Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Avio Hyuga (Fin)

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PostSubject: Avio Hyuga (Fin)   Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:48 pm

Name: Avio Hyuga
Nickname: The Wannabe Dragon
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 120 pounds
Appearance:  There are many odd things about Avio. He is a Hyuga, make no mistake. They've checked, his father and mother can certify that he was born a Hyuga, but then why? Why does Avio have Red hair and one red eye, and one brown eye? He's the outcast, appearence-wise, of the Hyuga. A mixed bag of recessive genes formed the man named Avio. Well, kid. Kid named Avio. All of these genes make him a red sheep of the clan. His hair and eye, in fact, are what perturbs most Hyuga clan members. How, in the world, could these genes all pop up on the one guy.

He considers it just garbage luck. He got a lot of the good genes as well. He has a good body, and a generally clear head. His entire body had decided to look more mature then it should at his age, right down to his hard chin and long hair. His body is just generally more developed than it should be at the age he is. He's guessed that he has stopped growing, due to the early spurt in both body maturity and height.

He's also noticed he's a good bit taller then most people he knows at his age.

Village: Seishigakure
Character Rank: D ranked Genin
Clan: Hyuga (Main Family)
Element: N/A

Personality: Avio is a happy man. That's the long and short of it. He's a happy guy with some friends. He likes training, he occasionally likes fighting, and likes to atone himself to something akin to a dragon. The 'Red Dragon of the Hyuga' would be a brilliant name, although he knows he doesn't quite deserve the name yet. He's determined, however, to become worthy of the name. He'll become good enough to develop a jutsu for it, and make everything cool!

That, in his head, is quite far away. He's only a Genin. He's maybe the red lizard. That is, to note, that even lizards can be dangerous. One shouldn't understimate someone quite as intense as Avio. Avio's goal isn't something new, it's something he's had for... five odd years. He's held this idea firm that he wants to become the 'Red Dragon of the Hyuga' which for all intents and purposes, is what's going to happen.

Especially if he has something to say about it. If he has something to say about, he and his nice and cool hair, and his cool eyes, will go straight to the top. Whenever he gets strong enough, that is. He knows not to rush things otherwise face the consequences.

Character History: You'd think, for someone who was born like he was, he was born in one of the side families? Nah. He was born in the Main family. Now, mind you. When he was born, the only odd thing was his eyes, and they were willing to accept that. However, when his hair started to turn red when he was eight, that was when they were having some problems. His birth was still controversial, however. He wasn't born to two main house members, but a male of the main house and a female of the minor house.  Neither had any of the particular charactriscs he had, but still he popped out like this.

Both of his parents confirm that he's theirs, but can't understand why he has all these characteristics. Nobody in the family unless you go awhile back, has any of the traits he has. They go back far enough, and sure enough, you have the original Dragon, but even he was at least 3 generations back. Now the real question, is what made him able to be raisen in the main branch, is the fact that his father had some sway, and got him in the main clan.

He, however, was at the center of ridicule from his family. His red hair was often made fun of, and his eyes were often poked at. This made him almost hate everyone, until he met a certain Hyuga member. She was a minor family house, and she was nice.  Her name was Reigetsu. She, in his darkest time, appeared and gave him a place to stay. He remembers it, even if it was only a few days , it's one of the most important things anyone has ever done. After all, when he was 9, he was in his fighting against the clan phase because they're being mean.

An important thing to note, is that if it weren't for the proper seal of approval on his acadcemy papers, no one would have believed that he was a Hyuga, he seeming lacked the tact and social skill that most of the people in the clan used to have. He's well aware of this, but he sure didn't give a crap. He's too happy and such to have graduated at this point to care about things like social standards and tactfulness. It really doesn't matter to him, and at 15, he's a newly made Genin!

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PostSubject: Re: Avio Hyuga (Fin)   Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:52 pm

Approved! weird. Welcome to the Revolution!

Direct Quote from Izuna:

Exactly, you don't remember any of this... Okami would be like: and what does this button do? *activates Infinite Tsukuyomi*

Okami's Infinite Amaterasu Sales Pitch:

[22:36:48] @ Okami : Burns faster, hotter, longer, and stronger! Try it for 90 days! If you aren't dead, you'll get your money back!
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Avio Hyuga (Fin)
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