Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Senju Katsuo [Fin]

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PostSubject: Senju Katsuo [Fin]   Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:08 pm

Name: Katsuo Senju
Nickname: Kat
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Height: 6'0
Weight: 123 lbs
Katsuo has messy white/black hair that reaches his chin and grey eyes, which is very typical of any Senju. He wears his band under his hair, like any other ninja. He wears a bit of a baggy pair of clothes and normal shinobi sandals. Pretty much he is just a normal kid. He also has a scar on his back, which nobody has ever seen. He got this scar from his grandfather during training. He also has a small tattoo of the Senju clan emblem on the back of his wrist, to show his appreciation of the clan. Every piece of his appearance, signifies something during his life as well as high and low points in Katsuo's adventure.

Village: Seishi
Character Rank: D - Genin
Clan: Senju
Element: Suiton

Katsuo is a very shady and hateful person. He doesn't like anyone (except some), and tries to be alone all the time. He enjoys being alone, and doesn't like to be in crowded areas. He is a very stubborn and arrogant man, as well as doesn't enjoy to be scolded at. If someone tries to teach his something, his stubbornness plays in and he stops listening.
During his life, he got hit due to his stubbornness. He thinks that he is the strongest person alive, and is obviously wrong. Yet, even though he was proven wrong countless of times he still fights anyone that seems strong. Due to his stubbornness he actually learns a lot. It was proven that the more stubborn he is, the more he tries to learn on his own. This was great for someone like Katsuo, since he always went behind the scenes to learn things, without interrupting anyone or anything. It was as if he learned, but he just wasn't there or didn't harm or hurt anyone.
Katsuo is also always curious, he enjoys looking for new things and trying them; which will lead to one of his main problems in life. He also is typically always honest. He doesn't like to lie because that makes more conversation, and he hates talking. He never portrays his emotions much rather, he keeps them to himself. If Katsuo shows a bit of emotion that shows that he is at an extreme level. To add on, he is never optimistic. He enjoys putting others down with him. If he had a bad day, everyone around him must have a bad day as well. Putting others down is fun for him as well as a definition of a good time. Most of the time, when someone tries to make his day better he makes theirs worse.
Likes: - Being Ignored,
Katsuo loves being ignored mostly because of the sign that it shows that they do not care about him. He doesn't like being cared for because then that means he has to have more people to take care of. He has a small group of people he has to protect and he doesn't enjoy loosing/adding people to that group.
- Food,
Katsuo has always loved food, mostly because he could eat it whenever he liked. Food breaks were the best, especially after a long day. He always hoped that he would be taking these food break out of the village, soon enough. Food was something that Katsuo always knew would be there for him, and not let him down.
- Having fun, in moderation.
Katsuo enjoys having fun, as much as any other person but keeping it in moderation is what is best. He enjoys having fun, but there is always a limit for how much fun you can have. Katsuo enjoys keeping that moderation as well as having some fun.
Dislikes: - Being called stupid,
Katsuo hates being called stupid. Mostly, as much as any other person, he hates being teased on. After all, he spent all of his childhood being teased on and still is; which he hates. It's not only the thought of being insulted, it is the way that people call him stupid. The term stupid, refers to intellect and after all Katsuo was the smartest in the academy. That meant that he was the smartest out of all of them, and if anyone should be calling the other stupid it should've been him. That's one of the main things that currently anger him.
- Seeing people he loves in danger.
Katsuo's main hatred is seeing people he loves in danger. As said before, he only has a few people that he actually cares about and every time he loses them he tries to act tough, but he actually is dying inside.  He has already lost so many people he loves, most of them, yet he still hates seeing each of them go one by one. He knows that they shall all leave one time or another, but he believes that every one of them leaves too early.
Motivations: Katsuo’s main motivation is to help/save the ones he loves. He doesn't want to put any of them in danger nor that he wants to see them get hurt. All Katsuo wants to do is help them and save them for any danger. Especially Kaede, out of all people. Another one of Katsuo’s motivations is to become the Hokage, and protect all of the villagers of Konohagakure. Mostly because he wants to prove to others that the son of a prostitute can make it really far as well as become successful in life. To prove others wrong is something else that he enjoys to do, but he mostly keeps it in private.
Fears: Katsuo’s main fear is that if he starts speaking, or changes he's scared that people won't like him. He believes that if he speaks his mind people won't value his opinion and start thinking badly of him. This results in him always keeping shut. He also is scared that he will loose his brother. He cares for Kaede a lot and loves him a bunch, and would be devastated to see him go. Another one of his fears is to deal with someone that is stronger than him. He despises loosing and meeting someone that can beat him isn’t one of his favorite things.
Character History: Katsuo went through many stages in his life, each deciding what he would do with his life as well as develop the stepping stones to what he is today. Each period of his life was different but they all did intertwine in some ways, as well as relate to each other producing the same product at the end. Even though he went through some good and bad times, Katsuo always tried to make things positive; at least he tried.
Since his birth Katsuo had been considered a mistake. There was a certain chance that he would even be here today. He would have been endangered before he even entered the world. His mother was a high-class prostitute, and she made a living out of this. She always preferred to use protection, but if someone payed extra she let it pass. One of her most recent clients had paid much more ryo than asked and he was allowed to not use protection. Sooner or later, the man was too early; and his pullout game wasn’t strong. This resulted in Katsuo being born. His father was a Hyuuga so nothing really bad resulted to embarrass Katsuo’s mother.
Once his mother realized that she was holding a baby, and couldn’t make any money she thought of killing Katsuo. While this idea was still in thought, she decided to ask her mother (Katsuo grandmother) who instantly denied her request. She claimed that it would be much more of a disgrace to kill the child to continue being a prostitute. The only reason she wanted to get rid of Katsuo was because she could make a solid 0 ryo with him in her stomach. This was the start of Katsuo’s life, and it obviously wasn’t a good one.
1-5 Years Old
On the day of his birth, the most unexpected thing happened. Katsuo actually had a twin.  His name is Kaede, and they aren’t identical twins but as two Senju brothers they were pretty similar. They both had black/white washy hair and clear red eyes, typical of any person in their clan. While Katsuo was normal, throughout his childhood he was bullied for being raised by a prostitute. He didn’t know who his father was, nor did his mother want to tell him. He was left with this mystery that he couldn’t figure out, which cause more distress to the child. The only thing he could do to relax him was practice. He would spent time laughing with his brother, since they had such a good relationship as siblings. This led to Katsuo always practicing, it was the only thing he could da to get his mind off of things. This was the start of Katsuo’s love for the Shinobi life.
5-10 Years Old
During this time period, Katsuo had to deal with a lot of bullying from other children as well as parents. He was always picked on for not knowing his father, and his mother being a whore made everything even worse. By now, all of the children had gotten much meaner and knew how to cause fear in other children’s heart and soul. It must’ve been the worst time for Katsuo since all he did was hide from everyone. The only person cheering and helping him was Kaede, the only person he trusted his life with. This time period just allowed Katsuo to get closer with Kaede and grow an even closer bond.
At the age of 10, the children had just gotten overboard and started to attack Katsuo. The children didn’t know any jutsus, unlike Katsuo. Katsuo had always been training with his grandfather who was a great Shinobi. As they attacked him, he rapidly got mad and just unleashed. He unleashed all the anger he had been hiding for years. He brutally beat up all the children that tried to fight him. That resulted in all of the children being scared of him in the academy.
11-15 Years Old
When he joined the academy, he quickly rose to the tops of the scores as well as the best in the academy.  This made everyone hate him even more, truthfully he hated them as well but he just didn’t care honesty. His life mostly consisted of having fun with Kaede, training, and studying. He was pretty boring during this period. One main change that happened is that Katsuo started to talk less as well as stop caring about the people around him, except Kaede. This resulted in who Katsuo is today, and how he developed as a child. He graduated as one of the best students as well as one of the strongest academy students and has just started as a genin.
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Senju Katsuo [Fin]
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