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Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Once a Student, Always a Student [P/Muteki]

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PostSubject: Once a Student, Always a Student [P/Muteki]   Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:52 pm

As the sun finally dawned into the pit that was Katsuo's bedroom he released one eye from its sleep and glanced at the daylight seeping through the window. He tried to continue his sleep but the sunlight made its way over Katsuos bedside and finally catching his head in the open. Trying to adjust himself so that the suns gaze could not meet him he finally gave up and sat in a fatigued manner with a look of disappointment taking over his face. With a sigh, Katsuo left his slumber and made his way for the restroom. Upon arriving he revealed his teeth to the mirror and jumped into the hot shower for a quick refreshing soak before leaving and brushing his teeth to begin the day.
After changing into his black jumpsuit and footwear, he made his way downstairs and placed bread in the toaster and checked the refrigerator for a cold beverage, finding apple juice and butter for his toast. After his small meal Katsuo dragged himself to the closet to find his attire that he grew fond of using on his missions. With a glance at the sturdy and durable uniform Katsuo felt a rush of recent memories of all the missions he had completed these past few months alone. With a smirk, he left his attire where they lingered and returned to butter his toast and drink his juice for a breakfast made quick and simple.
It dawned on him that his schedule was set after he sent a letter a couple days ago to the Seishikage’s boyfriend requesting him to teach him a specific jutsu. After pondering for a small moment he decided that he would train today and he would look into trying to make other jutsu off the one he was asking to be taught, in hopes up bringing a greater defense to his battles to come in the near future. He prepared and packed three meals of many portions containing rice, noodles, fish and other various foods fit for a meal. The three meals were to cover his lunch, dinner and supper if he resided outside for too long. With his backpack of meals, put Muramasa in the sheath by his side and considered himself ready, he headed for the door and locked it on his way out.
The sun was rising evermore and he could see the windows of his neighbors house's open to let in the summer breeze. Children were making their way to the ninja academy while the adults quickly rushed to their jobs from their respective homes. Katsuo never really accompanied the people of the village hidden in the leaves in their trafficking and morning schedules of aiming to meet their destination points in a tenacious fashion. It was the one time were you could see people for who they really were. Just mindless drones repeating the same thing day in and day out, expecting things to change but lead to the belief of the word 'normal' to describe their day. Before long, Katsuo reached the gates and the patrol units stationed by them. Katsuo nodded with a slight smile. It was the one place where you could say Katsuo was a regular. He was always heading to the small forest south of Seishigakure and could often be found training in a secluded area with his only companions of trees, wildlife and the sounds of the water rushing and crashing in the distance relating to the morning life of the people of Seishi.
With a smirk, Katsuo left them to their business and climbed the trees overlooking them and withdrew a snack from his backpack. A rice ball, a simple treat to satisfy his hunger and give him the essential nutrients and energy to start a day of training.
After he had finished his rice ball he brushed the crumbs from his knees and set his bag aside to begin his meditating. He liked becoming one with nature in these parts and listened to the soothing sounds of the streaming rivers, the chirping from the early birds, the trees and plants whispering to each other with the help of a cool breeze from time to time. The sun trickled its way through the higher trees and only spots of the area were getting the nutrients from the suns rays surrounding the ground below Katsuo.

As he meditated, a bird came and landed on his shoulder but little attention was given to the small critter as Katsuo was in a deep trance with his surroundings. The bird chirped once again before its companion joined him on the opposite shoulder. Katsuo eyes slowly opened to remain safe from the suns blinding ability. He glanced to one shoulder and placed a finger for the bird to hop onto. The bird complied and was soon being stroked by the Senju member followed by a small chuckle. Katsuo would wait for the Seishikage's boyfriend "Muteki" to show up.

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PostSubject: Re: Once a Student, Always a Student [P/Muteki]   Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:09 pm

Muteki walked around a tree in the Senju Forest to meet up with Katsuo. The brat had messaged him, asking about the Flying Thunder God scrolls. It wasn't a very well-known technique, but he HAD seen the Jashinist use it, so it was reasonable to ask. Seeing the man, he thought up a little test to see if he had the aptitude for it. If he succeeded, then he learned two things at once. If not...Well, he had worse things to do with his time, he supposed. Spotting the Senju, the Seishikage's Lapdog would speak up. [color:16a6=navy blue]"So...Katsuo-chan, was it? A little birdy told me you wanted to learn my jutsu. I'll teach it to you IF you can manage one other jutsu. It's called the Rasengan. It's about an A-Rank in difficulty but is incomplete on it's own, so I've been working on adding a little something to it personally. Think of this as a test. I need to see if it's even possible for you to learn from me. Now, what I need you to do is pay attention to exactly what I do. If you don't do this right, it'll explode in your face, and I don't think you'll survive."

Holding out his right hand, Muteki began pouring in chakra and spinning it rapidly, moulding and forming it into a sphere about the size of a human skull. This technique was the epitome of Change in Chakra Form, and would show the S-Rank how much potential the younger male had. [color:16a6=navy blue]"Alright, so you need to apply Change in Chakra Form to a large amount of chakra while keeping it spinning in a full circle. If you don't, the energy will build up too much in a single point and explode outward with enough force to obliterate, oh, about everything within twenty meters. If you can't do at least that much, I have no reason to teach you."

With that, the Jashinist let his Rasengan die out and watched his potential student with interest. Was Mariko right about this kid? Could he be her successor if everything went well on their end?

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PostSubject: Re: Once a Student, Always a Student [P/Muteki]   Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:29 am

Katsuo had heard of this jutsu before. It's simple really. It was just that he was going to learn his one of his first A-Rank technique called the Rasengan that totally wrecks everything in his way. Oh, poor anti-climatic Katsuo Senju, ready to learn his first A-Rank as if it was nothing. He was ready to get to the big boy league. Flying Thunder God Seal
Katsuo sighed in relief as he closed his eyes and entered his meditative state as His chakras were flaring at high speeds within his body as he had been doing it when he had slept and when he was awake. Katsuo instantly opened his eyes, and he started shaking in rage.
"Rasengan," Katsuo muttered to himself as he felt the raw light-blue chakra fueling himself and his every being. It sent shivers down his spine that made him excited to learn this technique. He had his eyes closed the whole time as he fueled chakra from his core, throughout his veins and arteries, and then into the tendrils in his hand. It took a while to get through the flesh, bone, and pores but he had finally started to make a small ball of chakra appear in his hand. That had taken a whole hour, and Katsuo was already exhausted, but alas the boy was determined not to give up as he went to a nearby tree and had a large gulp of soda that he had brought with him.
Katsuo growled to himself slightly as he lost control of his chakra flow once again. Katsuo instantly started over, and it had taken him a longer time than usual as he was suffering from mild tendencies of chakra deprivation. Finally, he had made a small ball of chakra in his hands. He would continue trying to make it but it wouldn’t work. It was like learning to ride a bike, you cant stay on long but with Katsuo he couldn’t keep the Rasengan long before it would disperse before his face.
"Rasengan's form has to be surrounded in a denser chakra than the middle, and then in the complete center a very light chakra that will explode," Katsuo said bringing his hand out and forming the chakra. The boy imagined the earth and the many layers of it. The first tier; which would resemble the crust of the earth. As he imagined it, he started to make a chakra construct in his hands. It was hard at first, but he had begun to get it. There was a difference between the crust and the Rasengan's outer form. It was denser than the crust of the earth which was thin.
He added more chakra to it causing it to glow lighting the dark surrounding him and the rest of the land. It was a faint light blue light that his chakra had, and if the night wasn't worse it had gotten even colder. "Ah, there we go," Katsuo said as the first form disappeared as fast as Katsuo had created it. It seemed without any chakra in the base of it; it would just dispose of itself. It couldn't form if there weren't anything of it to form around. It also had to be spherical, as that was the Rasengan. He made the form again, but this time slowly started to expanding it. His chakra flared as in one hand created the 'crust' and then the other hand he made the deeper layers resembling earth until he had a tiny orb. He would focus and focus.. it wouldn’t he thought he was getting a handle on it, just as he looked at Muteki, he got to his knees.
Then it exploded.
Katsuo flew backward and hit his back against a sturdy tree. He cried out as he hit the bark and flew to the ground holding the back of his head in pain. It seemed as if Katsuo didn't have a great enough chakra control to create the sphere. The boy ran over to his gray backpack and pulled out a couple of water balloons. They were red, green, and blue in color but it hadn't mattered.He ran to a nearby lake and started to fill all three of them before he tied them shut. The first step to creating the Rasengan would be to swirl your chakra. The boy had heard that when the Rasengan is formed it doesn't require a constant stream of chakra so there is no definition of time with how long it can stay active. Katsuo nodded to no one in particular as he searched his mind for certain information on the powerful technique. A lightbulb appeared above Katsuo's head as he remembered that you should know which way your chakra swirls to better concentrate it into your palm.
Gently, Katsuo placed the water balloons down before he fell on his butt. He instantly connected the tips of his fingers as he sat criss-cross, and had started to meditate. A huge ocean of chakra could be seen in a dark landscape. His chakra was glowing light-blue illuminating his dark ridden mindscape. It seemed as if his chakra was swirling clockwise as if it was a huge whirlpool. It basically was a huge whirlpool of chakra in his body. Katsuo slowly closed his eyes and opened it to see he was back in the real world. It slightly disappointed Katsuo to be away from his meditated world; it was always calming to him. Katsuo grabbed the red balloon first and held it in his hand firmly enough so he wouldn't break. He started to pump his chakra from his body into his hand and started to slowly swirl it. Katsuo hadn't wanted to jump at it like he usually did techniques because he wanted to make sure he'd be safe learning this. It held him in awe to see the balloon slowly increase in size until water splashed all over him as he had a deadpan look on his face. He moved onto the next balloon as he began to work on it. He could feel the water swirling around in the balloon but it was concentrated. He smiled as he put a little more chakra into it almost as the water was a hurricane inside of the balloon. He looked at Muteki as the water balloon busted inside of his hand. “Dammit” he said as he worked on the next water balloon.
After an hour or two, and 3 water balloons later. Katsuo finally had gotten control of the sphere and formed it in between his hands to be greeted by the real Rasengan resting in between his palm. Katsuo laughed slightly as he focused it into one palm and looked at Muteki . “This should come in handy, and seeing that it is pure chakra there should be plenty variations to make with this. Although I came here for the Flying Thunder God Seal. I appreciate you teaching me this.” Katsuo would watch as the Rasengan vanished out the air and he knelt before Muteki in thanks.

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PostSubject: Re: Once a Student, Always a Student [P/Muteki]   

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Once a Student, Always a Student [P/Muteki]
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