Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Fujiwara Clan   Fujiwara Clan Icon_minitimeSat Jan 07, 2017 10:25 am

Clan Name:Fujiwara Clan

Clan Symbol:The clan's symbol is an opened traditional folding fan colored black. There is an insignia in the center of a slanted sewing needle and a red thread knotted in it.
Clan History: The Fujiwara clan is an old and wealthy, if controversial, clan. Though the main family lives in Chowagakure primarily, but there are smaller branches littered throughout the lands. Since the dawn of shinobi, the Fujiwara house have been renowned as incredible and excellent weavers, while the branches’ main duty has been to distribute their cloth and goods all over the world, essentially as merchant houses. Unlike most clans, who have either a gender-neutral or a patriarchal leadership, the Fujiwaras are a matriarchal clan. The leadership and secrets of the clan are passed down from mother to daughter, and men marrying into the family are supposed to take the Fujiwara name and give up their own as a sign of loyalty to their wife’s bloodline. In many cases, if the father doesn’t officially join the clan, female children are Fujiwaras and males take their father’s name, likewise ostracized from clan business.

Though their mundane weaving is famous and a source of steady income, the real pride and main money-maker of the Fujiwara clan is a special kind of chakra-conducting cloth and thread, which is used all over the world to make ninja tools. The secret to weaving this cloth is only known to Fujiwara women, and while other sorts of cloth can be used and imbued with chakra to create cloth-based ninja tools, the Fujiwara product is by far the superior. Because of this, despite living in Chowagakure, the Fujiwara clan has alliances with all of the major villages. The Fujiwara have an official policy of neutrality; the merchants and craftswomen of the house owe no official allegiance and it has been debated for many years that the main house move outside of Chowa as a reminder of this neutrality. The ninja are free to join any village they wish, though so far, Fujiwara ninja have only allied themselves with Chowa. At that point, they are severed from any of the house’s business decisions or obligations to the house’s interests until they actively retire, to prevent conflicts of interest with the house’s neutral business policy.

The Fujiwara clan, because of their special cloth, have a unique fighting style and set of techniques dependent on scarves woven from the chakra-conducting cloth. Only Fujiwara women are taught these techniques, and usually only the daughters of male clansmen (direct female lineages usually become weavers instead). These ‘Steel Veil’ arts are elegant, and, in the correct hands, highly effective. Only children of the Chowa Fujiwaras are eligible to learn these techniques, as the merchant branches are usually far removed from the main house by the lines of many sons and most of them don’t have access to teachers who know them, though retired Fujiwara kunoichi often serve as bodyguards for their merchant caravans. This more than anything else is likely the reason Fujiwara ninjas always choose to train in Chowa.
Clan Size: Main branch has 30 active shinobi, counting the head.
Clan Appearance: Fujiwara Clan members are notorious for having white hair and fair skin. All of them generally wear a black blindfold as well, at nearly all times.
Clan Location: The main branch that practices their bukijutsu resides in Chowagakure, but merchants and distributors can be found worldwide.
Clan's Reputation: The clan is known world-wide for its fabrics and near essentialness in developing ninja tools. They are generally well-respected, especially in Chowagakure. Their clan's abilities are generally known only to the clan and those close with clansmen.
Clan Ability/KKg Description: Though the clan bears no true KKG, they have access to many hidden techniques revolving around their special chakra-conducting cloths. Most fight with a scarf of some sort due to its versatility, but if a garment or fabric is made from their cloths, they can apply many different properties to the cloth to change how it functions.
Clan bonuses: 

  1. Discounts : All Fujiwara Clan members receive a 20% family discount towards purchasing their weapons. Their cloth are technically weapons, and it is a merchant clan, so their special weapons must be bought.

  2. Perception Bonuses : At the cost of slightly impaired vision, Fujiwara Clan members blindfold themselves with their fabrics to gain a bonus on Perception in regards to smell, touch, hearing and taste. 

Clan jutsus:
Steel Veil: Snapping Viper || A technique where, utilizing her Chakra-Conducting Scarf, The Fujiwara snaps it like a whip at her opponent; during the snap, she channels her chakra into the scarf, causing it to strike with high impact. Her versatility and expertise can cause it to snap around a limb and yank them how she chooses.

Steel Veil: Aegis || By channeling chakra through whatever garb is on her torso, generally her coat, she hardens it to the extremes and turns it into durable, lightweight armor. Generally only heavy duty weapons are able to cleave through it, leaving things like shuriken and small blades bouncing right off.

Steel Veil: Bruiser || By controlling her gloves, she can increase their weight and hardness to increase the impact of punches. They become powerful enough to break bones if one isn't careful enough to avoid it. Of course, by channeling elemental chakra into the gloves, they can become even more cataclysmic.

Steel Veil: Veil || Covering both her eyes with the Fujiwara fabric, she alters the fabrics to create a one-way window of sorts. Albeit at the cost of things being a smidgen darker than the average person perceives them, she has the advantage of hiding her eyes in combat. She wears these at all times to adapt and remain adapted. 

Steel Veil: Blades || Rather than hardening one's weapons, she hardens and flattens fabric to a sharp level that can cut through things with ease. This is an advanced Fujiwara technique, as it requires a delicate handling of the fibers in the cloth. Larger swords can be used for causing huge damage to armored opponents and terrain, smaller or thinner blades can be used for dueling.

Steel Veil: Walking Boots || Slimming her boots to her body, the fibers get charged with energy and vibrations that allow her to move at an increased rate. They can tend to go a bit out of control and make her move at absurd, threatening speeds if constant control is not kept in check. The speed is comparable to flash-stepping, if not a smidgen faster, but can certainly be followed with trained eyes.

Steel Veil: Fortress || Removing her coat, she imbues it with chakra to harden it to its most extreme and creates a standing shield for cover. It only lasts within a certain distance of her, no more than ten feet, and if she leaves that radius the coat will crumple into a normal heavy coat. 

Steel Veil: Under Wraps || By removing all the loose cloths on her body (being the eye wraps, arm sleeves and leggings), she controls them to snake around in the air and ground to attack and restrain her target. Controlling them at such a distance and with so many is a bit taxing on the chakra, so it's generally used as a finisher setup.

Steel Veil: Carnage || With Fujiwara threads stitched across her body, she can use this as a last-ditch desperation move. She wills them off of her body and causes herself great pain to let loose a flurry of near-invisible, hyper-sharp threads that can cut even steel. They attack sporadically and wildly, the pain being too much to focus her aim, but is an incredibly powerful move to cause great destruction in a moderate area around her. Perhaps the most wicked and vile of the Fujiwara arts, this one was conceived by a male Fujiwara deserter who took the clan's heir away.

I think I will need some help balancing the abilities. Ranking them, etc. But this is the groundwork for the Fujiwara Clan! Please let me know what needs to be changed, if anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Fujiwara Clan   Fujiwara Clan Icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2017 7:50 am

You should perhaps put the jutsu in spoilers and label them and then use the jutsu template so we can see information like requirements, rank and type etc.
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