Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Sou's Hunting Missions [PRIVATE]

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PostSubject: Sou's Hunting Missions [PRIVATE]   Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:25 am


In the dark of night stood the shadow of Sou Uchiha, the one known as Demon Eyes stood as he received his mission via scroll. As a Hunter-nin for the ANBU Tracking Corps it was his duty to hunt down those that fled the village however it was also another thing, it was his duty to occassionally investigate matters like the one he received now. His masked face looked down and began reading about the problems that were happening on the outskirts of the village, that left Sou a little annoyed.

He could be doing so much more with his night but unfortunately that was not the case. Having decided to try and get this done as soon as possible left the village to travel to the closest village where the attack took place, in the cold Yami night Sou might have well been a phantom, his movements were soundless and swift and so the time it took for him to get to the village was not very long. Surely enough the small settlement was in ruin, fire and bodies everywhere but no one left except maybe a few surivivors which wouldn't even make it through the night. Nevertheless he should harvest whatever information he could from them before they died.

Going to the most conscious of the wounded, Sou noticed his wounds were not very bad but still fatal, nevertheless he would be fine while the ANBU interrogated him.

"Plea.... please he- help us... hel...lp me."

"Do not worry, help is on the way, I need to know everything you know about this incident. Please cooperate and everything will be fine now begin."

The two talked, Sou applied some basic first aid with his knowledge of the human physiology and anatomy although he didn't care, but the fact he was going through all this trouble made the man speak more and give him much more valuable information. When the man finally finished the shinobi rose and turned to leave but noticed the man grabbed his leg and looked at him pleadingly.

"You... You said...."

"Oh... that's right. I said I'd help you didn't I.. Well the thing is that you are beyond saving and so the only way I can help you is.."

Without finishing his sentence the man gripped his throat as he slit the man's throat with his kunai and dropped the body on the ground. He didn;t bat an eyelid or care much, he didn't have a bond with this man and so he was effectively worthless to Sou. But with this information on the bandits he decided that he best get back and report his findings to the council.

Turning to go he left the scene and returned to give a debrief on the mission to his ANBU Captain and teammate Yume who'd take his findings to the council who'd decide what to do next.
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Posts : 32
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Age:: 21
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PostSubject: Re: Sou's Hunting Missions [PRIVATE]   Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:29 pm

After recent attacks on nearby settlements Sou had resumed his normal duties, tracking down targets and killing them to dispose of their bodies. The usual, it had been a few days since he delivered the information his superiors and in that few days it all passed with good reapings for the village. Using the information he had collected from the victim the ANBU had been able to lay a trap and capture on of the bandits. Being that it was his mission Sou was given the task of interorgating the bandit to find out more about the attacks.

It was midday when he arrived at the room where he would be extracting the information from the captive by any means necessary. Once he arrived he ordered the guard to let him in, masked as usual the young man entered the room and stood there silently as the two men observed each other.  When Sou finall took a step forward he smiled underneath his mask when he saw the bandit flinch, that was good. He was scared.

"I will be here to ask you a few questions, you will answer them and if you don't I will begin to use very painful means to extract what I want. Do you understand?"

Fearful of the fox masked ANBU Operative the bandit nodded shakily. He wouldn't last long against the means that Sou could use, he understood the anatomy of a person and he knew the best ways to inflict pain onto people. If it came down to it he could even just use genjutsu although he'd prefer showing the man he was serious.

"Tell me.... who employs your services?"

"No... no one, ju- just me and a few other ninja.."

A lie, the man took Sou for an idiot, he knew enough about people to know the man was clearly lying. After all, he hadn't even started inflicting pain on the man and so lying would be easy. What a fool, without speaking the masked man walked silently over to the man who was sweatly quite a lot as he watched the Uchiha approach. Just his approach made the bandit break and start blabbering.

"He's called the insomniac! Please don't, I'll tell you anything you want just let me go!"

His begging looked pathetic as he pleaded for his life, if he was not tied to the chair he was seated on Sou would'n't have been surprised if the outlaw fell to his knees and held his captor's leg and broke down. What a sad thing.

"Now tell me where I can find this "Isomniac".... Answer or I'll slit your throat right here."

The man's face went pale, probably cause he knew that he'd die after selling out this man but it didn't matter since Sou had his orders, whatever happened he would be killing this man before the day was finished. No matter what he did he was a dead man, although if he knew that he wouldn't break. It was the hope that by telling the truth one might have mercy which made people give information to you, Sou wasn't going to risk losing that card.

When his

WC: 441

You know, loose ends and all that. He tells you about a retired Jounin who goes by “the insomniac”. The bandit doesn’t know where he is holed up but knows a chuunin who does.
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Sou's Hunting Missions [PRIVATE]
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