Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Meeting the new Tenant (Bijuu chakra training)

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PostSubject: Meeting the new Tenant (Bijuu chakra training)   Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:12 pm

It had been a while for Kosuke when he finally awoke from the sealing. He didn’t know how long it had been, but he was sure it hadn’t been too long. He could still feel the beast within him, though it appeared to be sleeping. Opening his eyes he would note that he was still within his Kamui dimension, good. He could now try and gain some form of control over his chakra now that he was outside of his ‘home’ dimension. He knew that this would be one of the hardest trainings he did, because he wanted to form a genuine relationship with the beast, as opposed to just controlling it with his dojutsu. He supposed that the beast would be surprised that he knew its real name and that his knowledge might pique its interest. He didn’t plan on keeping the beast forever, in fact he only sealed it to get it away from whatever force was controlling it. He was for some reason unable to locate or break a genjutsu on the beast, even with his rinnegan so he needed to learn more before he could discern a plan for action against the mysterious individual who caused this mess. In order to get any answers, he would need to enter the seal and find the beast. Sitting in a lotus position, he began to meditate.

Opening his eyes he found himself in a desolate, war-torn land. In the center of this land was a deep pit that he knew housed the labyrinth that was holding the great beast. Standing and preparing himself, he jumped directly into the center of the maze, landing just in front of the eight-tails’ cage. Glancing up at the beast, he could see one of its massive eyes appearing to glare at him from behind the bars. He heard a slight humming noise as the beast shifted itself so it could see him more clearly. He heard its deep voice inquire, “So, you are the one who sealed me in this place? Release me at once!” Kosuke merely sighed at the demand. “Hotei, I am not here to be your warden, and this is not your prison. I am your protector and this is your fortress. Someone controlled you into attacking my village and I plan to find out who and why. Apparently your brothers and sisters were forced to attack the other villages also, though im unsure if they were sealed or killed. I killed your brother the mountain. He was burning the gates of my village to the ground as people tried to flee for their lives. I am merely here to tell you that I did this for your best interest. I was also hoping that you would cooperate with me in my efforts some, seeing as we are now sharing this body.” With that Kosuke would activate his rinnegan and stare directly into Hotei’s massive eyes, hoping the beast would listen closer when he saw the eyes of the great sage.

Hotei let out a slight gasp as he saw the eyes of his father, though he got his surprise under control quickly. “You have my attention young sage, though I will not give my aid or power so easily, you must prove your worth to me.” He knew the boy was something special to have those eyes, though this was not enough for him to just hand over his power. Kosuke knew it wouldn’t be that easy, so he stepped between the bars of the cage and placed his hand on the great cat’s nose. Activating his Rinnegan technique that allowed him to share his life experiences with someone, he would allow hotei to relive his life through kosuke’s eyes. Maybe this would prove some worth to the beast. After several minutes, Kosuke released his hand and stepped back out of the cage. He looked up to the beast who had a slight tear in his enormous eye. “You have truly learned the meaning of sacrifice and have given greatly for the good of the world in your lifetime, so I grant you access to my power. But, you will need to put forth great effort to control it.” With that, purple chakra seeped out of the cage and enveloped Kosuke, he suddenly felt a great deal more powerful than he did without activating sage mode or his six paths sage mode. He knew that this power was but a glimpse of the full power the eight-tails wielded, but it was still a great deal of energy.

Deciding to practice his usage of the beasts energy he began to run laps around the area and do various physical tasks that would push his body slightly. Finally, he sat down and focused on moving this new chakra around his body and also focusing his various elements into the chakra to see the effects it would have. It seemed while active, this base bijuu cloak made his chakra much more erratic and hard to control, but also added more potency and power behind his chakra as well. So, he could assume that any jutsu he used would only be improved once he used them in conjunction with the chakra from Hotei. Deciding that this was enough training for one day, he knew he needed to return to the village and assess the damage that had been done by the attack, and to see how the other villages were effected as well. So, exiting his mindscape after bidding farewell to his tenant, he Kamuid back to his apartment within the uchiha compound where he found izuna fast asleep. Deciding that he was fairly tired as well, he moved into his own room and laid himself down to go to sleep, though he knew that he would only get a couple of hours before he was called in to report on what had happened. He knew that no one would be able to tell that he was a jinchuuriki until he told them, so he would just say he killed the eight and the seven. That way, he wouldn’t have to answer any unwanted questions.

Claiming Bijuu chakra access.

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Meeting the new Tenant (Bijuu chakra training)
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