Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Elif the Archer

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PostSubject: Elif the Archer   Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:31 pm

Name: Elif
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 128 lbs
Appearance: Elif is fairly small and compact, retaining a childish build even in her late teens. She has somewhat defined muscles, which are more noticable in her legs. She has long greyish hair that is tied back elaborately, because she's cool like that. Sporting has a round face shape and large pink eyes make her look even more like a kid. She often wears civilian clothes to better blend in in environments with large crowds. Her hands are thick with callouses from long ranged weaponry, especially bows and arrows. She has a decent aim and wants to get better. When she walks, it is quiet and precise, like every step is carefully calculated. Her voice sounds soft and low pitched, and is actually quite calming. She's a horrible singer though.

She gets really upset about her height and build, though. If you point it out, her face goes bright red. She has dimples when she smiles. Additionally, because of her childish, slightly boyish build, she can occasionally pass as a boy in undercover missions. Above all, she's very average. You're not getting any special appearance based details from her.

Village: Chowagakure
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: N/A
Element: I would like to roll for it. Smile

Personality: Elif lives primarily in her own inner world with pnly her own thoughts and ideas for company. She is generally very quiet but becomes quickly excitable when talking about topics she's interested in. As a result, she comes off cold to other people. She's not as cold as she looks, though. She makes a calm and loyal friend... At times. At other times she's bitter and dry, cracking bad jokes about existentialism and other deep topics. She values friendships highly, and the more she likes you the more likely she'll open up these strange facets of her personality to you

She works very hard and values effort, persistence, and integrity. She has no patience for those who do not exhibit the above three traits. She loves to teach other people stuff that she knows and makes a very good teacher. She goes completely in-depth into the subjects and make them very understandable. Above all, she's a warm calculating person as opposed to the cold calculating person. And arguably, this makes her dangerous, because the worst of villains have good intentions.
Character History: Elif was born to two loving parents, named Taia and Emirhan, retired ninja in fact, in Chowa. They were very nice and open people, but were lenient to the point of annoyance and/or danger. She had a younger brother growing up whom she doted on constantly. They were best friends and loved to play around together. Her childhood was fairly normal. She went to school, played ninja with her friends, avoided eating her vegetables, you know, the usual stuff. Around five years old she expressed an interest in becoming a ninja, and her brother, for once, didn't follow her, though her parents did not allow her to enroll until 11 years of age. Her brother decided to remain behind to become an artisan who specialized in textiles. At that time, she joined the ninja academy of Chowagakure no Sato. She picked up brand new materials and information incredibly quickly, and started to move very quickly through the ranks until she found herself in a third year class in her first year. She ended up graduating the whole school in two and a half years through persistence and hard work. She did not make many friends during this time though, interacting primarily with her brother and immediate family. Once she graduated and became a genin, she didn't really do as much as she expected. She did the occasional mission, learned the occasional jutsu, you know, the usual stuff. Then, however, she developed an interest in archery which practically took over her life. From dawn to dusk she practiced over and over and over and over again, improving at a exponential rate. After a few weeks, she could hit the target every time without fail, a few more, a moving target, and add a month, and she could hit bullseyes on moving targets. She started learning how to properly fletch (which was more difficult than she was lead to believe) and learning how to properly craft bows (also more difficult than originally anticipated). She played around with long bows, short bows, compound bows, but none of them really felt right. Meanwhile, her brother became increasingly adept at creating textiles until she felt like she was being left behind in the dust. This began to irritate her, and she started meditating throughout the day because of that. Her favorite spot is beside a river with lots of salmon i it. Currently, she's trying to find a bow that suits her needs.

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PostSubject: Re: Elif the Archer   Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:58 pm

Approved! Enjoy the Revolution!~

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Elif the Archer
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