Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Sora's Homecoming

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PostSubject: Sora's Homecoming   Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:00 am

Goken received word that his sister had been spotted in the badlands to the far south of the Land of Moonlight. He knew that she wouldn’t be there for long so he was immediately jetting out of the office. His heart was racing, his little sister was near the village, he was finally going to see her after all these years, but of course he reminded himself that she didn’t know that he was her brother and from the reports he read it seemed as though she hated the people of Yamigakure with a passion. He knew that she wouldn’t be easy to catch or win over, but surely he would be able to do something to convince her that things were different now. As he flew in the direction the ANBU had claimed she came from, he would begin to think of what he needed to say to get her to come with him, she was an unofficial missing ninja and a few shinobi were against his removal of her official missing ninja status. As he approached the tall and thin plateaus that signified the badlands of the Land of Moonlight, he could feel her massive chakra reserves, easily matching his own.
As he flew closer he saw her, apparently she had sensed him as well if her glare was anything to go by. Landing just a few meters away from her, Goken would address his sister. “Sora, I am Goken. You do not know me as you left before I was able to confront you, but I am your biological brother. I know that you most likely don’t believe me, but I am also the Yamikage, so the village has changed a lot since you ran away. Maybe you can come with me and we can talk about things there?” He really hoped she would see reason, his hopes rose as she began to walk towards him. “Hmph, the Yamikage is my brother? Isn’t that ironic. But, to clarify something, I didn’t run away from that hell hole. I escaped. You Yami trash are all the same, you lure someone in with a false kindness and then stab them in the back when you build up even the slightest amount of trust. You won’t be taking me back so easily, Yamikage or not!” with that, she would burst in golden light and vanish, only to reappear with her leg extended and Goken being shot 20 meters away only to be stopped by crashing into a large boulder.
Slowly standing up, brushing a bit of dirt off his clothes, Goken would allow his own golden aura to flare into being. His golden hair billowing in the power being released by his body, his now teal eyes narrowing at his younger sister. “I do not wish to fight you, but I will if need be.” With that, he would vanish just as she had only for his punch to be blocked by her raised forearm. Teal eyes locking into teal eyes, as the two super saiyans battled for dominance in taijutsu. When they finally broke apart, Sora flew high into the air firing off a few Ki blasts, Goken quickly dodged them, though one caught him on his left side, burning it slightly. Glancing up, he saw purple Ki charging into her right hand, a clear sign that she was using their clans technique the “Galick Gun” on him. Bringing his hands together in front of him, blue Ki would form before he brought both hands and the Ki to his side, charging it even more. Finally, both let out a yell as they fired off their techniques, with both blasts meeting in between the two warriors. After a few moments of an obvious power struggle there was a large explosion.

Deciding to capitalize on the smoke from the explosion, Goken allowed himself to ascend into the second form of his Kekkei Genkai, the Super Saiyan 2 form. Blue lightning arced around his now more muscular form as he flew at blazing speeds to catch his wayward sister unawares. This seemed like a good tactic as he connected a solid kick that sent her careening into the side of a large plateau. She quickly activated her Second state and the two began another close combat bout. This time however, Goken managed to get a few well-placed hits in before she jumped back. Goken wouldn’t allow her to rest however, as he formed a thin yellow disk in his right hand. After a moment of charging, Goken would throw the disk at blinding speeds towards his sister. He had confidence that she would dodge or find a way to negate his attack, but it was a ploy anyways. As soon as he threw the disk, he made his way around her very quickly in a way that left her no room to dodge both himself and the disk.

She seemed to see through this however as she formed a disk of her own, actually managing to split his disk down the middle, nullifying his distraction and then she attacked him head on. The two were definitely evenly matched and it was really seeming to be a battle of who would slip up first. It seemed as though fate was on his side though, as she overextended one of her punches creating an opening for him to capitalize on. He immediately grabbed her right arm, punching directly in the elbow joint, he could feel it break. Utilizing on their momentum, he would throw her to the ground hard. When she landed, it created a small crater. Floating down gently, Goken would find his younger sister, her black hair returned, lying unconscious at the bottom of the crater. Gingerly picking her up, Goken would return to the village. He had his best sealing experts come to seal off her access to her Ki and to keep her in a state where most Genin could defeat her without trying. This pained him, but he knew now how she felt about him and the village, so he had to put all precautions into place as he decided what to do with her.
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Sora's Homecoming
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