Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Reigetsu Hyuga [Finished]

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PostSubject: Reigetsu Hyuga [Finished]   Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:49 pm

Name: Reigetsu "Rei" Hyuga
Nickname: Hyuga Clan's Lion Maiden
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Height: 168cm
Weight: 64kg


Being a young female of the Hyuga Clan, Rei holds the resemblance of that typical to the average female in the Hyugan Clan. The only noticable difference is the length of her hair. She has long dark sandy brown hair that reaches to the center or her back, in which she typically wears it in a rather high and somewhat messy ponytail. Its most defining feature its unnatural curly nature unlike that for most Hyuga.

Rei has a rather pale caramel skin tone complimented with a light and red rosey tent. She has soft and thin light pearly pink lips, with a small almost rounded tip nose. Her eyes are typical for that of a Hyuga Clan member, an almost pale white and lavender pupiless lens. She has a thin a straight body figure with a sizeable c cup bust and a waist almost equivalent to his chest. Her midesction is rather toned fitting to that of a muscular swimmers build.

Rei's clothing normally consist of tom boyish outerwear normally worn by militan male figures. She is commonly found wear a lazily cut wool like haulter top leaving most of her midsection exposed for all to see. Covering the haulter top is a long and sleeveless camouflage tunic shirt with leather patches covering the shoulders with a matching military pants and black leather combat boots. Finishing the outfit of her ninja toolbox can can located strapped to a leather belt meant to secure her pants and her village headband can be found tied around her left arm.

Although nothing maybe wrong with Rei appears to be a rough and mean woman to approach but when she interacts she carries herself in a almost elegant, light peaceful, and caring manner fitting of that for the first born female of Seishigakure's Hyuga  Branch in three generations.

Village: Sesishikagure
Character Rank: A Rank (Jounin)
Clan: Hyuga
Element: ?


Rei from what she appears seems to be a rough, mean, and annoyed woman most of the time but that is far from the truth. In all honest she is a sweet, kind heart, light, and extremely playful young woman. She is somewhat known as the joker of the family commonly teasing and toying with her siblings and other members of the clan.
Although she may be apart of the main branch of the Hyuga Clan she doesn't care she goes about treating everyone the same until proven they cant be trusted. Although this kindness can be seen as a form of naivete it is one of her greatest strengths commonly using her kindness to fool her foes into thinking shes a defenseless young woman.

Although even when alone she carries herself with confidence and respect and hopes to serve as a role model for both the upcoming and future generations. With this in mind Rei has no problem with getting strict when teaching or guiding anyone who desires her help. Her stricter side tends to become much more militant, precise, calculative, and informative that fitting for a future leader of a squad, clan, or village. 

The same thing could be said in battle with the addition of a adamant fearlessness and strength to carry the weight of whatever problem it may be on her shoulders. In a way Rei can also be seen a obsessive especially when she finds something that is interesting or that is rather difficult her to pick up. he wont stop until she finds the answer or add her own interesting flare into work and master the things within the line of her abilities.

Character History: 

So, shall we begin? 

"What is this?!?!? I was told the baby was to be a male,  all the head leaders of Seishigakure's Hyuga Clan branch were said only to produce male offspring how could I bore a female baby?

These were the first words Reigetsu Hyuga were introduced to upon her arrival into the living world and even as a young innocent baby girl those harsh words bothered the bundle joy enough to trigger a ferious cry. Being handled and seperated from her mother already was hard enough for the baby but to rejected by the father was even worse. 

Even when Rei's fathers eyes met with the defenseless child they still managed to hold such a coldness to the point the newborn scream much louder. It was not the mother called out for her child that her husband and the baby managed to calm down.

"Daigetsu you must'nt treat our princess that way she could be the change the Main Branch needs to flourish. With every powerful hand on must have a soft soul to balance the peace."

The childs father stood over his offspring once more but this time the child's father reached out for the baby girl attempting to soothe her. This time the baby smiling falling into a deep slumber in her fathers arms.

"You are right my love. This child I will be the soft soul for clan. While her brother will strong fist to protect them all. Even still she will not be treated any differently from any other lady in the Hyuga Clan I will shape this child to my image and my image only.... Her name will be Reigetsu Hyuga."


And So Daigetsu Hyuga attempted to raise his child in his image, or so he thought. The child floruished and begun to change the hearts and thoughts of many in the Hyuga Clan but still she could not crack her father's hard beliefs. She was forced to learn and study the traditional role of the female Hyuga in the main branch. Who would have thought the head of the clan would refuse to train anyone in thier clan even thier own child because of silly reasons.

With this in mind Rei still found ways to express her individuality by wearing rather militant and revealing clothing despite her fathers wishes. She would even go as far as fraternising with thoughs not in the main branch just to spite her father and his customs.

 Her father would shun and punish her whenever she attempted anything new on her own but that didnt stop her. She found hope in training secrectly and happily with both her older brother and thier grandfather. During these training session she would grow to excel in taijutsu eventually unlocking her Byakugan, which in turn allowed her to learn the ways of Gentle Fist.

 Around this time as well she grew much closer to her brother, Seigetsu who became both her father figure and bestfriend despite the fact that he was only two years older than her. Through him Rei discovered the Hyuga Clan's secret technique, Twin Lion Fists. Rei made would make it her mission to learn this technique, to study it, dissect it, and eventually make it her own in hopes that she can create other techniques like to prove to her father that she could be the hope of the Hyuga Clan in her own special way. 

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PostSubject: Re: Reigetsu Hyuga [Finished]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:06 am

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Reigetsu Hyuga [Finished]
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