Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Arch Demon Flame

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PostSubject: Arch Demon Flame   Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:32 pm

Name: Rushifā Fureimu (Arch Demon Flame)
Parent Elements: Fire/Yin Release
DNA Required: N/A
Description:  Rushifā fureimu is considered the devour flame... It is a rare form of advanced fire release and can only be achieved in a state where a person is at their lowest point. This flame at one point was considered an experimental version of the well known Amaterasu but in fact it is so much more. This flame as its devouring nickname suggests eats and feeds of the chakra of both living and artificial things. Like the Amaterasu this flame is seemingly unextinguishable when a chakra source is feeding it.

The flame itself is much stronger than the average fire release technique. In exchange for the great increase  power it needs chakra to survive, if the flame is overused or its needs are not met it will began to feed on the user itself through a devouring process that eventually leave the user unconscious. This process can be easily stopped by meeting its needs and eventually can be stopped completely by fully mastering the flame which will then allow the use to access much greater power.

It was created from experimentation of someone trying to get Amaterasu; and while the fire does take on some special propoties, it's still a normal fire with a black outline.


Upon coming in contact with a tangible jutsu releases that is made of chakra the Arch Demon Flame has the ability to siphon the chakra from this opposing jutsu allowing it to become a rank higher than what it currently is. This can only be done by one jutsu at a time so if a target uses an addition jutsu after their first one was outclassed the technique would then be certainly defeated.

(An Example of Tangible Jutsu releases would be Earth, Water, Steel, and Crystal)

While normal fire release may not be tangible Arch Demon Flame’s are naturally stronger and are of the same nature which in this case would allow the Arch Demon Flames siphoning ability to activate. This flame why siphoning from a direct source of chakra. (I.E a jutsu) it can not be extinguished but when feeding off a non direct source, (I.E a physical target) the flame can be extinguished through means of jutsu one rank higher than it. 

In addition to siphoning from jutsu this flame can also take from the user's targets. Upon physical contact with a living being the flame siphons 10 chakra points per post that the flame is in contact with its target along with the already intense burns and melting ability of the fire.

Even the flames  can devour its very owner if the owner overuses the fire and runs out of chakra. It always starts with the leg, and every post, goes up an extremity, and after 6 posts on repeated usage, would devour the user whole resulting in the character going unconscious. This can be reversed via using double the chakra as the original jutsu was worth, although unlike when coming into contact with an enemy the flame does not burn the user only gives them a sense of great fatigue.

The user has the option to train an additional 1,500 Words to manipulate and master the devouring process of the body to strengthen the user's abilities. To do so the user must wait the six posts required to devour the user and upon achieving a state of full devouring, the user can control the flames to form a cloak of chakra around them to take the shape of an Arch Demon and subsequently boosting +30 to All Stats. 

This devoured form is know as the Arch Demon Mode. While in this mode the user becomes immune to all fire and water releases. This form requires SS Rank to activate and B Rank Up Keep. The user, in this form, can devour the chakra of their opponent like the flames, and can gain 10 points of chakra directly from the target while also being able to burn and siphon 10% of chakra from jutsu as well. This form can only be maintained for six posts and afterwise the user loses the ability to use Arch Demon Flames for the remainder of the thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Arch Demon Flame   Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:13 am

Approved! Upon Making Changes Requested By Okami.

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Arch Demon Flame
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