Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Chunnin Missions

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Katsuo threw his clothes on and proceeded to grab an apple to eat for a small breakfast. He had on a white t shirt with a black leather jacket, some dark blue skinny jeans and his good old hunting jeans. He bit into the juicy apple as he looked at the list he received a couple days ago. He was a fresh genin, but he wanted more. He wanted Chuunin. Chuunin was the rank above Genin but under chunin. It was more of an respective rank, if you got it you were pretty much above your class. Katsuo would smile as he stretched and snatched the list off his wall. He read it closely.
“Hello Katsuo, we have received word that you wanted to be a Chuunin. As a fresh genin we thought you should have a little bit more experience under your belt but after seeing that you graduated top 3 in you academy class and your excelling in ninjutsu,  bukijutsu and fuinjutsu you have already done plenty of missions we decided to let you slide on this one. To become a Chuunin we have a list of tasks we need you to do. First, There is a man of great reputation in one of the minor villages. He is staying in Seishi for the weekend but it seems that he has taken a mask of the Anbu. We need you to get the mask without being caught or seen. Secondly, there is a rich wealthy man in Seishi as we speak. All he does is look at the girls and make fun of the men. Being the country we are we cannot directly interfere with it but that’s why we are sending you. We need you to dress up as a bandit and teach him a lesson with your taijutsu. He cannot see you using ninjutsu at all, it will mess up the relations of the village. He has 2 genin bodyguards that will not hesitate to engage with any threats that they see. Thirdly, this is a special request from me, The Seishikage’s assistant. Someone has been up with the Seishikage lately and Im beginning to think that it is his significant other. We need you to spy on his significant other for a whole week to make sure. Another request for an missing item comes from one of our religious elders , he usually brings his holy book up with him to meditate. This time he left it up there and we need to help you get it for him. Lastly but not least, we need you to meet up with the Seishikage after all these are done. Thanks and good luck. ~Signed by the Seishikage’s Assistant.”
Katsuo smiled after rereading it for the 3rd time in the past 2 hours. He was finally ready to take off for his tasks at hand. The one he was most nervous about was spying on the wife of the Seishikage, he had to do it for a whole week but he decided to focus on the first task at hand. Getting the mask back. He hoped in his boat as he took of using the paddles to get to the mainland. The man was staying there for a weekend which means he probably rented a house for the weekend. Katsuo would think as he rushed into the complex for temporal housing. He knew who this man was, from the village of ashes very influential indeed, what did he need the mask for? Oh well Katsuo knew this was an easy grab. He looked into the house as he saw a few body guards, but he was sure none of them could keep up with his speed much less see his face. Katsuo eyed down the mask as he zipped up his leather jacket and tightened his boot laces. He slowly opened the window and made sure to keep low as he most quickly throughout the house as he snagged the mask and quickly put it on his mask and ran out to make sure he wasn’t seen at all . He then took off to the drop off point of the mask for the assistant. He took the mask off and set it down as an Anbu appeared right next to him. After a quick thanking the two departed from each other. Katsuo had to get to his next task.
He had to fight this wealthy bastard, while at the drop off location he picked up the bandit clothes that he needed for this task. He stopped at a public bathroom to change, which took him little time. He made a little sack out of his white webs and slung it across his back as he took off for the wealthy man. It took Katsuo around 10 minutes, he found him from his sole sound of laughter at the men at the hot springs. Katsuo, in a tree at the time felt the rush of adrenaline; he was ready to take them down. While they were focused on laughing at the men Katsuo would find a rather dark area in the tree to blend in as he watched the men closely. But he seeing on how he had to use his ninjutsu he had to be quite careful, Katsuo opened his hand as a pair of 2 spiders came from his sleeve into the middle of his palm. They were around a tenth of an inch big and females. They knew their mission well, bite the guards. Seeing that it was the hot springs this was the perfect opportunity for Katsuo to strike. The spider jumped from his hand onto the land around 8 feet down and made their way to the genin. Katsuo would use his doujutsu to see the men from around 20 feet away more clearly. He would also be watching the little balls of chakra (his spiders) as there were extremely close, he formed the proper seals for the Hidden Mist Technique. Since they were in the hot springs it would seem normal for it to get misty. Just not as misty as it’s about to get. Katsuo timed it perfectly as his spiders bit the 2 guards. Katsuo knew what would happen, their vision would be ridiculously blurry so they would be more focused on their vision rather than the fog giving Katsuo time to knock them out and get the rich bastard. The mist formed from the springs as it got extremely mist, thanks to Katsuo’s doujutsu he could see while he was in it. He moved quickly knocking both the genin out but suffocating them but they were sure to wake up. Katsuo would look around for the bastard as he saw a trace of his weak chakra, he was on the run but Katsuo knew better as he threw the man against one of the springs walls. He continued to punch him in his face, knocking out a couple of teeth before throwing him into the towel section so atleast some of the towels could soak up some blood. Katsuo quickly made his way to the bodyguards bodies and put his fingers on the ground as the spiders crawled up onto his sleeve, as he also deactivate his jutsu. He would then dash away back into the public bathroom as he washed his fists and changed. His hands were bruised but there were plenty excuses he could’ve came up with if anybody asked him. He then made his way to the mountain of the religious man. Katsuo had never climbed a mountain before but he figured it couldn’t be that hard. Just upon arriving he realized why they asked him to get it. Luckily because of Katsuo’s clan it would be quite easy for him to climb this mountain, and it would take very little time. As Katsuo looked at the mountain he grew 2 pairs of arms, as he ran to the base. His chakra would cover his feet as he ran up the mountain as fast as he could. Using his arms whenever his feet got tired , it took him about 8 minutes which was record time in his book as he found the holy book the man left, it was gold, so it wasn’t that hard to find. Katsuo would grab the book and slip in into the pack he made for his clothes as he ran back down the mountain, more of chakra sliding. This took half the time to do so he already had came up with plans for spying on the Seishikage’s wife. He dropped the book off at the drop off location but he didn’t wait this time, he was sure the man would get his book. Now he had to spend his next week or so stalking the Seishikage’s wife. Katsuo took the careful approach.  He would keep an close eye on her making sure she didn’t go anywhere without him. He couldn’t be caught off guard, this was the wife we were talking about she knew a lot about the villagers so if Kat got caught it was donzo. Katsuo never saw her with any other man, or women for that matter, he didn’t know if she was homo or not. But while spying on her Katsuo got a free show everyday which he did enjoy. After completing all of his tasks Katsuo met up with the Seishikage as he was told. As he walked into the office door, the Seishikage was sitting high in his chair, boldly. Katsuo would open his mouth to speak but the Kage beat him to it. “Greetings Katsuo, of the Senju clan.” He would say as he smiled. “I ordered you here today for a potential ranking promotion. I’ve been hearing about your recent success in missions, and you have been slowly but surely popping up in conversations. But I had to see it for myself, so … impress me and ill rank you Chuunin in the village.” Katsuo looked around for something to impress the Seishikage with but after a few seconds he spoke up “Do you have a shogi board?” Katsuo would smile after he asked as the Seishikage would smirk. “Ill have you know that I haven’t been defeated in Shogi for years and I will surely not lose to a genin, but you asked for it. “ The man would say pulling out a wood board as he quickly assembled the pieces for the 2 to play. there we indentions in the board to outline the spaces, Katsuo noticed that as he sat at the desk across from the man. The man continued to speak. “I gave you the jeweled king seeing that you are the challenger. “ Katsuo said nothing as he nodded his head and began to play. As he rested his pieces on a pawn, he would use the wood to come up from the board and slightly move the pieces. After around 20 minutes of playing the wood began to move certain pieces where he wanted them while Katsuo conversed with the Seishikage asking questions like, ‘Whats it like being the Seishikage’, ‘Do you love your village?’ After a while. Katsuo would speak in reference to the board. “Check.” He had the man trapped with a general, bishop and rook. There was no escape . Katsuo spoke for the second time “Mate” The Seishikage looked surprised, as he should. He didn’t really move the king that much that game so he had no idea on how It could’ve gotten in check but he couldn’t say Katsuo did it because he had his eye on Katsuo the whole time. Katsuo used the desk to stand up from his chair, as he did his spiders went into his sleeve quickly. Katsuo walked towards the door and opened it. As he walked out he spoke one more time. “Its stupid to talk about things you’re not. Just be yourself and you will be fine."

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Chunnin Missions
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