Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Sera Uchiha

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PostSubject: Sera Uchiha   Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:57 pm

Name: Sera Uchiha
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 152 in
Appearance: Sera has a rather angular face.  Her jawline comes to a near point at her chin and the part of the jaw between the jaw and the throat make a prominent and clear angle.  Her nose is slim and slightly small and comes to a subtle point.  The corners of her eyes are almost rectangular.  Her face as a whole is rather slim and muscular with high cheekbones.  When she clenches her jaw, the muscle beneath her cheekbones flexes very obviously.  She has slightly large and soft lips, and very straight and white teeth.  Her eyes are a vague purple with a silver hue, and her slightly wavy hair matches that color, flowing just past the middle of her back.

For the most part, Sera has a rather slim body, which hides her strength very effectively.  She has slightly rectangular feet which are a bit small, and very long and smooth legs that most of her partners have greatly enjoyed.  Her thighs are a bit more meaty than the rest of her, and her buttocks follow suit, though she has quite a slim waist just above.  She has a narrow lower back that broadens just a bit between her shoulder blades and a very prominent and luscious bust.  Her shoulders are a bit broad for a woman but they fit her athletic form.

The clothing that Sera wears can be considered by some as a bit skimpy, but Sera finds them rather practical.  She generally wears light and tight fitting shorts or pants made of cloth like materials.  The weather dictates the thickness and length of the bottoms she wears.  She almost always wears a tank top of simple shades of black, white, or grey, exposing a generous amount of her cleavage but if it is cold she tends to wear a jacket overtop it.  She wears very little jewelry in the field, but in casual circumstances can be seen with simple earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  And every single day, Sera wears her hair in a different style.

Sera has a multitude of scars across her back from ample amounts of torture in her time away from the village.  She has a star shaped birthmark on her left breast, easily visible with the tank tops she tends to wear.  There is a small beauty mark below the corner of her right eye that just highlights the beauty of her eyes.  She wears very conservative but effective makeup used to express the features she is most proud of, namely her eyes, lips, and cheekbones.  Finally she has a few runes tattooed on her ankles and her back left shoulder blades.

Village: Chowagakure
Character Rank: D-Rank Genin
Clan: Uchiha
Element: Water

Personality: For the most part, Sera is quite good with people.  She rarely fails to make a good impression, and usually does much better than simply “good.”  She is usually quite cheerful and has a sort of laugh that is contagious and causes others around her to laugh just as much, and most people agree that she is a joy to have around.  She is, on principle, very respectful to those with authority, until she either becomes comfortable with them or they somehow lose her respect.  It is in her nature to be helpful, especially to those who cannot always help themselves but try anyway.

Behind all of this, however, Sera has a rather dark portion of her mind.  She suffers from a disorder called Manic Depression, also known as Bipolar Disorder.  The condition causes her mind to sometimes go to extremes, and in most cases, that manifests in the form of crippling depression or obsession over menial tasks or a singular goal.  The depression can totally transform who Sera is, leaving her nearly bedridden, sometimes for weeks at a time.  And the spurts of obsession cause Sera to unintentionally push people away as she can only focus on one thing.  During either of these periods, Sera can become grouchy, irritable, and outright violent if provoked. 

Character History: Sera was born to Moi and Kentoko Uchiha in a small settlement on the outskirts of Chowagakure.  Her family were outcasts of the Uchiha clan because of scuffles that her mother got into with the clan higher ups  The settlement only held six families who shared nearly everything, and the family liked to consider themselves responsible for supplying everyone with food.  Moi had an established garden that was rather large, though not large enough to really be considered a farm, and she farmed simple foods like wheat and potatoes.  However, Kentoko liked to hunt and fish to supply meat, and for a long time, Sera would join her mother, Moi.  However, when she turned 9, Sera was allowed to join her father, and she enjoyed this much more.  They’d spend days, sometimes weeks out in the forests hunting for food and living off of the land.

Over the next three years, however, three of the six families left the settlement after harsh winters, and the family found that their survival could no longer be sustained, as they had no more access the clothing, a tool smith, or anyone who had any knowledge of how to build and do maintenance on shelters.  The family instead became nomads, selling all of their assets for a caravan and two horses to pull it.  They traveled from village to village, selling meats and trinkets they came across on their journeys for survival and to buy necessities, and this was how Sera discovered her thirst for knowledge.

When Sera was fourteen, on an extremely cold winter night, the family was traveling through a somewhat dangerous part of the Moonlight Country against all advice, as the temperatures dropped so lowly that all attempts to find warmth were fruitless; they needed to get to Yamigakure, and quickly, lest they freeze to death.  Sera was browsing through one of her tomes in the back of the caravan when she heard a commotion.  She made her way outside just in time to see her father dead at the feet of four bandits.  After giving them everything they had, the bandits let Sera and her mother escape.

The two fled to Chowagakure where Moi refused to leave, as protection at the village was invaluable.  However, Sera refused to completely give her travels up, and elected instead to learn the art of the ninja.  She enlisted in the Shinobi Academy there almost immediately and over the next three years, learned of her proficiency in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu.  After her graduation from the Ninja Academy, Sera registered as a Shinobi of Chowagakure, now beginning to gain the strength neededr, to leave the village to explore new lands, learn new jutsu, and find new artifacts to return home and share them with her mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Sera Uchiha   Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:15 pm

Approved! Enjoy the Revolution~

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Sera Uchiha
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