Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Becoming a god?!

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PostSubject: Becoming a god?!   Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:34 pm

It had been a day since Goken and Apollo had returned from their training session at the temple. Much had changed and they had both grown exponentially stronger. Today, Goken had returned to the heart of the temple to continue his own training before he had to leave the village to attend the Chuunin exams. He had done some reading on the mysterious God Tier of their bloodline in the clan library. There wasn’t much on it, though it was mentioned, there were also mentions of something beyond even that, but he couldn’t find much more than useless conjecture. It seemed that the sealed door in the training room could only be opened by one who had mastered their Kekkei Genkai entirely. Regardless, he had discovered enough to at least get himself and his latest training underway. Walking out into the training field that seemed to be in perfect condition, even though he and his cousin had almost destroyed it the day before. The mysterious seal had done its job well, repairing any and all damage to the room. Sitting in the center of the intricate seal in a cross-legged position, Goken would begin to meditate.

According to his readings, one must first accept and come to terms with their biggest failure in life. Thinking back over his life he had many failures, some worse than others of course, but he did have many failures. Even so, he knew exactly what his greatest failure was. It was allowing his sister to go to Yamigakure after he had discovered her Identity as a boy. If he had been more bold and stood up for himself and his sister perhaps she wouldn’t have suffered as much as she did in her days growing up within the village and as a missing ninja. He could feel all of the emotions bubbling under the surface of his calm façade, he needed to reign them in. Though, perhaps that wasn’t the answer. The book and the wall said one must come to terms with their failure and accept that as a part of who they are. So he sighed and allowed the tears to flow freely down his cheeks. His eyes opened and he wiped away the tears as he felt a sense of relief and calm wash over him. Closing his eyes once more he closed his eyes, focusing his Ki into the seal beneath him he could see it begin to glow a bright red even though his eyes were closed.

Suddenly, he wasn’t sitting nor were his eyes closed, looking around, he was actually still in the training ground. Confused he continued to look around, he was actually outside of his own body. He seemed to have taken on some ethereal property, as though he were a ghost. Suddenly he heard dark chuckling. “You think you are ready for this power? You couldn’t even protect your village the one and only time it’s ever actually needed your help. Not only are you a failure as a brother, you are a failure of a kage.” Turning around, Goken saw a carbon copy of himself, though its eyes were pure black with red irises. The copy had dark rings around his eyes and the colors of his clothing were inverted from Goken’s usual stylistic preferences. “Who are you supposed to be? My inner demon?” Goken asked seriously. “I am just as much of you as you are of me, not an inner demon. Just an aspect of your own personality. You came here to defeat me but you can’t do it. You won’t be able to live without me.” Goken would grunt before activating his SSJ4 transformation. The copy did the same, only with inverted colors. “Anything you throw out I can throw right back at you, ya moron!” Growling slightly, Goken would realize that attacking himself is futile. One cannot live as only part of himself, even if that is the light part, one must have darkness to balance it out.

Realizing that this wasn’t a test to defeat your inner darkness, but to accept that everyone will always be a little dark, everyone will always have a little imperfection. One must learn to accept that part of themselves to truly grow powerful. Once he realized this he threw a punch at his counterpart, who also threw a punch at him. Though his punch turned into a grab at the outstretched arm of the copy. Pulling him into a hug, being absorbed into Goken’s body. “I accept you. I know you are a part of me and fighting myself is pointless, I need to accept my own flaws and work not to destroy them, but to build my strengths to support them.” With that he felt a sudden surge in his Ki, almost as if something had physically clicked in his reserves. He then felt himself lifted into the air and set alight with a red aura. His now red hair and red eyes glowing with this newfound power. It seemed that he had managed to achieve this rare ability. He would make sure to use it to not only protect his village, but also those who he held dear. Allowing the transformation to fade, he decided that now was a good time to return to the village, he had a lot to prepare for. He would need to select a guard to accompany him and the genin to the exams in Seishigakure and to select someone to run the village while he was away.

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Becoming a god?!
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