Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Akataka Kugeki

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Akataka 'Potatokun'

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PostSubject: Akataka Kugeki    Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:56 pm

Name: Akataka Kugeki
Nickname: Potatosan
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10''
Weight: 185 lbs
Out of Costume:  Akataka is a lanky boy who's appearance hides a true inner strength. His coal black hair contrasts with his snow pale skin that stretches over lean muscles that are mostly covered up by long sleeve shirts and jean pants. These articles of clothing ultimately reflect the color grey, Akataka can taste the difference in dye after all. While blind the Kugeki is not tasteless when it comes to fashion and manages just fine without the use of his occular orbs. As such he keeps himself neatly groomed at all times, he even cuts his own hair on a monthly basis. The young ninja from Yamigakure also wears a pair of black and white high top sneakers that compliment his monochromatic color scheme.
 In Costume:  Akataka or as he calls himself in costume, The First Sense, wears all white this includes not only a mask, but a three piece suit as well. The mask has the outline of a crescent moon on it's forehead and two white lenses which block the Kugeki's eyes from view. He wears a white tie in a windsor knot, along with white gloves and a white vest and undershirt. There are six buttons on the outer coat of his white jacket and three buttons on each sleeve of the aforementioned jacket. He also wears two, immaculately cleaned white boots which are plated in steel as is his coat and as are his pants. While they will not give him divine protection they do help him repel cutting and slashing attacks better than he could normally, furthermore as they are woven in they are thin enough not to weigh the ninja down. All this ads to the overall presentation Akataka has for this character that developed from his trauma.

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: Kugeki
Element: Water

Personality: Akataka up until a month ago had been a lazy shit who did nothing after he graduated the Academy but play video games and live off of his inheritance. All that changed when the fire nation attacked...well black fire from the sky, not that the Kugeki did not have warning thanks to his senses. This event shifted his personality greatly and thus 'The First Sense' was born, a facet of Akataka's personality that was all about being a detective. This worked perfectly for a Kugeki who had to puzzle out life in his early years, what once hindered him now was a boon. 
Akataka now is someone who coolly assesses a situation before engaging in it, he prefers to gather all the facts before acting. Thanks to his super human senses he can break down any situation and dissect it as if it was a frog on a surgical tray. This allows him to be a great mediator and now he has become a very level headed ninja.
Now possessing one goal the ninja from Yamigakure is determined to solve who wrenched control of Okami and brought havoc to his village. Unlike a lot of the other ninja from his village, the Kugeki knew someone else should pay for this unforgivable crime.
Character History: There are two beginnings in this story, the first was the birth of Akataka Kugeki and the second was the birth of 'The First Sense'. This shinobi had an odd story as he started out as an eager learner, this gave way to sloth upon graduation however and up until a month ago Akataka had never completed a mission in the last ten years since graduation. For ten whole years the blind man had played video games, which would be impressive for a blind person but was not for a member of the Kugeki clan. He squandered precious moments which resulted in the stunting of his potential growth, it having been staved off for too long. Recently however things changed and Akataka has been gaining back his skills and increasing them at an exponential rate. 
This was due to the events that happened in Yamigakure a mere month ago, thanks to his extraordinary senses Akataka had a front row seat to the whole fiasco. This left the Kugeki with a sense to right what was wronged and bring justice to whoever truly deserved it. The young ninja could tell by the pace of Okami's heart that he had been telling the truth and he knew that someone was the puppet master who used Okami and would no doubt again use others. Akataka wanted to prevent this, and in his feeling of powerlessness he came up with'The First Sense' an alternate persona who would be the cool things he was not. In truth however it was just drive that the ninja had needed and his alternate personality was really the same as himself. 
In the month following the young man trained himself furiously and went about the village piecing things together in his mind. He had few leads but he would not let that stop him from getting to the truth, no matter how ugly it could end up being. Akataka soon mastered his control over the element of water and taught himself some jutsus in preparation of this years Chuunin Exam. While he doubted it was related to his mystery he expected this vague puppet master to pull something during the exams. After all Akataka felt as though the winds of change were coming and those of the Kugeki clan learned to always trust their guts.

In Costume:

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PostSubject: Re: Akataka Kugeki    Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:21 am

Approved! Welcome to the Revolution!~

Direct Quote from Izuna:

Exactly, you don't remember any of this... Okami would be like: and what does this button do? *activates Infinite Tsukuyomi*

Okami's Infinite Amaterasu Sales Pitch:

[22:36:48] @ Okami : Burns faster, hotter, longer, and stronger! Try it for 90 days! If you aren't dead, you'll get your money back!
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Akataka Kugeki
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