Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Mao[Rank Ups]

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PostSubject: Mao[Rank Ups]   Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:46 am

Mao stood there, surrounded mostly by younger children and a few older children. Included were also a couple of older men: all present were what someone would call the starter" of a shinobi. Their beginnings. This was the Shinobi Academy, the school where basic chakra molding, jutsu and combat tactics were taught to the neophytes of the shinobi world. Mao himself had not been a shinobi for long. He had lived all of his life in a small village. His father was the only one who had taught him anything about being a shinobi. Those lessons were sporadic but long and intense. Mao had been taught the ways of his clan and their fighting style, but he had no tbeen instructed in the arts of basic shinobi tactics or jutsu. Only recently had Mao learned these in the classroom and now it was his duty to prove he was useful by proving he could perform the basic jutsu. All gathered today were here to pass the academy student quest, including Mao and the other older men.

Alright, next in line is Mao Noblord. Please step up to your sensei and do as they instructs. It was Mao's turn, he nodded and stepped around those still waiting for their tests. He stood in front of the man known as his sensei in the academy. A middle aged man with long brown hair, this man had taught him the shinobi academy basics adn it was Mao's turn to reward the mans hard work in teaching, by showing his mastery of the jutsu taught. Please perform all the jutsu like we practiced in class, Mao. instructed the sensei, to which Mao nodded silelnty and then began to mold his chakra.

I should start off by using the transformation technique... Mao told himself, decided that the transformation technique was important in disguise and spying. Up he moved his hands in confidence, he had practiced a lot and was ready for this test. He performed the handseals quickly and efficiently while molding his chakra. A poof of smoke overtook him and then his appearance was changed into that of his father. Mao chose his father due to the fact that he resembled his father and longed to find him once more.

That was good... I should do the replacement technique next. he told his sensei which would be next at the man readied a wooden kunai. Instantly, Mao disappeared and reappeared not too far to the left of his previous position, the wooden kunai flying by harmlessly and Mao catching it for his sensei and returning it to him.

Next should be...the last one, the clone technique. He performed the handseal and created a clone right beside him, standing in the same pose as he was. That was the final one and his sensei seemed to be pleased with the outcome. The sensei nodded to the exam proctor and the proctor checked Mao's name as passed.

Rankup to Genin
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PostSubject: Re: Mao[Rank Ups]   Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:39 am

Chuunin to Spc Jounin

It was a weekend day for Mao, he had spent the last week doing missions and training: sometimes by himself and sometimes with his brother. This was during the five year timeskip. There had been relative peace, but Mao knew that peace always came before the storm. His training had been relentless. Ever since he had seen how skilled some of the other shinobi of other villages were, he knew that he would have to keep on improving at an alarming rate. One day, it would be their generations that rules the lands and he couldn't afford to fall behind.

Such was the day and the thoughts on Mao's mind. Today however was supposed to be a day of rest: even the best workouts required restful times where the body healed and strengthened itself. He had deided that the best way for him to rest was in the house he shared with his brother Mugetsu. Unbothered by the outside world and civilians, he could sleep here peacefully throughout the day. But where was Mugetsu?
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Mao[Rank Ups]
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