Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Muteki, the Seishikage's Lapdog

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PostSubject: Muteki, the Seishikage's Lapdog   Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:39 pm

Name: Muteki
Nickname: Lady Seishikage's Lapdog
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175lbs
Appearance: Black hair sweeps to reveal underlying red as Muteki stares outward from ice-blue orbs. He is fairly tall at 6'2", easily towering over most others. He is well muscled, showing his prowess in Taijutsu and Bukijutsu. He has a few scars, self inflicted due to his cult's religion. Many are on his wrist, but he also has the symbol of his religion scarified into his right bicep. He often wears a black and red outfit resembling a sailor's uniform, with a multicolored flap on one side and an x on the other. His collar is constantly popped, suggesting a rebellious nature. 

Village: Seishigakure
Character Rank: S-Rank Jounin
Clan: N/A
Element: Raiton

Personality: Muteki, in a word, is sadistic. It isn't quite his fault, as he was raised by a cult of Jashinists, but I digress. He is a skilled practitioner of Bukijutsu, able to use a number of different weapons, and he practices constantly. He prefers to fight those that follow "false" religions and those that would deny him a fresh kill. He is utterly ruthless in combat, and this extends outside of combat as well. He is a player, and cares little for family other than Mariko. He does, however, have a small soft spot for children, which shows whenever one is in trouble. The only reason he does not care for the family system is because he was constantly beaten and abused as a child. This has caused some issues in the past, but mostly he can keep the sadism down so that he is less suspicious. Wandering like he does, it is better that way. In case someone catches on to his ruse, he has a number of false identities and such, though he dislikes using them. It makes him feel as if he is betraying the trust of others, whether or not it exists. If there is one good thing about Muteki, it is that he is honest, brutally so on occasion. It helps balance out his bad side, and helps him to know who he can trust. Sadly, not many people appreciate this.
Character History: To be frank, Muteki's childhood was a nightmare. As a babe of merely 6 months, he was covered with the blood of his parents to "anoint" him as a future Jashinist warrior. His uncle raised him, beating and torturing him to make him strong. The only relief he had was with a young girl that would sneak into the compound because of his crying and would clean his wounds. She even taught him how to do it himself. Unfortunately, his uncle watched and directed the entire facade, allowing the girl to stay and take care of Muteki. One day, as she made her way home, the uncle kidnapped her. Telling Muteki that it was time he became a man, he took him to the clan's ritual room. Giving him a knife, he told him to kill the girl who had helped him so frequently. If he didn't, they would both be killed. Vowing never to cry again, Muteki brutally stabbed the poor girl through the heart, making it a quick and painless death.

Fast forward five years to his days in Yamigakure's infamous "Academy". The instructor he had was cruel, reminding him too much of the uncle that had raised him. One of the sport that they played was "Hunt the Gypsy". Muteki was good at that one. Since the incident with the girl, he had grown just as ruthless as any other member of his clan, and he HATED it. The game of Hunt the Gypsy was simple. A gypsy was captured from nearby, one of the stragglers from the mass exodus that was forced on them, and would be let loose in the  undergrowth of a training area designed for wilderness survival training. The Academy students of Muteki's class were then let loose with a single kunai and told they had a week. If they didn't come back within the week, the gypsy won and was let free. If they found the gypsy and killed him or her, they would get a month free of homework. Muteki was top of his class because he ALWAYS won. Hunting the gypsy down was a piece of cake, following the stench of piss and fear that he had learned to detect in his childhood. Praying to Jashin once he found his prey, he would drop down on top of them, stabbing the gypsy at the Atlas joint at the base of the skull, killing them instantly. Occasionally, if he was in a bad mood, he would stab the gypsy it the kidney before slashing out their ankle, telling them to run so he could have that much more pleasure from the kill.

A joint mission by Chowagakure and Seishigakure on the Yamikage's training grounds for his personal guard was fast and brutal. Muteki sat on the roof of the makeshift barracks laughing as the shinobi that had tortured him for years were killed by the strike force. At twelve, he was the most skilled of the "students" at the sorry excuse for a Shinobi Academy. Watching a Seishigakure Genin with a disinterested eye, Muteki found that he was actually concerned for her as she faced off against one of Yamigakure's Jounin without any backup, as he had separated her from the pack. Basic tactics when facing an enemy with higher numbers, Muteki knew, but for some reason this girl reminded him of that long-forgotten friend of his, causing his ice-cold eyes to go soft. At that moment, he knew what he had to do and who he had to protect for the rest of his life, even if it meant betraying Yamigakure, who had admittedly treated him slightly better than his family had. At least they made things fun while he was getting beaten. Jumping down in between the Jounin and the girl, he intercepted the vicious sword that would have run her through. It ran him through, instead,, but it was the thought that counted. The young Genin screamed, having seen her savior struck down before he could do his job, a broadsword thrust through his chest cavity and ripping through at least one lung. After that, the Yami Shinobi turned back to the girl before hearing a bone-chilling laugh. Standing up, Muteki ripped the thick blade out, a massive outpouring of blood following as he laughed, tearing his opponent apart with violent abandon before turning surprisingly gentle eyes upon the Genin, checking her over for wounds.

Seven years later, the girl he had rescued had flowered into a beautiful young woman. Mariko Kai had been promoted to Seishikage, one of the youngest in history, but she would always prefer to have her right hand, best friend, and first love by her side. He hadn't had a name when he was rescued from that damned hellhole, but she had given him one. Muteki, meaning Invincible. He wasn't sure about any other time, but when he was around her, he sure felt like it.

RP Sample: This be Okami! Razz
Face Claim: Genderbent Ryuko (Kill la Kill)
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PostSubject: Re: Muteki, the Seishikage's Lapdog   Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:51 pm

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Muteki, the Seishikage's Lapdog
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