Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 The Sharingan [Flashback]

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PostSubject: The Sharingan [Flashback]   Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:51 am

It was a normal day. Eleven year old Akio Uchiha woke up in his tent. It sounded like it was raining because the pine needles kept falling on his make-shift lean-to. He had made it out of interwoven leaves and vines to protect himself from the natural elements, but it didn’t do a good job of it. He woke up damp from the dew that fell the night before. He had a single blanket brought with him when he and Horo-Sensei had first entered this accursed place. It didn’t do much of a job keeping him warm either.

Horo-Sensei… memories of the man flooded his mind as he remembered the only adult who had really ever cared for him. His eyes became misty and he found it hard to make out details in his lean-to. He remembered the old man’s laugh, the laugh that the young Uchiha would hear when he did something rather outstanding, or when he finally picked up on a subject that he had a hard time grasping. He remembered the intelligent eyes, the way they pierced him, searched him for something each time he saw them. He’d always wondered what they were searching for…

But Horo-Sensei was gone. He was gone, and he would probably never come back. So Akio needed to forget about him. In order to survive in this place, it was necessary for Akio to forget about this man. He needed to push all self-pity, all sadness, and all distractions out of his mind. For nature was without pity, and he had to match that with his own pitiless conviction. For now, he had to be heartless. He had to be brave. He had to do those things that Horo-Sensei would expect of him; the things that Horo-Sensei would expect of him to do to survive.

So, he climbed out of his tent. Cold. It must have been nearing Winter time. How there was a Winter in the jungle was beyond him, but only Winter presented this kind of cold. His breath materialized before him with each exhale. He had no protective gear against the cold at this point. He supposed he could make something out of his blanket, but if that didn’t work, he’d probably accidentally destroy the blanket beyond use in the process. He supposed he could use some sort of animal skin, but animals in this part of the jungle weren’t the easiest things to kill. Many had the same killing potential that a Shinobi would have.

As if on cue, at the thought of a dangerous animal, a twig snapped. Fear shot through Akio’s heart. Only animals that were dangerous had the courage to approach him. Which meant he needed to run. He didn’t turn to look at the animal; he ran. He sprinted off into the jungle out of the clearing he was in, knowing full well that it may mean he lost all of his equipment. Knowing full well that he didn’t even know what this animal was, or if he even needed to run.

But those thoughts dissipated almost immediately. As he ran, his footfalls creating deep prints in the damp earth, the branches behind him snapped with the sound of a gunshot. The animal rampaging after him was not small, nor was it gentle. And it was almost as fast as Akio, and Akio was faster than most full-fledged Shinobi back in Uzushiogakure. He hurtled through the jungle, pushing himself as fast as was humanly possible, the animal behind him roaring in some diseased roar; it was the sound of a madman, and it presented itself in… whatever animal was behind him.

He realized the damp earth, with it causing his feet to go so deep in it, was slowing him down as this animal began to catch up with him. He’d need to find a harder surface to run on. He found himself veering this way and that through small openings that he animal seemed to just crash through. He had no idea what to do at this point. More he turned, the denser the trees got. The more he ran straight, the faster the wild beast behind him caught up. It was dangerous. He could die here.

And then the idea of scaling a tree and running limb to limb entered his mind. He wouldn’t be able to move as quickly, but his predator wouldn’t be able to track him as easy. He begun to leap to the left.

And it was a mistake.

As soon as his trajectory changed, even in the slightest, he lost just a small amount of speed, and some sort of vertical protrusion connected with Akio’s left side. And he was now hurtling through the trees. He was like a doll thrown by a toddler. He had no control over where he was going, and the more his limbs flailed, the more he found himself out of control, to the point that he was spiraling in midair through the jungle, into a small clearing where his body collided with a tree trunk and he landed upside down against a trunk.

It was excruciating. He could barely move. But he finally got to look behind him. It was a rhino… the animal that had been following him was a rhino. WHAT THE HELL WAS A RHINO DOING IN THE JUNGLE?!?! It didn’t matter. Its horn was hurtling at Akio’s face. It’d connect, crush his skull, and it would all be over. He wouldn’t have to live in this hell of a jungle anymore.

He couldn’t even keep up with the rhino’s movement. It was too fast. But… then he could. Everything became clearer. And he could see some blue substance… inside the thing. Was it chakra? Had he… awakened his Sharingan? He HAD awakened some newfound resolve. And, quickly, he performed some handseals and performed the jutsu; Katon: Great Fireball Technique, simultaneously moving out of the way. He fried the big ass thing, and its weight carried it through the tree, snapping it in half. He’d won.

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The Sharingan [Flashback]
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