Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Yasunori Hosokawa

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Yasunori Hosokawa

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PostSubject: Yasunori Hosokawa   Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:25 pm


Name: Hosokawa, Yasunori
Nickname: N/A
Age 27
Gender: Male

Height: 6' 3 ft
Weight: 173 lbs
Appearance: Yasunori has a light skin tone along with yellow, almost golden eyes that resemble that of a hawk's. He has a rather handsome and mature face along with a fit and well proportioned body. He has brown, curly hair that he sometime slicks back and a thin and well-groomed mustache. His eyebrows are somewhat thick. Yasunori usually wears fancy and eye-catching clothing rather than actual shinobi clothing. Suits, ties, tophats, slacks and the like. That is his main wardrobe for the most part. His usual everyday attire is a white collared shirt, a black blazer worn over it, a silky white coat with blue insides that reaches down below his knees, white slacks, a beige bowtie, and a checkered tophat. In and out of public view Yasunori carries himself with a diginified attitude  and a certain aura of nobility. He keeps a straight posture at all times and walks with a certain a certain type of confidence. Overall he tends to keep himself neat and tidy at all times. He usually never has anything soiling his clothing or his hair (aside from sweat) and naturally wears some sort of cologne or two. Builde-wise, Yasunori is quite fit and healthy. He usually keeps his body hair trimmed down to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Village: Chōwagakure no Sato
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: N/A
Element: Katon

Personality: To those outside of his circle of friends and allies, Yasunori is a pleasant and charismatic man who carries himself with an air of dignity. He is calm and collected, holding a certain charm to him as he speaks. He is gentle, graceful, and elegant with his movements and expressions while keeping his voice filled with merry mirth. To those who are inside his circle, however, Yasunori is not nearly as merry and good-intentioned when he is not within the public eye. Oh no. Though his charm and grace are ever present, his excitement and pleasant attitude are replaced manipulativeness and a certain predatory personality. He is in-fact quite greedy and knows how to make money using fair and not-so-fair tactics. If alone with someone vulnerable, he will make sure they feel comfortable and safe. If with someone stronger, he will make them feel as if he's no threat or a fool. Deception is this man's game. That being said, Yasunori is a con man at heart. Money is usually his main motivation for doing things, such as his choice to becoming a magician (plus the fact it's fun to say Abracadabra and watch lightning shoot out his hands).

Though he is quite willing to exploit and lie, Yasunori is not outright malicious. Though he has no qualms about killing or even torturing people for a dollar (hence him being a ninja), he is not a fan of outright hurting civilians or innocent people without a proper reason. Even if the incentive of money is involved. It just doesn't sit right with him. On the other hand, the aspect of being in control of a situation is very appealing to him. He knows having power feels very good, and knows that it can drive men to their knees in fear or mad with trying to gain it. Thus, he tries to resist the alluring thirst for at. At least somewhat. He does have an insatiable apetite for any and all knowledge on magic, however. Be simple magic tricks, to words, to legends. All in all, however, Yasunori is a man whose main focus is his personal gain. He is not flat-out cruel or evil, but he certainly doesn't fit the title of "hero" or "honorable".

Character History: Life is not fair. Not to everyone at least. Some are born into positions of wealth and power. They hold influence not because they have earned it. Rather, their parents passed and it was flung to them, giving them a life of utter luxury that they sometimes don't deserve. Meanwhile, some are born into a very disadvantaged position. Disease, death, desolation. Sometimes born alone because of one's parents dying shortly after their conception. Sometimes born into a world that has nothing but ruin and destruction.  Within this certain case, it was the hindrance of poverty. Yasunori and his family lived in the rundown parts of the village, where crime was rampant and money was scarce. His parents, Abe and Uriko Hosokawa, were decent enough people. They constantly tried to get to end's meet for their family. However, greed was a constant motive to those around them. Abe's manager constantly cheated him out of his pay while thieves stole from Uriko. Ryo being practically a godsend to them, they were used to going a night or two without food.

As he grew older, however, Yasunori began to recognize how the world worked around him. He saw how much his family struggled and, yet, he saw so many pass them by without batting a single eye. He did not like this. Not one single bit. Having no real special skills at the point, Yasunori decided to do what everyone else was doing: stealing, scamming, and lying. He was....a bit awkward at first. He could never pull someone's bag of ryo off their hip with being met with a smack. He could never leave a market stall with the vendor grabbing him by his shirt collar and pulling him back to get his goods back. He could never switch his cards about properly to scam someone out of their money during a game. His constant failures, though disheartening, did not make him any less stubborn. He grew a habit of watching the people around him. Observing how the thieves thieved, cheaters cheated, and scammers scammed. Everyday he watched and applied what he learned. Everyday there was failure, but also growing success. At around age 8, Yasunori had learned how to gamble (and successfully cheat at it), how to successfully pickpocket people out of their money, and how to rob and hide things without being noticed.

Though he brought money to his family, they scolded him for what he had done. Hoping to straighten him out (as well as set him on a better path in life), Abe and Uriko sent Yasunori to the Academy to gain training. This was in vain, for the ninja training he received and knowledge he gained only improved his skills as a thief and scammer. Something happened, however. Being a mere child who lived away from most influences outside of his slum, he had never really learned the concept of chakra. Thus, upon seeing it and learning it, he assumed that it was magic. He told this to his teachers, who told him that it wasn't. "Magic was something outside the realm of the natural", they told him. "Chakra is part of you, your essence. Every living thing has chakra, but not everyone can mould or manipulate it." Enlightened, he decided that he wanted to learn magic. However, much to his surprise, most of the so-called "magicians" who did magic explained to him that it wasn't magic at all. Just tricks and natural illusions. While Yasunori was dismayed at this, his curiosity about the subject never left him.

Throughout his years as a student, he did his best to get his hands on any books about the subject. Be it simple tricks to fantastic tales of whimsy. The older he got, the more he learned how to feign kindness and honesty. He grew more and more greedy, which led to more and more problems with his parents. In his eyes, they simply didn't understand. They had nothing. Nothing. Yet, when he goes and manages to get someone's bag of ryo and use it to buy them food, they say its not the right thing to do and it lacks honor. To Yasunori, everyone who stolen from them lacked honor, yet they're not starving because of it, so why should he. At age 17, he had already been a genin for sometime. Rather than focusing on his abilities as a ninja, Yasunori prioritized getting more and more money. He learned how to seduce and manipulate people in-order to bend them to his whim. At the same time, he decided to leave his family and become a magician. Using his understanding of chakra, his time studying tricks, and his lifetime of scamming, he went out and began to actually make enough money to buy an apartment.

Now, at age 27, after countless people toyed and exploited, after countless magic shows, Yasunori finally has wealth. Nothing that big, but enough to buy and maintain his rather big house, and have fancy clothing. Nonetheless, just as he was in his youth, the man only wants one thing. More.

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PostSubject: Re: Yasunori Hosokawa   Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:17 pm

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Yasunori Hosokawa
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