Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Goken Jōshōsenshi    Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:31 pm

Name: Goken Jōshōsenshi 
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180 Lbs

Appearance: Goken has long dark hair that goes down just passed his shoulders. He has dark eyes as is customary for his clan and an extremely muscular build, showing off his prowess in Taijutsu. His face is angular, as is also a common trait in his clan. He has dark, hardened eyes, showing years of experience in combat training and in life. His most common outfit is a white tshirt over blue pants. He wears black shoes and a black trench coat that goes almost to his ankles. He is always seen wearing a blue crystal necklace that was given to him by his younger sister, Sora. 
During the times he decides to switch things up, he likes to wear his traditional gi that is given to all clansmen who have been to the monastery. It consists of an orange Gi with a dark blue undershirt and a blue sash. The pants are the same color as e Gi with blue sandals. This is also embroidered with the clan symbol on the back with black trim around the edges. 
When he isn't training or on a mission and not wearing his typical trench coat, Goken wears just average clothes. One almost may mistake him for a civilian due to his small chakra reserves and civilian clothing. He does prefer orange or blue when it comes to colors and will often pack spare clothes if he is going on a mission or even vacation.

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Jounin S (Gunning for Kage though possibly)
Clan: Jōshōsenshi 
Element: Ki

Personality: Goken has a difficult personality to decipher. He is a good, moral individual, but his love for fighting often gets him into trouble. He has a few different qualities that make him stand out as an individual. The first, would be his absolute love for a good fight. He would fight any opponent that he feels is strong, because he wants to test himself against those who are more powerful than he is. His second attribute would be his pure heart. He will often go out of his way to help those in need. This was fostered since birth in the monastery. The third and final attribute would be his stubbornness. He will fight against anyone to show how serious he is about what he believes in. If he believes something is right, he will die trying to preserve it.

First would be his obvious thrill for battle. This thrill runs in his blood, most of the members of this clan boast an increased love for battle as they were practically bred to be warriors. The clan teaches that combat is a way of life, useful not only for survival or growth, but also in fostering positive or negative relationships and teamwork. Any child growing up in the monastery is taught how to fight from a young age. Goken was no different, though he did struggle a bit more than others at first, he was a late bloomer. Once he became a Chūnin, his skills prospered greatly, putting him as the number one Chūnin and later on special jōnin in the village. Though, that's not to say there weren't powerful ninja in the village, just that he had surpassed all those who fought using only Taijutsu. 

Second, we have his pure hearted way of life. This was taught to him from a young age also though a but earlier than fighting. He was taught that he was meant to help those in need and protect any who were weaker than himself. His goal in life should be to get as strong as possible in order to build lasting friendships and to protect those who he considers a friend or family. He was also taught humility and not to let any strength he has go to his head. Anger management was also a big part of his training, or keeping a cool head no matter the situation. Though this was something that he had a hard time with, as he fought with his heart a lot more than he does with his mind. 

Finally, we have his headstrong attitude. He is very set in his ways, doing what he says he will do no matter how difficult it may be. This often leads to difficulty if he is tricked into a bet, like the time he had to handstand walk around the village five times. But, this attribute also leads to him being firm in his morals and ideals, willing to take his thoughts of right or wrong to a fight if need be, in order to prove his resolve to any who would question it.

Character History:Goken was born in the monastery twenty four years ago. As is precedent in the monastery, you do not know your birth parents so you are raised by the monks. Little did they know, this young man, was witty and figured out that he had a sister through accidental slip ups in medical procedures in the med bay. But, this was when he was ten years old. She was only five, but she was one of the chosen to be sent into the special Yamigakure Academy. It was more advanced and more secretive than the normal academy, so he never got a chance to meet her, but he memorized her name. It was Sora, she had long black hair and black eyes the lady time he saw her around the compound. When he was twelve, he petitioned with the elder council to be sent to join Yamigakure in order to become a shinobi, though his real reason was searching for his estranged sister.

After training in the academy for four months it was obvious that he outclassed the other students immensely when it came to the physical side of being a shinobi, so he was sent to train under many different Taijutsu experts. Finally he was able to compete in the special Yamigakure Chuunin selection exams. The exams consisted of himself and eleven other genin being sent into the forest while they were hunted by weak chuunin who were seeking promotions by killing the genin off. Goken was off to a rocky start when none of the other genin were willing to work with him, due to his being privately trained. Though, he tried not to let this slow him down as he defended himself against any and all attackers who came his way. He eventually came across a young Uzumaki who had a broken leg. Deciding to stay and defend the young Uzumaki girl, Goken would unwittingly make a friend for life.

Once the week in hell was over, Goken was given a promotion to Chūnin. Quickly sponging up any knowledge or techniques he could now access, Goken grew in power exponentially. Being promoted to Special Jounin just two years after becoming a Chūnin. He was offered a position in the ANBU, but he turned it down as he wasn't exactly the stealthy type. Eventually he got to a level that would be adequate to partake in the Jōnin promotion exams. In these exams, he was pitted one on two against two jōnin. It was a fight to the death, though he didn't sustain any serious injuries, he was changed a bit in his soul after he killed those men. He doesn't think about it much, but when he does it's hard for him to stop as he feels that their deaths were pointless as the Kage merely wanted a good show.

After being promoted he continued to train for many years, even getting permission to go back to the monastery to train with his family in their techniques. He was only recently allowed to return to the village, what he found was troubling to say the least. The monetary was far enough away that the chakra from the beasts couldn't be felt so none in the monetary knew of the attack or the death of their not so beloved Kage. The power vacuum was immense as many of the rival families fought for control of the village. Goken thought he may try to get the position as he felt that would be the best way to make life better for everyone in the village as well as find his younger sister before the shinobi world changed her too much.
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PostSubject: Re: Goken Jōshōsenshi    Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:56 pm

Approved! I'm gonna have to make one of these XD

Direct Quote from Izuna:

Exactly, you don't remember any of this... Okami would be like: and what does this button do? *activates Infinite Tsukuyomi*

Okami's Infinite Amaterasu Sales Pitch:

[22:36:48] @ Okami : Burns faster, hotter, longer, and stronger! Try it for 90 days! If you aren't dead, you'll get your money back!
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Goken Jōshōsenshi
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