Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Kenshi Omo(Finished)

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PostSubject: Kenshi Omo(Finished)   Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:22 pm

Name:  Kenshi Omo
Nickname: N/A
Age:  16
Gender: Male

Height: 6’1
Weight: 160
Appearance:  Kenshi, among other things,  has a friendly face. He has a supposedly friendly demeanor, and it just looks like it's natural for him to  be laughing and smiling along with you. His white hair falls down to his neck, and generally has a kept look about it. It's rarely out of order, because it's quite important to look professional at all times. Even if you just wake up, you must keep the professional look. After all, that's what ninja are supposed to be. Professional couriers, effectively. They are people who must look professional and must keep everything in order. Everything, down to his clothing, permeates that feeling.

He often looks richer then he is, due to him rarely wearing actual ninja clothing. He's always wearing a fancy white over-coat, over a black vest. This coat is awfully fancy, and is lined with what looks like golden on the seams. It's fake, and he's well aware of that, but it'd take an awfully good eye for someone to learn this. His eyes are a Magenta sort of color, they're a genetic abnormality that he never draws attention to other then to intimidate someone. He always wears shoes that fit his feet perfectly, as if he didn't, he'd probably lose them in battle.

Village: Chowa
Character Rank:  Genin
Clan: N/A

Personality: A gambler at heart, Kenshi takes the whole business quite seriously. He rarely takes risks that aren't in his favor. Risks that are in his favor no longer remain risks, but measured opportunity. Thereby, the only risks he take, are those that are 50/50 in his favor. He is, by all means, a diagnosed psychopath. He'll put on a nice face, even do nice deeds. However. Don't mistake this for a nice man. He's just in this for himself, and figured that the one risk he's willing to take is the one that involved being a ninja. That's the biggest risk he's taken in his life. It's almost ironic that for all the gambling he does, he rarely actually gambles in a situation where he couldn't come out on top. It's a habit for him.

Another habit lies in the fact that sometimes, he mixes his facades off and usually leads up to people realizing that he's about as fake as can come along. He, deep inside, knows he's here for the fact that you can make one hell of a profit of being a ninja, and that's his entire goal in this life. Is to gain a bunch of money and go out in a wonderful spectacle. 
Character History:  Born to two gamblers, he was thrust in the family business young. At five, he was being used to swindle people out of change.  He wasn't keenly aware of this, but by the time he was seven, he figured it out. He knew what he was doing at seven, and held to it. He didn't feel bad that the people who were dumb enough to fall for it got their money stolen. It's not his family was poor, but it wasn't like they were rich. Being criminals, greedy ones at that, was not a cheap thing. Especially when most of your income came  from a bar and stealing their money through poker games.

It was a simple  con,  but an effective one. One that lasted years, and by the time he was 10, he managed to go to the table. He wasn't exactly known, but everyone knew he had money, and he knew what was happening at the table, so they let him sit. The rest didn't know that he was a part of the con, but in mostly drunken stupors, they just figured that lady luck held this kid close, and that he had the most confidence in his skills.

When he was 13, he became a pick-pocket, using an above average level of perception to steal things from people. This perception allowed him to know what people were rich, or at least looked rich, and those who were on guard. Those who were on guard were usually left alone, too much of a risk to get caught. Those who weren't on guard were robbed half the time, since that was a small bet that he wasn't sure that he wanted to take. They could just be hiding the fact that they're on guard. Pickpocketing was still quite profitable, and the bets weren't too crazy.

However, when he tried robbing homes in the village at 16, he was out of his depth. Far, far out of his depth. Most of his robbing was against known people who weren't ever home, and wouldn't miss it. He just had to try and rob someone who was home, and got caught swiftly. This led to the jounin striking a deal. The jonin wouldn't say that he caught him, assuming he became a ninja. Otherwise, he was sure that this kid was going to get royally destroyed when it came to the criminal charges pressed, as with that family name of his. He took this deal, and shortly after, became a genin.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenshi Omo(Finished)   Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:21 pm

Approved! Enjoy the Revolution~

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Kenshi Omo(Finished)
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