Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Mugetsu Nōblord    Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:10 pm

Name: Mugetsu Nōblord IV
Nickname: The Red Eye Phantom
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Height: 190.5 CM
Weight: 68.85kg
Appearance: Mugetsu has a very intense look about him at all times. Down to his jawline, his appearance stands as if  he was built to be a leader of some sort. To support this claim he can always be found with stern look upon his even when nothing is obviously bothering him. His overall appearance could be said to fit that of an assassin, or a blonde-haired phantom.  His blond and long straight hair is commonly the first thing one would notice about him, as it's in stark contrast to the rest of him.  The rest of his overall appearance can be stated to match his nick-name. He has a slender yet built frame, which still manages to display his slightly bulky muscles, but they're certainly there.  This is obvious by his clothing and his stomach muscles being clearly visible to the naked eye, one doesn't have to be a detective to see that he's a physically fit man.

He's considered attractive in a large amount of people's eyes. He's appealing to the eye, even if he doesn't smile much. His hair is long and noticeable, which makes it amusing that his nickname is the phantom. It's for a reason, of course. Funnily enough he is always considered as the stereotypical shadow-type figure of myth, and that's truly only when he desires to be covertly stealthy. It's something like that is that honestly makes a man who he is. If you earn the name phantom, it means you are stealthy. Although stealth was not the only reason he was dubbed the phantom. His crystal blood red eyes seemed to glow even within the darkest nights, so even when the outline of his body may not be apparent his eyes shall always be visible.

His clothing largely consists of black, skin-tight clothing and it even goes up and over his mouth. This gives him a look of an assassin, which is oddly fitting considering who his branch of the family are, especially his father. This black, skin-tight get up is mainly used so that he doesn't have any sort of baggy clothing to get caught during combat, and black to help blend easily into the darkness of the shadows. All of this gathers into considering the title of a phantom for a man equally as serious and terrifying as a man like Mugetsu. He's a force to be reckoned with, and his look perfectly represents that.

Village: Yamikagure
Character Rank: S-Ranked Jounin
Clan: Nōblord
Element: ?

Personality: When one thinks of royalty and personality, one might think of rich and spoilt brats, or someone like Mugetsu. Mugetsu is the opposite of spoiled. He's a hardened child who had elected to become serious and cold in the face of danger and depravity. He rarely talks, as he feels words are often useless. He was raised by an assassin to be an assassin, and his personality is completely representive of that. He wouldn't hesitate to take a life if he deems it needed. He'll do what needs to be done to make sure everything gets finished correctly. It's pointless if nothing is done because of 'morality'.

He keeps very few friends, and confides in even fewer. He feels that, the less people who know a lot about you, the better.  Even in his family, who he does care about to an extent, there's only one or two that he confides in. When he does confide in you, you should most likely care and consider it an honor. It's a simple matter of practicality, making things simple and effective in the long run. This is exemplified when it comes down to how he handles people. Rarely talking and, even when talking, often talking about minor and non-consequential things.

All of this considered, this cold and dreary man can open himself to others. He's not this man of steel without any sort of hope to become human. He is human. The reason he does things fast and efficient is because he's human. He won't allow things to go on a long time, in case of some sort of mistake done. This humanity is precisely why the rest of his personality exists. He makes things efficient, and that keeps him and those he cares about alive at any cost. It's a simple and effective mindset, which is who he is.

Character History:He was born to the branch of the family that largely housed assassins. It was bound to happen, when your dojutsu gave you a weapon of some sort. Although, this came at the age of 13, extremely young for anyone to get it. Even then, he took it simple and as a fact of life. His father was an assassin, and even from the age of five, he was being trained in the art.  At the age of 10, no one could quite understand how he was so good at what he did. He was as efficient as a fully trained ninja, yet had the problem of experience. He went to the academy for 3 years to get through it properly, and though he got his weapon near the end, he was an effective ninja without it.

He met one of the few people he talks to normally when he was 13. He saw an older clan member, a Magunasu. He didn't think much of it at that point in time. He had no reason to. He thought that Magunasu was naive, and stupid, but he knew that he was a dangerous man. Contrary to the look, he was dangerous. This is the instinct that Mugetsu had and had trained. This instinct served him well throughout the years as a genin, the total amount of years are about 4. He was a chunnin at 14, an efficient one at that.

At 15, He was taking missions on that should've been taken by multiple people, alone and with relative ease compared to what normal chunnins showed. This was due to the extensive training his father gave him, even to this point. He had more training then most chunnin because he had been training harder, fast and had most of the techniques ingrained in his head. He could pull them up at will. Makes for a very effective chunnin, yeah? Now consider this. He does most things in a short amount of time, even compared to most jounins. Most jounins had a set style, he didn't He did whatever it took to do things fast, effective and over-all clean, making him one to go on person retrival missions and assassination missions. Both he was a specialist at. He could get them done fast and effective, without any injurues to his person, and if required, he could bring the culprit back. There was, however, an over-arching reason he wasn't a jounin. That's seemingly all he could do.

So. They had a mission for him that only he could do. He had to impersonate someone who looked just like him, except they wore fancy clothing and talked a lot. If he could do that, they'd go through with it. He was 19 when he was assigned this mission, and he still recalls it as his hardest.


He had gotten up early in the morning, in a home that wasn't his. It was an impressive house, without a doubt. He, however, felt out of place in the home. He felt out of place under the fancy sheets. A servant came up to him as he woke up.

"Would you like breakfeast in bed, Mr.Omo?" Mugetsu shook his head, and cleared his throat. This was going to be a long ride, but he had to see it through. His promotion to jounin was leaning on him doing this right and proper.

"Bring it to the table, I'll be there in a moment."  

After Mugetsu spoke that, he got up and looked through the closet to attempt to find anything akin to what he wore. There was nothing. Nothing he'd normally wear. He picked out a black dress-shirt, and chose the least fancy frilly pants. He walked towards the mirror, attempting to shift his normally cold look into something lively. It took roughly ten minutes, but he ended up managing to look less murderous then normal. He styled his hair like the man normally would, and managed to get the voice down. This was going fairly well so far, but he knew the man had a family. He had all the details down on how he treated them, but he had to have faith they wouldn't see through the small differences.

He sat at the table, and saw Mr.Omo's daughters and son, and his wife. He gave the wife a kiss on the cheek and then said grace. Once that was done, he started eating.

"Honey, have you gotten that sale down with the village?" Ah. That's right. He was a merchant by trade. This was almost something he forgot. This, however, allowed him to develop Mr.Omo and his character a little bit more. He made the effort to look disappointed. He had not gotten the sale done. The village was being stubborn. Of course, the real Mr.Omo was strapped to a chair and being investigated for being a spy for some other village.

"Sadly, no. They're being awfully sturbborn, but when I cinch in this deal, we'll grab a lovely profit." He plastered a fake smile on his face and kept eating. This was all he had to do. Impersonate for a day and then go back, and have the real Mr.Omo back into the family. He couldn't understand why one would like this lifestyle. Not only did it lack action, the stress of a wife and having to secure sales with the village just sounded in general like a pain.

This was coming from a trained assassin. The rest of the day went rather well and mundane, including him talking to trading partners and them not noticing a thing off. He was an expert at what he did, and that was being an assassin. If he had to impresonate someone, fine. That'll be done and over with however long it take. It was a simple job.


After passing the mission with flying colors, Mugetsu became a jounin and has since kept doing the same sort of missions that he had been doing for the longest time. It was also around this same time that Mugetsu’s grandfather would appoint his grandson as the right heir of the clan, even with his father agreeing due to the boy being an obvious prodigy. Although leading the clan had been extremely hars during the first year Mugetsu had soon developed a close friendship with the odd Magunasu who not only served as his first real friend but his closest and most loyal advisor. Them together would bring in period of change especially with the unexpected increase of clan members unlocking the Heikigan. This era of the clan will be known as the Awakening Era.

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Approved! Sounds good.

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