Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Goro Yamato(FIN)

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PostSubject: Goro Yamato(FIN)   Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:48 pm


Name: Goro Yamato
Nickname: The Doctor
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2" or 187.96cm
Weight: 150 pounds or 68.0389kg
Appearance: Goro is a man who is considered attractive by a lot of people. He's a tall fellow, standing over six feet tall, and has a slimmer build due to his eating habits and his attachment to training. These two things combined bring us over to his general build, which for a ninja, is actually rather average. He's not the monster-type of a build, his muscles aren't bulging out of his arms.  He has an over-all lean build is what has happened. Sure, he'd probably look bulkier if he trained his muscles more, but he knows that, for a fact, is not what he's known for. He's known for his medical ninjutsu. 

His hair is almost always nice. He makes sure of it in the mornings before he goes out, as it's spiked look is intergal to the way he looks in day to day life. Makes keeping your cool much easier when you don't have hair over your eyes that you could go blind from.  The hair itself, if touched, one would notice it actually isn't all over that clean compared to some, as all he does is brush it and cut it when needed. Makes his life much more simple.

He's, by no means, clean. He's actually one of the more dirty ninjas. Not when doing the medical ninjutsu he does, but in general life, he often doesn't bother with cleaning except maybe one bath a day. Anything more and he finds that it weakens the body. His body, in his strong opinion, is not weak, but in fact strong due to how he lives. This isn't to say that those baths he takes aren't super effective, they're just taken once a day and even then, it's due to it being a need not a want. 

His clothing is the interesting bit. He often wears the ninja vest in addition to the normal clothing a ninja would normally wear. He usually wears a black suit and tie, although is not against wearing something like a dress shirt when out and about; even daring to wear it in the field of doing whatever he is doing that very day. He very rarely wears a medical ninjas garments, commenting that they don't fit well enough for him to like wearing them. By medical ninja garments, he means actual clean gear, stuff that would be considered sanitary enough to work around bad wounds. He doesn't like wearing it.

Village:  Seishikagure
Character Rank: A ranked Jounin
Clan: N/A

Personality: Goro, by all means, is an enigma when it comes to personality. He smokes, he does everything that a medical ninja shouldn't do, yet has this weird care for human life. It's not quite a fervent passion, so much as it's like he's assigned a value to it. He keeps this hidden within a poker face, but it's still an important fact. This small bit of his personality is a driving factor in how he lives his day to day life. He takes it into consideration the fact that human life, in the ninja world, is expendable, even if he doesn't like the fact. He knows it as a fact.

He's always been in a pseudo-depressive state, as his entire idea in which his job is just a stall. Everyone will end up dying, realistically. He knows this but does what he does anyway. He'd rather stall death then become the person who causes it on a whim. He hates people who kill for fun. It's pointless and useless. He knows, for a fact, that those who do don't deserve to be operated on. They deserve to die a painful death in the battlefield. It's where they belong, after all. The battlefield.

He has a very dark approach to life. He hides it behind a poker-face, and covers his poker-face with smoke. He's fully aware of the dark side of his craft, the fact that you can turn what's healing into death, and he even knows how to do so, he just refuses to do so on principle. He finds it appaling that people would turn something like healing into death, showing that corruption can leak into anything. Even Iroyu ninjutsu, and that hurts him in his soul. He hates corruption. He can see it's uses, but still absolutely hates it. 

He doesn't find other people useless innately, though. He can see the use of most people, in the long haul. Even if you get shunned for being 'useless' he can often find a use for you, even if it's just being a meat-bag in which a man has to use his chakra or energy to disperse the guy who get rid of him. Every single things requires energy, and no one has infinite, even if it may seem like it.
Character History:  Goro was born to a family. What family? Someone. They're small-time ninjas not really known for anything. It's as simple as that. He was born to two small ninjas who had decided they loved each other and decided they wanted a kid. That's all. It's as simple as that. He, even as a genin, showed no real promise. He was going to be an average ninja. He held no standards to himself, and even then was almost always dirty and helping kids with their boo-boos. They couldn't place him properly, although that's because it took till he was 15 for him to actually show proper promise. That's when it started, the medical ninjutsu. Those days and years assisting with kids boo-boos had made him immune to the sight of blood, making him good at looking at injuries.  

He was no prodigy, by any means. He just had a rough grasp on what to do when it came to injuries. Something to note, though, is neither of his parents were medical ninja, yet he showed such promise. It wasn't prodigy sort of promise, so much as the fact that he went from useless to a novice medical ninja in a little under a year.

He was 20 by the time he became a chunnin, a late-bloomer if you will. It was at this point where he showed his actual skill as a medical ninja. He was capable of fixing large wounds if they weren't abnormally deep, and usually was able to handle deep wounds until the actual professionals got there. He knew, even then, that this was his life calling.

This also meant that he went from a nobody to slightly less of a nobody. He, over the next four years, nearly perfected the surgery process making him a terrifying doctor. However, that's not the only thing. He's also known for a specific incident in which he absolutely hates talking about. It was the single time he's failed a patient.
It was about midnight when the girl had gotten in. She was about 19, and was bleeding from her stomach and was missing an arm. The arm, however, was nowhere to be found and had already been nicely wrapped to slow the bleeding. Goro figured this would be an easy fix. He, first, tried medical ninjutsu, but something was blocking it. Some kind of seal; blocking any medical ninjutsu, and he had wasted two minutes trying various medical ninjutsu. 

He had to go completely manual on this one. He shooed everyone away from the table and started. Every time he'd try to sew something shut, another problem would spring up. The only thing that was strange to him, was that there was no reason. He had an idea of why this could be happening, and took note that the girl was on deaths door, so he had to take his chances. He didn't have the skill to banish seals, but he had the skill to do this.

He opened up the wound a bit larger and noticed a bulge in her intestines. He cut that intestine open and saw the problem. A large bug was in her system, and no doubt was there in other places. Even up to this point, he had done everything he could, but she wasn't getting better. She wasn't getting stable and he couldn't understand why.

She later bled to death on that table. He remembers the life draining from her eyes. It's something he never wants to have happen again.


After that incident, and a good few missions, he became a jounin at 26. He's a senior medical ninja at this point, and is willing to teach those who want to be taught.

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Goro Yamato(FIN)
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