Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Light Ascension [Spec. Jounin Rank Up]

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ANBU Captain
ANBU Captain

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PostSubject: Light Ascension [Spec. Jounin Rank Up]   Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:58 pm

Izuna had woken up last night, it was not a night she could sleep. The Kage had told her that she would be given the opportunity  to take a test which would determine if she could be promoted to the rank of special jounin, she had spent much of the night awake and unable to sleep due to the excitement in her about the test and she had remained awake, unwilling to sleep. She finally heard the sound of birds and the world seemed to come alive with noises of nature. She got out of the bed, already fully dressed from the night previous and decided to quickly get some breakfast. "Better not wake up Kosuke, so I should try to be quiet." she said to herself before slipping outside her room and entering the kitchen, she chose some simple cereal and made sure to eat quickly but stay quiet. She then decided it was time to head off, when she returned she hoped she could return as a Special Jounin. She slipped from the door, moving quietly to not wake up Kosuke. She finally found herself outside and ready to begin the test, she made her way to the village and then the Kage Tower where she was meant to meet the Chowakae himself. 

She went to a woman at a desk where she looked up at Izuna inquiringly. "Can I help you?" she asked and Izuna nodded. "I am here for a test that the Chowakage has enlisted me in." she said before the woman nodded as if remembering something, "That sounds about right. Izuna Uchiha right? Go right ahead" she said smiling before going back to work. Izuna made her way towards the Kage's office and knocked before waiting patiently for the old kage to answer the door, "Come in, I am just getting some paperwork done."  he said in a cheery manner and Izuna entered the office where he sat at the desk. "Izuna . That's right your jounin test, well I best explain it to you then shouldn't I. You will be required to gather information on a small bandit camp outside the village, the leader is your target and he must be assassinated, Are you fine with this?" he asked and Izuna nodded, her determined eyes showed the will to complete this test and the Kage smiled. "Good Luck. I hope you pass." he said kindly before she walked outside and made her way to the north gates.

She made her way to the gates quickly, she then left with the guards stopping her but she gave them a small note from the Kage and they moved aside. She made her way along the path before stopping when she heard the voices. She made her way towards the voices before finding a group of two men and could tell they were the bandits she was meant to spy on. She listened for a while before she finally believed she had enough information, she then jumped from the hiding place and activating her Sharingan the two men were caught in a genjutsu which knocked them out. She hid their bodies before making her way past the sentries and finding the camp she was meant to bring discord too. She isolated who seemed to be the leader and waited, finally she confirmed him to be the leader and waited until he was away from the group. Before approaching him, she came up behind him and touched his shoulder before he turned around clearly annoyed at being disturbed although his face turned pale as the woman brought the kunai to his neck and slipped his blood all over the green landscape. She carefully fled the scene and was happy to know she had passed the test that the Kage had given her.

Word Count: 632
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ANBU Captain
ANBU Captain

Posts : 337
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Age:: 13
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PostSubject: Re: Light Ascension [Spec. Jounin Rank Up]   Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:53 pm

Finished. Approval anyone?
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Light Ascension [Spec. Jounin Rank Up]
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