Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Magunasu Nōblord(FIN)

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PostSubject: Magunasu Nōblord(FIN)   Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:24 pm

Name:Magunasu Nōblord
Nickname: Disabling Dancer, Mugestsu’s Lapdog
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 160
Appearance: One thing every sees is his hair. Purple in color, it's a weird mix of genetics and chakra that he likes to atone it to. He WAS born with it, that much he knows. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten crap for it during the academy. Purple hair? What was he, a girl? The hair itself is soft to the touch, unnaturally, leading to the fact that he takes care of it. He takes very nice care of it, and likes to keep it orderly. After all, most people look at his hair before they look anywhere else. This is something he knows for a fact, and takes it into consideration when doing the rest of his looks.

The next thing to note, is his skin-tone is decidedly more tan, and dirty looking then most. It's to note that this is oft considered because he spent a lot of time outside. He makes sure he, himself, is clean before going outside. This is an important part of his look, as to retain this idea that he's classy and has some sort of standards when it comes to his living space He also had golden eyes. He has tattoos on his hands, to keep with the fancy look. Everything down to his hair is made this way, but let's not stop at his physical looks, let's continue on with his clothing.

He, even into battle, often wears some sort of kimono, stating that it's far more comfortable the those vests that they give everyone.  He almost never wears the vest, and almost never brings any other ninja tools, although when he does, he often has pockets inside that kimono that day. This Kimono is one with light-pink borders with a largely white color scheme, and is nothing short of a normal Kimono, he sees no reason to wear armor into battle.

It'll get cut off and be useless anyway, so just wear light clothing. Simple as that.

Village: Yami
Character Rank: S rank Jounin
Clan: Nōblord
Element: Water

Personality: He's  a man who cares about looks. If he doesn't look cool, calm and collected, what the point in wearing all he does? Of course, this is just to make it surprising when he comes out as a master swordsman. Some consider him on the level of a grand master, but he never lets that go to his head. He's not cold or calculating, he's simply a man who cares about looks. He could care less if you did something differently, or there were small changes, because all of that is pointless when one considers that he lives for new experiences. He wants you to do new things, but he'll know if it's out of character for you if he's known you long enough.

He's loyal. He's like a dog who cares about his looks. He has a bark louder then his bite, his bite hurts, and he looks less evil then he is. If you're evil to him, he'll leave you and probably attack you the next time he sees you. There's a reason why he's called Mugetsu's lapdog. That isn't just because he's loyal, it's because he could be mistaken for a dog by personality. This isn't to say there isn't another part of him.

No, we're not talking about a blood-thirsty murderer type. We're talking about a fun-loving, lounging in brothels, and just having a lovely time sort of guy. He, in the most simple terms, loves life. He doesn't enjoy the taking of it, however well trained he is in it. He knows he is very good at taking lives, and sucks at returning them. He could be considered one of the more powerful normal ninjas, and he hates the idea of it. The idea that he could be so strong is stupid. There has to be way stronger, he doesn't even have anything special about him. Sure, he has his dojutsu, but it ain't as fancy as the 'Byako-gan' and the 'Shar-in-gun' as he says.

Character History:Magunasu lived quite a good first fifteen years. That was because his dojutsu wasn't actually gotten until the age of 15. That's when it turned up-side down. His weapon was a sword, simply put. It was an odd sword, with the blade thicker and somewhat less curved then normal swords, like a katana, that most swordsman used. He was fine with it, though. He already was strangely faster then most of his friends and family. He was light on his feet and often used that to his advantage when it came down to something like a spar. They never were able to hit him, and he'd hit them before they could even attempt to forfeit once they tired out.

When he was 16, he became a chunnin by passing the test with flying colors. It was at this point he got in some trouble with other chunnins, and knowing the chances that he'd kill them, just let them beat on him. This changed, though, one day. This is considered the day he felt in-debt to Mugestu. Or at least, the start of it.

It was an average day, besides for the addition of his younger brother. His younger brother was nine, and getting ready to go into the academy.  His younger brother, at the point of conflict, was hanging on his left. When he met these other chunnins, he told his brother to go away for a few moments. Those very same chunnins laid into him, and even then, he was fine. He was fine until he saw his brother come back and attempt to lay into the one of the chunnins, who kicked the small child away.  A blade drawn and a chest cut open in a matter of a second. He was about to continue when he felt his clothing grabbed and thrown the other way. The man made the chunnins run.

It wasn't a man. No. It was a kid. A 13 year old kid had just saved their lives. He introduced himself as Mugestsu; it was a name Magunasu had heard before, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He later learned the boy was a clan member, and was thankful he stopped the slaughter of three not-so-innocent chunnins who Magunasu still thinks deserved to die. It wouldn't have been a smart choice. It was just a thing. It was a thing that happened, and this was when he figured that he was going to be indept to someone like Mugetsu, who even at 13, held himself higher then Magunasu.


There is one other important bit. It was when Magunasu was 20. He was close to jounin level at this point, a master swordsman with a few other skills under his belt. He had a mission that he took. It was a personal one. They had kidnapped someone in the Nōblord clan, and it was his job to fix this. Fix all of this and make it right. This was something he couldn't do alone. Not with his skill-set, we would be overwhelmed. He sought the help of Mugetsu, the man he was indebt to. Mugestsu had told him to scout ahead and do what he could first, and he'd come about an hour later. Two chunnins would draw far too much attention and alert far too fast, and Mugetsu was the one with the stealth skills.

Magunasu figured this was fair and went on ahead. This turned out to be a terrible idea.

Mag cleared out a few of the lower-level goons with ease, incapacitating them and knocking them unconscious. He felt slightly unnerved. There wasn't many people here. This felt off. Normally, someone would supply area with more. This was his thought process, until he was rocked by a right hook which sent him into the wall. He elected not to take another. He summoned his sword from the ring on his hand, grasping it tightly. He had a few questions. Primary one being the following.

"That hurt! You the guy who took my clan member?"

He was answered when the guy went fast and attempted to smash his head into the wall with a fist. Thankfully for Magunasu, he was just as fast and dipped to the side before backing up. He looked at the wall to see there to be a hole. It was a damn good thing he had dodged the punch. It was a game of 'can he dodge' for the next three minutes, which tired Magunasu out less then it did his opponent, although his opponent had no shortage of stamina. This was going to be a pain. He had to try to get an advantage, and he couldn't get it yet. Not unless he brought his sword in. He did, it returning to a ring on his hand. He couldn't believe he was about to do this, and it seems like neither could his opponent.

Magunasu realized that, without being the aggressor, he'd get nowhere. So, he started by running forward and kicking, which was countered by a punch which was barely dodged. The two were equal in speed, and Magunasu probably lacked the durability to hand continuous grades with the guy. He hit like a truck anyhow.  So, this meant he had to barely dodge every single hit the man threw, which he was accomplishing. Not all that great, but he managed to not get hit again. It would almost look comical if it weren't for the fervent idea that he was going to die were not on Magunasu's face.

However, he slowly started to realize something. The guy he was facing wasn't actually that good at martial arts, so much as he was strong, fast and durable. This turned that look of 'oh god I'm going to die' to a look of confidence. The fight slowly started to turn towards Magunasu's favor. Heck, he even knocked out the guy after another five minutes, just to turn around and get a punch to the nose. Falling back, he saw the man raise a blade. However, as it were to happen, Mugetsu just happened to arrive to kick the man away and take him down with efficiency.


After Magunasu was saved by Mugetsu, he has since became this sort of watch-dog; even though his bite is meaner then his bark. In the six years since the incident, he has been awarded the title of jounin, and has became faster and stronger.

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PostSubject: Re: Magunasu Nōblord(FIN)   Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:25 pm

Enjoy the revolution

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Magunasu Nōblord(FIN)
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