Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Kudo, Kei(Fin)

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PostSubject: Kudo, Kei(Fin)   Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:12 am

Name:  Kudo, Kei
Nickname: Pain in the Ass
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Height: 6’10”
Weight: 218
Appearance: Most important things first. He never wears a shirt. He finds it too encumbering, making it far harder to move. The vest, on his massive body, would make it that much more difficult to do the taijutsu that he likes doing. After all, why else would he have been blessed with his abnormal size, and abnormally long limbs. All of this makes a very convincing size. His body is quite built for someone of his age and skill set, mostly because he's been raised. He, by all means, is a farm boy turned ninja. His limbs are long, and big enough, that he could be terrifying with proper training.

He looks far more intimidating then he actually should, purely due to his massive size. He almost breaks seven feet. He probably will break seven feet by the time he hits 18, but he feels comfortable where he is right now. His purple hair and toned body make for an appealing look over all. Maybe for a bodyguard, but still. His massive size plus a lack of shirt makes him look more like a thug then a farm worker. He doesn't even know what a thug is. He's just a simple guy who just happens to be massive.

Village: Sei
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A

Personality:He is a hard-working sort of fellow who just happens to like to fight and roughhouse. He adores his sweets just as much as he adores doing things with his hands.  He likes both of those things just as much as a normal ninja loves sparring. Not to say he doesn't love sparring, he's just really bad at it. Sure, he has strength and durability to handle most of what comes at the genin level, he doesn't realize it. He just knows he's tough and tall, a bit strong and not as fast as he'd like to be. Even with his long legs, although they've come mostly as a hindrance to the poor guy.

He's not even a bad guy. He's a nice guy who just happens to love fighting. He doesn't do it out of malice, he does it out of wanting to learn. So if he randomly hits you, he's not trying to mug you, he's trying to spar and have fun. You shouldn't kill him. He might look mean, evil and generally thug-like, but it's just his way of living. He doesn't actually know much other then the way he lives. He knows loyalty, respect is earned, and even basic math!

Character History: He was born right next to Seishigakure, in the Hoshoku-sha mountains. His family is one of the very few who believe that living in the mountains make them strong. This has seemingly proved right in the case of a Kei Kudo, whom has grown to be a massive size with an insane amount of strength for a sixteen year old. He could lift logs when he was 13, and carry them reasonably long distances, and could fight with four people because he could take hits. Hits from normal, ever day people who were just moderatly strong and left bruises when they threw punches.

He was also always bigger then his brothers and sisters. He couldn't quite tell why until his uncle came to visit. His uncle was just as massive as he was, with cooler hair and shorter limbs. You have to be wondering why he became a genin, yeah? Well, it was actually on the advisory of Uncle. Uncle decided that Kei just happened to have specific skills that the village would probably end up valuing in the long running future. It took some convincing, but Kei, at the young age of 14, decided to come down from the mountains into the village.

He's not particularly special, beyond his abnormal height and hair. He wasn't the best at taijutsu in the academy, but he wasn't the weakest either. He was the middle guy in everything, and he just barely passed the final exam, but let's roll this tape back to when he was 15.
He had some bullies wanting to fight him, and Kei being Kei, decided that this was an absolutely fantastic idea. It was two on one, and he was by far the bigger man. The fight started with Kei kneeing one, and punching the other. This hurt both of the bullies. Mostly their pride. They decided to rush the big man, and actually got a good hit in. However, that was the end of that, as he used his size to grab both with seperate headlocks and smash them against a wall. It was hard, sure, but it took care of that. His low stamina didn't help his case as he had to sit down after that whole ordeal.


That little incident is what got him somewhat known in the genin group, as those bullies stopped bothering people because they figured it was no longer worth the effort.  He otherwise hasn't made any specific splashes.

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Kudo, Kei(Fin)
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