Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Apocalypse Agents and Abilities

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PostSubject: Apocalypse Agents and Abilities    Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:02 pm

1.) Death- Kurushimigan
2.) Pestilence- Decay Release
3.) War- Blood Release
4.) Famine- Dry Release

Name: Decay Release
Parent Elements: Earth + Water + Wind
DNA Required: Must be the Agent of Pestilence
Description: Decay Release (錆遁, Seiton), is a kekkei tōta combining the elements of water, wind, and earth. It grants the user the ability to create and manipulate a black mist that will slowly decay and disintegrate almost anything it comes into contact with. It is unable to decay anything without physical form however, and seems to be weak to lightning.
Abilities: The user is able to decay and disintegrate almost any physical construct. (e.g. Wood, Earth, Crystal, etc.) and is able to formulate this decay into mists or as an extention of ones body. It isn't as effective against humans, though it can be used to do great harm.


Name: Dry Release
Parent Elements: Earth + Wind + Yin
DNA Required: Must be the Agent of Famine
Description: Dry Release (乾遁, Kanton) is an advanced nature kekkei tōta, which is created by combining the earth, wind, and yin natures. This allows the user to create and manipulate a sand-like substance. This substance is immensely dry, and as such is slightly resistant to water as it dries it up. Though any A-rank or above Water jutsu used on the sand can overcome this and weaken it greatly. It is almost completely immune to Fire-based jutsu, though S-ranked jutsu will still revert it into glass.
Abilities: User is able to control their sand-like substance to an amazing degree, forming constructs and other objects out of it. This sand can also be used to dry up water or other liquids and guard against fire jutsu up to A-rank and water jutsu up to B-rank.

Name: Kurushimigan (Eye of sorrow)
Clan: None
Eye of Death:
The eye appears as a deep red iris with a ring in the center seperating a brighter red middle area. The pupil is a pure white color.
Abilities: The first ability granted by a user of this eye, is to gauge one's lifeforce. This isn't a set in stone depiction of when they will die, but a look at how strong their will is and their spirit.
The second ability, is to control the soul of a person. Not to bring them to life, but to be able to touch and interact with someone's soul. (Think the human path of the Rinnegan)
Finally this grants the user heightened perception and reflexes. increasing both perception and speed by 30 when active.
Requirements: Must be the Agent of Death.

Name: Blood Release
Parent Elements:  Yang + Yin + Earth
DNA Required: Must be the Agent of War
Description: Blood Release (血遁, Ketton), The user is able to manipulate their blood inside and outside of their body. This can be used to heal or to form weapons and attack.
Abilities:Blood Release allows the user complete manipulation over their own blood; providing them with a number of benefits such as - but not limited to - immunity to poisons and other such substances that target the bloodstream, ability to strengthen their stamina or other bodily strength by allowing more oxygen into their bloodstream and a level of accelerated healing. Obviously, to heal multiple wounds, or otherwise fatal injuries, Chakra proportionate to the size of the wound is required to carry out the healing facilitated. While organ regeneration is possible, such an act drains the user tremendously, usually resulting in the hospitalization of the user for extended periods of time; and in some cases, death. When utilized and manipulated outside the body, the blood can be molded into weapons and used in short and close range combat.

The Seal
Name: Juinjutsu: Yami no Boken-Sha
Rank: SS
Type: Juinjutsu
Element: Yin-Yang
Description: Keikoku touches his target and a mark will appear on the left side of their chest. The mark is dependent on whatever agent the person is most attuned to. Once the seal is placed, there is a dice roll to determine what mark appears. Each seal can only activate once the one who has the seal is in a life or death situation. (will be determined by staff)
Once activated, the seal grants its user (one who has been sealed) the element or KKG aligned with their mark. (Death, War, Famine or Pestilence.) The seal CANNOT be removed.  

When one is marked with the seal they will lose something related to their alignment. Whatever is lost is compensated by the seal, so the character will not die or anything, but you wont have whatever you lose.

Whoever has the Death seal is no longer able to sleep.

Whoever has the War seal is no longer capable of feeling peace.

Whoever has the Famine seal can no longer eat.

Whoever has the Pestilence seal will always feel sickly





Requirements: Can only be used by Keikoku or Mokushiroku, there can ONLY be four people marked, each with a different variation.

Current Agents

  • Death- Kenshi Omo
  • Pestilence-
  • War-
  • Famine- Itsuki Kai

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Apocalypse Agents and Abilities
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