Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Jinchuuriki System WIP

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PostSubject: Jinchuuriki System WIP   Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:57 pm

Being a Jinchuuriki here at NR is a special privilege, so we first ask that anyone looking to make a character who is a jinchuuriki or who will become one be willing to put plenty of time and effort into Revolution.

Another thing is, here at Revolution, we look at Jinchuuriki mastery as a skill in terms of how it functions, though it doesn't actually affect the Jinchuuriki's limit on skills.  That said, one cannot use EXP to advance this specialty, nor can they ever get a word requirement reduction by any means.  Different stages of this mastery make different things available to the Jinchuuriki.

  • Beginner:  Attained by meeting your bijuu in your mindscape for the first time and having your bijuu give your character access to the smallest bit of their chakra.  Gives access to a bijuu's passives and gives access to a chakra enhanced state which, depending on the bijuu, gives a +1 to a certain skill(s) as well as a 20% increase to the stat(s) mentioned.
  • Adept:  Trained the way any adept skill would be.  The user is able to use the stage one chakra cloak for their bijuu.  In addition to the usual requirements, 100 extra words are required for each tail your bijuu has.
  • Expert:  Trained the way any expert skill would be.  The user is able to use the stage two chakra cloak for their bijuu.  In addition to the usual requirements, 100 extra words are required for each tail your bijuu has.
  • Master:  Trained the way any master skill would be.  The user is able to use stage two chakra cloak without the damaging drawbacks that came with it before.  The bijuu can detect Genjutsu being performed on the Jinchuuriki and break it.  In addition to the usual requirements, 100 extra words are required for each tail your bijuu has.  
  • Grand Master:  You must fight your bijuu who will be controlled by a staffer inside your mindscape and win to gain this skill level.  You CAN die.  If successful, the Jinchuuriki will be able to access any form of the bijuu's chakra at any time and gain access to the controlled chakra cloak.  At this point, the bijuu and Jinchuuriki are either finally friends, or the bijuu submits completely to the jinchuuriki.

That aside, here is all the information of each bijuu and how they will work, but first a key to help read this section:
Name:  The bijuu's name.  A bijuu will generally wait to reveal this to their Jinchuuriki until Master level.
Personality:  The personality of a bijuu.  Remember, when your character is a Jinchuuriki, you RP two characters, including the bijuu and the Jinchuuriki.  Try to stay true to their personality.
Passives:  These are abilities that you get just from being the Jinchuuriki of a bijuu.
Skill Specialty:  The skill that the bijuu is best at and which are boosted through the bijuu's chakra enhanced state.
Stat Specialty:  The stats that the bijuu is best at and which are boosted through the bijuu's chakra enhanced state.
Cloak Description:  Color of your bijuu's chakra cloak and any special characteristics, as well as stat boosts.

  • Name: Hoyotama, the Great Chimera
  • Personality: The Ichibi is a master in the art of trickery and deceit. His skill in illusion is so great that some scholars claim the Ichibi to be the forefather of the Kurama Clan, whose members are able to make genjutsu that alter the very fabric of space itself. Trickster by nature it is extremely hard to track this elusive bijuu let alone fight one on one with it for it uses very powerful illusions in combat. However it is a very weak fighter as it relies more on trickery than brute force.
  • Passives: +20 to Perception, +100 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Genjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Perception
  • Cloak Description:  The Ichibi cloak takes the form of an orange shroud. The host exhibits orange slitted eyes and enlongated canine teeth.

  • Name: Fuujin, the Two-Tailed Griffon
  • Personality: The Nibi is very prideful and vain, constantly boasting itself as the king of the skies. This makes the Nibi very aggressive and reckless in combat. It prides himself in it's aerial superiority over the mortal races, leading him to pick on the lesser races. The Nibi is well known for it's mastery in Ice Release.  
  • Passives: Ice Release, +200 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Strength
  • Cloak Description:  The cloak takes on a wispy appearance like a wisp of mist. The essence of the sky itself seemingly wrap around the host frame.

  • Name: Inari, the Three-Tailed Demon Fox
  • Personality: As an bringer of evil and destruction the Sanbi is a cruel beast who defile songs and laughter simply for it's own pleasure. It seeks carnage and destrucion across the lands, if not are found it will go out of it's way to start some. Given it is one of the weakest in the Bijuu family it is not much of a fighter. Preferring to cloud it's foes in madness before going in for the kill. In combat it use lightning as it's main form of attack along with illusons much like Ichibi only Sanbi bring nightmares rather than trickery. 
  • Passives: Reduces Genjutsu and Raiton chakra cost by 20%, +300 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Genjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Perception
  • Cloak Description:  The host chakra cloak takes the appearance of black fog, with lightning spurts throughout it. Touching the Jinchuriki with the cloak will consult in electrocution. 

  • Name: Suijin, the Four-Tailed Leviathan
  • Personality: The Yonbi is a very docile creature, he usually keeps to himself and avoids humans. He is very peaceful and will try to avoid combat if at all possible, but is very capable of defending itself if need be. With his tranquil nature he is the only Bijuu that freely gives his support to his Jinchuuriki. 
  • Passives: {MARKER}, +400 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Stamina
  • Cloak Description:  A dark blue shroud that covers the jinchuriki.

  • Name: Mikoto, the Five-Tailed Pheonix
  • Personality: The Gobi is known for it's fiery temper. He snaps within seconds so be careful on what you say to him It only craves to be left alone and will burn all of those who disturb it to ashes. It will not willingly give its power to its jinchuriki, actually it will refuse for as long as it needs to before the jinchuriki is close to death.
  • Passives: {MARKER}, +500 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Speed
  • Cloak Description:  A red fiery cloak that appears as if the user is on fire.

  • Name:Omoi, the Six-Tailed Deer
  • Personality: Kind and gentle, the Rokubi is a natural friend. He is always kind to any living creature he comes across unless they harm nature. Rokubi is frightened by fire and will defend itself upon sight. It also is afraid of light jutsu. When pissed off Rokubi will not stop until he kills his target, at all costs.
  • Passives: Wood Release, +600 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Durability, Stamina
  • Cloak Description:   A green cloak bubbles over the skin of the Jinchuriki as it forms little horns on its head looking like small bull horns.

  • Name: Oyamatsumi, the Seven-Tailed Mountain
  • Personality: Nanabi is a lazy bijuu if i say so myself. The Nanabi is very stubborn and doesn't budge an inch when threatened. It will fight to the death if it has to just so it doesn't have to move. You wont know he's a bijuu by sight because most of the time he is sleep. But when he is awake you will know.
  • Passives: Lava Release, +700 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu
  • Stat Specialty:  Durability, Strength
  • Cloak Description:   A grey cloak that is around the body. Although beneath the coat is a layer of hard rock covering the jinchuriki protecting them from many things.

  • Name: Hotei, the Eight-Tailed Cat
  • Personality: A strong beast indeed. He does not tolerate failure from anyone, especially his jinchuriki. He will ask plenty of times over the course of a fight to take control of it's jinchuriki. Although he may appear deadly to other shinobi and maybe its jinchuriki. His loyalty stands out. He teaches alot of things, and being the oldest of the bijuu he knows the most.
  • Passives: Swift Release, the ability to regenerate damaged or missing limbs and appendages, +800 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu, Taijutsu (Nintai)
  • Stat Specialty:  Speed, Strength
  • Cloak Description:   The host is shrouded in a purple, cat shaped, cloak that obscures their appearance.

  • Name: Izanagi, the Nine-Tailed Wolf
  • Personality: The Kyuubi is very prideful and arrogant. It believes itself to be the most powerful being on the planet and lords its natural power over the other Bijuu. It will sometimes offer its host chakra, only if it feels they are weak without its chakra.
  • Passives: Sensing Abilities, fast recovery rate, +900 chakra
  • Skill Specialty:  Ninjutsu, Taijutsu (Nintai)
  • Stat Specialty:  Speed, Strength, Stamina
  • Cloak Description:   The cloak is a bright orange in color and takes on the shape of a wolf. Also with some additions of bone structures outside the body.
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Jinchuuriki System WIP
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