Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Yuuichi Amatsu [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Yuuichi Amatsu [FINISHED]   Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:29 am

Yuuichi Amatsu
Age: 12 years old.
Gender: Male.

Height: 5 feet 2 inches.
Weight: 59 kilograms.
Appearance: Upon meeting Yuuichi many people are curious as to his appearance, the young man is quite small but that doesn't matter to him. Most people can stand over him and look down at the small boy. It isn't his height that ignites this curiousity in people though; it's his features that does that.

Pure white hair runs down from his head, it is soft and silky which surprises most since the style makes it quite messy and rough looking since he doesn't take much care of his appearance. His eyes are a striking gold, often catching people by surprise and creating a reaction from them. His eyes have a radiant determination and are bright and sharp for people to look at with what some describe as a piercing stare which makes people think he is seeing into their very soul and able to read their most darkest thoughts, this often makes people squirm or become uncomfortable with his gaze if he focuses on them too much.

Yuuichi's body is slim and agile, lacking a lot of muscle mass is a problem for the young genin due to his lack of physical strength. This often makes him rely heavily on graceful and swift movements which makes him unnaturally fast for his age although he isn't very strong at all. He has a flexible body of an acrobat with excellent senses and dexterity which all compensate for that lack of strenth in his body.

Going hand in hand with his ghostly white hair is his pale white skin which is freakishly pale. Due to his complexion quite a lot of people are confused about the skin although it possesses the supernatural effect of never getting sunburnt, this is because his skin is very much healthy but his genetics have a strange strand of DNA which makes his skin very white.

In terms of clothes Yuuichi can be caught wearing loose fitted clothing. His Shinobi attire consists of a loose-fitting two-toned light and dark blue kimono jacket with billowing sleeves, tied by a thick khaki-grey Ono-stylised belt, and a pair of navy pants. In addition to his outfit, he wears black long fingerless gloves and black calf-length shinobi sandals. Yuuichi also wears his Seishi forehead protector around his forehead. In the past Yuuichi wore a traditional monk's garment.

Village: Seishigakure.
Character Rank: Genin.
Clan: Unknown.
Element: N/A

Personality: Quiet, Observant and Respectful tend to describe Yuuichi quite well, due to his upbringing the young adolensence has a very disiplined attitude and often uses his manners. Serving as primarily a learner, he likes to stay and learn things repeatedly until he can get it right and to a high standard before moving on with something else, being somewhat of a silent achiever Yuuichi pours his heart into everything he does and while everyone moves on after they feel they are competent in something Yuuichi likes to go above and beyond with his skills and works on them to develop them in new and interesting ways which is why his graduation from the Academy was so incredible since he trained for much longer and harder than any other student who after getting to be able to do it didn't go back to it.

He isn't a Shinobi who is good at taking leadership roles, he likes to support other people in their own endevours instead of his own which makes him very selfless. He has a kind heart and it is one of the reasons he sought to learn about Medical Ninjutsu and study it to help those who need it. Due to his upbringing with monks the young child is quite wise, having learnt a great deal from them about literature, history and jutsu among other things although he often knows more about the past instead of the modern times.

Yuuichi's attitude is very gentle, and is always there to listen to other people's problems and keep his own to himself although his enigmatic past makes it hard for him sometimes. He is a person that seeks truth and answers, having never known his father and his mother passing away early in his life Yuuichi has only ever known the monks that raised and trained him as his family, it often makes him jealous to see other children or people with their families while he is all alone in the world.

Character History: Yuuichi's birth and origins are shrouded in mystery, not much is known about the young Genin full stop, the first time he was ever recorded to exist was through a group of monks who received him from his dying mother, she had gotten sick and the sickness had taken her life in a painful and slow process which the monks couldn't heal and so she passed away leaving the strange baby to the care of the monks.

They were not going to abandon the child, instead of giving him away to another woman the monks raised him as one of their own. From an early age he learned the ancient art of Ninshu which the monks studied, he learnt about ancient history; scriptures detailling the stories of the Sage of the Six Paths and his brother; the quarrels between the two rivalling sons and about the Otsutsuki Clan from which that event the world was shaped into what it is today.

After he turned eleven Yuuichi wanted to go into the world and help people, he had learnt basic ninjutsu and learnt basic Medical Ninjutsu which he used to help people who came to the monks for help. He went to Seishigakure, the closest village to the monestary, going there made him standout. It wasn't long before the entire village was talking about the strange child who was so very white and pale.

He finally went into the Academy and studied hard, he worked and trained to the highest levels his body could go to, past the limits of a standard ninja, using his pre-existing training he had from the monks; he pushed himself further than what normal students would to make sure he'd pass without any chance of failure.

Having taken his test Yuuichi's score was considered the highest score ever recorded for the students of the academy, after which point he was raised to the rank of Genin where he now works with his Genin team to continue his career and path into the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuuichi Amatsu [FINISHED]   Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:49 am

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Yuuichi Amatsu [FINISHED]
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