Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Bōenkyō Byakugan Jutsu

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PostSubject: Bōenkyō Byakugan Jutsu   Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:02 am

Name: Eight Trigrams: Emperor/Empress Mode
Rank: S
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Self

The user while in this mode summons a chakra cloak around themself that would whem the manifest itself in the form clothing fitting for a king and queen. In addtion the user gains a crow floating above their head. While in this form the user gains a great boost to in power. +30 to all stats. In addtion the user gains a reduction in the chakra amount required to any form of taijutsu (including bukijutsu and shurikenjutsu) move they use by one rank. (The technique Heavenly Weapon Construct gains a two rank chakra reduction to activate.) Finally in this form the user will be capable of walking and levitating in the air. This form requires an upkeep of B Rank chakra.

Requirements: One must have Grand Master in Taijutsu and at least Master in Ninjutsu. One must at least be at least A Rank before obtaining this skill.


Name: Eight Trigrams: Heavenly Weapon Construct
Rank: S
Type: Bukijutsu/Ninjutsu
Element: Yin Release
Range: Close

The user via the basis of Byakugan: Construct combined with the power of the Yin Release summons and forms a weapon made from chakra gathered directly from their body. In a similar manor to Byakugan: Constructs these weapons can be almost anything from kunai and shuriken to much larger things to katana and war axes. Unlike its predecessor technique these weapons take a more tangible form mimicking that of six paths weapons and with that in mind the user upon manifesting the weapon of their desire can only use this weapon and will not be able to manifest enough type of weapon. The weapon of choice can hold several abilities from cutting and siphoning chakra to allowing flight. Since this weapon is essentially made of chakra the user can call forth or regenerate the weapon upon their will but will cost an additional A Rank chakra to do so. (In essence this weapon allows for a single major ability and cannot be changed or added onto and the ability must be based purely around Yang Release aspects.)

(One Free S Rank Rank Weapon Must be Registered and approved before this weapon can be used.)

Requirements: Can only be used in conjunction with the Boenekyo Byakugan and requires at least Master tier in Bukijutsu or Shurikenjutsu.


Name: Eight Trigrams: Pure Deity Beasts
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Mid

The user via the power of the Boenekyo Byakugan summons and manifests three powerful beasts strong enough to rival that of all stages of Susanoo. A single beast is enough to rival the first version of a Susanoo while the additional two beast in conjunction with the first are strong enough to handle the additional versions of the Susanoo. While these beast not not directly protect the user unlike the Susanoo these beast can surround them in the manor of a chakra cloak to protect the user from harm. These beast are as strong and fast the users base speed, strength, and durability but with the addition of +25 to both stats. These beast are equipped with a roaring attack with force similar that to Eight Trigrams Air Plam but on a much more powerful scale. In addition these beast have a natural resistance to ninjutsu which stems from something not solid or tangible making them a rank lower then their intended rank. (Like Fire, Water, Wind, and Lightning releases.) These beast are normally those equipped with claws, teeth, or other offensive adaptations. Most common beast forms used are Lions, Dragons, and even wolves. The upkeep cost for all three beast is A Rank Chakra.

Requirements: The user must have the Boenekyo Byakugan and at least have a tier mastery of Master for Both Ninjutsu and Traditional Taijutsu before one can use this.


Name: Eight Trigrams: Junsuina Seija
Rank: SS
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Mid Range

The user via the power of the Boenekyo calls forth all of the chakra located from each of the eight gates. This chakra manifests itself in a form completely mirroring the user itself, while each gate makes a copy out the user totaling in eight chakra copies. These copies in which act similar to the Hachimon technique are to a certain degree stronger then the the user in the sense they are a stronger manifestation of the users currents.

The boost of strength to the chakra manifestations of the gates is as stands...

First Gate Clone: +10 All Stats
Second Gate Clone: +15 All Stats
Third Gate Clone: +20 All Stats
Fourth Gate Clone: +25 All Stats
Fifth Gate Clone: + 30 All Stats
Sixth Gate Clone: +35 All Stats
Seventh Gate: +40 All Stats
Eigth Gate Clone: +50 All Stats

(If a clone were to be hit by an opponents strength whose higher than the clones durability it while disappear and cannont be resummoned.)

The user upon unlocking this technique can only manifest a single gate at the time of unlocking this but upon further training, (WC: 5000) the user can learn to summon and call forth all the gates at once. The clones have the ability to use any Hyuga Clan techniques the user knows (Without Paying Additional Chakra) and requires  A Rank Chakra up until the fourth gate to maintain while S Rank chakra for the remaining four per post to maintain. Unlike the Hachimon releases this technique causes no physical harm to the user but in return can only be used once per topic and cannont be used in conjunction with any other Boenekyo Byakugan techniques.

Requirements: The user must have the Boenekyo Byakugan and possess Grand Master in Traditional Taijutsu and be a member from the main branch of the Hyuuga Clan and have at least three S Rank Gentle Fist or Step techniques.
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PostSubject: Re: Bōenkyō Byakugan Jutsu   Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:06 am

Approved! Sounds like fun!

Direct Quote from Izuna:

Exactly, you don't remember any of this... Okami would be like: and what does this button do? *activates Infinite Tsukuyomi*

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[22:36:48] @ Okami : Burns faster, hotter, longer, and stronger! Try it for 90 days! If you aren't dead, you'll get your money back!
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Bōenkyō Byakugan Jutsu
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