Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Ascension of the warrior(private)

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PostSubject: Ascension of the warrior(private)   Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:52 am

Making his way down the hall from his private quarters, the Yondaime Yamikage would knock on his younger sisters door. It had been two days sincee he brought her back and after taking some time to talk to each other and work through her hate and distrust of the village, they were ready to try to form a familial bond. Deciding to take her to train at their families hidden training grounds on an island far in the north, he would leave a note saying that his current assistant was in charge until he returned. With that, the brother and sister duo would take flight, headed to the far northern reaches of the world.

Once they arrived, after a few hours of flight, Goken and Sora would head inside of an ancient looking temple in the center of the small island. The dusty pathway was lined with cracks and cobwebs coated the ceiling. Goken had the idea to light a torch before they got too far in, though Sora had already stated her disdain for the lack of care given to such an ‘important’ ruin. Once they had gotten inside, they came to a deep, dark pit. It was obviously there to prevent those who weren’t of their clan from getting too far, though most ninja in the present time could traverse this area rather easily. Once they floated to the bottom of the pit, they found an enormous door with the design of an ape head on it.

Pushing the door open the Kage and his little sister would listen to the echo that the ancient entry way left going down a large, dimly lit hallway. It would seem that while it was obvious they were the first occupants of this ruin in many decades, those who built it had ways of lighting it for long periods of time. Slowly walking down the hallway, Goken noticed that they entered into a large room with a typical open training ground in its center there was the clan symbol.  It appeared that off to one of the walls was a sealed door. It had inscriptions that seemed to allude to the different levels of their kekkei genkai. The first speaking of ascention in anger, the second and third speaking of being pushed to ones limit, the fourth speaking of unlocking a primal fury and the final two speaking of harnessing something known as Godly Ki. Goken didn’t quite understand the last two, but he would begin to realize that the seal on the floor was to help gain access to this fourth level of power. Quickly flexing to activate his SSJ3 mode, his now long, blonde hair flowing down his back. Glancing at Sora through the lightning around him, there was an unspoken signal as she activated her SSJ2 cloak. The two dashed forwards, fists meeting creating a shockwave that cracked the ground beneath them. Neither noticed as the cracks slowly closed of their own volition, as they were too engrossed in the power struggle between them.

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Ascension of the warrior(private)
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