Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Hakuja's Clan   Hakuja's Clan Icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2016 8:51 am

Clan Name: Hakuja's Clan
Clan Symbol: N/A
Clan History: The clan was first established many years ago, it was first created when a small group of members in an unnamed clan began to get a strange illness, it made the infected in control of their own bodies and as such made them capable of a variety of feats such as shape-shifting, using their bodies as literal weapons. The clan broke away from the original clan once it got strong enough, they went through an age of growth.
Clan Size: [More may be added in future]
1: Myojin, Hakuja
2: Uchiha, Sou (loosely)
Clan Appearance: Appear pale, white hair is common although not always; some members have scaly skin or portions of scaly skin.
Clan Location: Presumed Extinct, Hakuja is assumed to be the only member and even then it is not known he even is a member of this clan.
Clan's Reputation: Almost unheard of, they bear no reputation and their abilities are completely unknown.
Clan Ability/KKG Description:
Shitaimyaku: Shitaimyaku is a unique Kekkei Genkai that belongs to Hakuja's Clan. It is said to be a mutated version of Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai. Shitaimyaku grants the user the ability to be able to completely manipulate any part of their body or anatomy at will, and usually accompanies the Blood Release Kekkei Genkai also prevalent in Hakuja's Clan. With the Shitaimyaku Kekkei Genkai, the user can manipulate limbs, muscles, tissue, and cell growth and regeneration. Shitaimyaku originated from the a member of the same clan as Sakon and Ukon, when the member fell ill with a mysterious chronic illness. The clan member seemed as if there was nothing that could be done and that they were going to die. One day, when a few other members went to check on the member, it appeared as if the member was dead but he awoke and said he felt much stronger. Then in a fight the member got in later with another clan he displayed new abilities, soon others fell sick with same illness and awakened new abilities, which were then passed onto their children.

  • Cell Manipulation: Perhaps the most versatile of the abilities granted by Shitaimyaku. The user has the ability to manipulate their cells at profound speeds granting a multitude of abilities. The user can increase the rate their cells divide and make new cells to allow increased regeneration speed to heal wounds, regenerate lost limbs, or even create extra limbs or new organs. They can also harden their cells and infuse with their iron content in their bodies to gain a powerful defense against projectiles and weapons. The manipulation of cells also allows the user to halt their ageing process and induce an ability that allows them to change their appearance.
  • Muscle Manipulation: The user has full control over all the muscles of their body. The user can elongate their limbs and stretch them to profound distances and move them a insane speeds, which usually appears as tendrils made from pure muscle and appears rather disgusting to most. They can alter their muscle tissue or increase/decrease muscles mass and strength which grants the user a increase in flexibility, stamina, endurance, and dexterity, and reflexes.
  • Pseudo-Immortality: A member of Hakuja's Clan can be very hard to kill for a variety of reasons. Naturally most clan members attain a form of Pseudo Immortality by halting their cells ageing process. However, they also have the ability to create artificial organs such as a heart from the cells from another part of their body or can move their organs to a different location in their body to avoid fatal attacks. If the user is really skilled they can create copies of a certain organ to have more than one, such as having two hearts or four lungs that can increase someones breathing ability.
  • Physiology/Anatomy: The physiology and anatomy of a member Hakuja's clan has been drastically altered due to the virus or gene that has been passed down. The Clan was called the Superhuman Clan because of what their physical capabilities allow them to do. Members seem to have heightened senses, able to hear surroundings noises from far away, or smell someones blood type. They have incredible dexterity and amazing reflexes. Their speed at its max surpasses the Body Flicker Technique, and their strength is not something to joke about.

Clan Bonuses: 
Genetic Diversity: Clan members were known for having advance growth and evolution rates, mainly due to their ability to handle Transplants easier; 1/2 the Word Count for DNA Transplants.

Clan Jutsu:

Name: Twin Body Technique
Rank: S
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Short
Description: By using the power of the Shitaimyaku the user forms a seperate body by rapidly growing their cells to create a clone that grows off them. Unlike a normal clone technique the Twin Body Technique allows the user to use both bodies as if they were their own, similar to the Six Paths of Pain technique although on a smaller scale. Each body has half the user's total chakra pool and has shared senses. The technique can be permanent if necessary and will not deactivate unless the clone is killed or assimilated back into the user's body. It is similar to the original Kekkei Genkai of which the clan descends from but on a much simpler scale and without two seperate beings.
Requirements: Shitaimyaku

Name: Organic Shapeshift
Rank: D-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Short
Description: Manipulating their body in any way possible the user can achieve the ability to alter their appearance at will, depending on the changes determines the amount of chakra used for the jutsu. For example a ninja using the jutsu to change the colour of their eyes would make it classed as a D rank, however if one were to try and completely alter their entire body then it would be closer to an A-rank. While the jutsu does allow the user to mimic people's appearances the jutsu doesn't change their chakra and so unless the user can attain chakra assimilation somehow then the user can be detected via chakra sensing techniques.
Requirements: Shitaimyaku
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Hakuja's Clan
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