to track him down and capture him. Be wary, he is a master of all of the Academy level ninjutsu, (ALL E-RANKS). He will try to escape as best he can, don't let him. Return him to the classroom once captured.

Name: Teacher for a day
Location: Ninja Academy
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Kage
Rewards: 0 Ryo and 300 Exp
Description: You have been volunteered to teach one of three classes in the academy. You will either do the Advanced Combat course, the Advanced Strategy Course, or the Advanced Subterfuge course. You will be teaching rowdy fourth year students who while very smart and talented, don't listen very well. You must finished the course for the day, while keeping the children under control.

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Mission List [Izuna]
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